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Title: Addendum to the Papers of Richard J. Bonnie [t]
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Collection Description & Arrangement

This addition to Professor Richard J. Bonnie’s Papers (14 boxes, 5.5 linear ft.) was given to the Law Library in September of 2016.  They consist of APA [American Psychiatric Association] Committee on Judicial Action files, APA Council on Psychiatry and Law files, Virginia Commission for Mental Health Reform files, College Mental Health Study, Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy, and other miscellaneous professional files. 

Acquisition Information

Date Received 2016
Donor Information Prof. Bonnie donated these files in September of 2016.

Content List

Box 1

American Psychiatric Association [APA]

  • 2013-2014; APA Bar Admissions Study – email correspondence, working documents, research papers, news clippings.  Included are: “The Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California Office of Admissions” [Questionnaire]; “Bar Admissions – Character & Fitness Questions”; Esquerra, Theresa: “Mental Illness Disclosure Requirements on State Bar Moral Character and Fitness Applications: A Qualitative Survey” (2009)
  • 1978; APA – CJA [Committee on Judicial Action] Meeting – miscellaneous documents and correspondence re Medicaid restrictions on abortion, employment discrimination against methadone users, burden of proof in civil commitment, death penalty issues. Minutes of the Committee on Confidentiality on a “Duty to Warn” and APA position statement on “Criteria for Involuntary Hospitalization.”
  • 2002, Sep. 13; APA – CJA Meeting – agenda and legal documents
  • 2003, May 19; APA – CJA Meeting – agenda and legal documents
  • 2004, Sep.; APA – CJA Meeting – email correspondence, agenda, memoranda and APA proposed positions on same-sex unions, conscience clause and parent notification issues; Aid for Women v. Foulston, 6:03-cv-01353 (D. Kan) memoranda and email correspondence (2 folders).
  • 2005-2006; APA – CJA – email correspondence; Kelly Lynn Cruz v. State of Maryland Appeal from the Circuit Court of Talbot, County Maryland, Brief of Amici Curiae The International Center for Advancement of Opioid Dependence (et al) (2005); Proposed APA position on Release of Patients’ Records to State Medical Boards; Department of Mental Health & Mental Hygiene v. Anthony Kelly, Brief of Maryland Psychiatric Society Amicus Curiae (2005); Minutes of the APA Council on Psychiatry and Law; Report of the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs; Applebaum, Paul S. and Laura Weiss Roberts: “ Introduction: Report of the APA’s Task Force on Research Ethics,” PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES, April 2006, vol. 57, no. 4.
  • 2007, Fall; APA – CJA and Council on Psychiatry and Law – email correspondence, minutes, working papers.  “Review of APA Joint Statement on Antisubstitution Laws and Regulations” (APA Document Reference No. 73002) by Robert L. Oldham, MD; APA position statements on Assessing the Risk of Violence, Doctors Against Handgun Violence (Endorsement), Juvenile Death Sentences, Moratorium on Capital Punishment in the United States, Confidentiality of Computerized Records,  Discrimination against Persons with Previous Psychiatric Treatment, Ethical Use of Telemedicine, Peer Review of Expert Testimony, Against Torture, Medical Participation in Capital Punishment, The Role of Confidentiality in Voluntary Military Drug Abuse Treatment Programs; Joint Statement on Anti-substitution Laws and Regulations; Alternatives to Violence, Medical and Psychiatric Care in Correctional Institutions; Position on Individuals with Mental Illness and Firearms: Toward a Rational Policy of Violence Prevention.  Also draft of APA Task Force Report: Outpatient Services for the Mentally Ill Involved in the Criminal Justice System.


Box 2

  • 2009; APA – CJA – Carneal Case
  • 2013; APA – CJA agenda, email correspondence working documents.
  • 2014, Sep; APA – CJA Meeting. Some email correspondence and working papers.
  • 2015; APA – CJA Meeting. Memoranda and email correspondence
  • 2003, May 20; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, some email correspondence, working papers. APA Task Force on Research Ethics: “Ethical Principles and Practices for Research Involving Human Participants with Mental Illness”; Action Paper; Human Research Subject Protections Legislation.
  • 2003, Sep 11-12; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda and Alan A. Stone: “Psychiatric Times.”
  • 2005; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, memoranda, email correspondence. Letters from the Department of Defense re abuse and memorandum re U.S. Southern Command Confidentiality Policy for Interactions between Health Care Providers and Enemy Persons Under U.S. Control, Detained in Conjunction with Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.  Documents re: education of patients about privacy and confidentiality, release of medical records; APA Joint Reference Committee on “Closing a Practice at Short Notice: What Every Psychiatrist and Their Family Should Know”; articles about voting by people with mental illness; draft of position statement on “Adjudication of Youth Adults in the Criminal Justice System”; APA memorandum re Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood amicus brief; Remarks of Darrell A. Regier, M.D., M.P.H. to the Institute of Medicine Committee on Ethical Considerations to Revisions to DHHS Regulations for Protection of Prisoners Involved in Research (19 October 2005); APA remarks to the IOM Committee on regulations on human research involving prisoners (13 October 2005); “Responding to Requests for Psychiatric Information in Federal Personnel Investigations” (draft 7 November 2005).
  • 2006, Fall; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – Task Force Report to Explore Options Regarding Current APA Position Statements on the Insanity Defense (18 August 2006); “The Use of Restraint and Seclusion in Correctional Mental Health Care (15 September 2006); Report of the APA Task Force on the Biopsychosocial Consequences of Childhood Violence (15 September 2006); Eliminating the Use of Antisocial Personality Disorder as a Basis for Civil Commitment (ASM Item 2006A1 12.C); Position Statement of the APA on Mentally Ill Prisoners on Death Row Item ASM 4.B.4 ( 11-13 November 2005); Support of Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Civil Marriage Position Statement (2005); agenda, some email correspondence.
  • 2006-2008; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – some email correspondence and miscellaneous documents. Work Group on College Mental Health (draft) (May 2008); Gregory Thompson v. Ricky Bell, Final Proof of Appellant (undated); HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] Bulletin Board Questions.


Box 3

  • 2007, May 21; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, email correspondence, memoranda, APA Final Action papers on: “Civility commitment non-offenders in jails pending a hospital bed”, “Assuring the Integrity of Clinical Prescribing”; Recommendations of the Corresponding Committee on Confidentiality for an APA Policy on Protection of Privacy in Electronic Medical Records (23 May 2006). Included are APA position statements on: medical participation in capital punishment and insanity defense; Bobbijean P. v. Stephanie P. and Rodney E.Brief of Amici Curiae; State of New Mexico v. Cynthia Martinez a/k/a Cynthia NavarreteBrief Amici Curiae in Support of Respondent.  Also:  “Outline for the APA Action Plan on Enhance Diversity” (21 May 2007); Honberg, Ronald S.: “Federal Gun Reporting Requirements and their Application to People with Mental Illness” testimony submitted before the Domestic Policy Subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (10 May 2007); memorandum re APA Position on the Insanity Defense (draft) (21 May 2007); APA: “The Patient Self-determination Act: What Every Psychiatrist Should Know” (December 1992); APA Statement on Release of Patients’ Records to State Medical Records (draft, 26 March 2006) (2 folders)
  • 2007; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – NGRI [Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity] draft and email correspondence.
  • 2008, Sep. 5; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, memoranda and miscellaneous working papers on college mental health, access to firearms by people with mental illness; position statement on The Ethical Use of Telemedicine.
  • 2008-2009; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, email correspondence and miscellaneous documents.  CPDA [California Public Defenders’ Association] Appointed committee to review “Proposal to Correct Diagnostic Criteria for Paraphilia in DSM-V,” proposed by Michael First, MD (20 October 2008); APA Resource Document: “The Internet in Clinical Psychiatry” (19 May 2009); Graham v. State of Florida Brief of Amicus Curiae.
  • 2009, Sep.; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, email correspondence, minutes, working documents.  Included are: Washington State Psychiatric Association forms: Death with Dignity Act Task Force (1 October 2009); Report of the Council on Science and Public Health (CSAPH Report 6-A-09); APA Resource Document: “The Internet in Clinical Psychiatry” (Revised 2 June 2009); “The Treatment of Prisoners, Proposed new edition of Chapter 23 of the ABA Criminal Justice Standards, Introductory Memorandum for the Criminal Justice Section Council,” Task Force on the Treatment of Prisoners (12 June 2009).
  • 2009, Nov. 22; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – Position Statement: “No ‘dangerous patient’ exception to federal psychotherapist-patient testimonial privilege,” (22 November 2009). 


Box 4

  • 2010; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, email correspondence, memoranda, working papers, research materials. Memorandum on NASA v. Nelson (15 April 2010); APA Work Group on Violence Risk: “Psychiatric Violence Risk Assessment” (21 September 2010); Report of the Committee in Judicial Action (31 December 2010); APA news releases; memorandum to CJA re Supreme Court Decision Brown v. Plata; APA DSM-IV-R definitions on the Use of DSM [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders] IV in Forensic Settings and of Mental Disorders; APA Action Paper re death of patients in the Havana Psychiatric Hospital and the death of political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo while on hunger strike protesting abuses of political prisoners (21-23 May 2010) (2 folders)
  • 2011, March and April; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, email correspondence, minutes of Committee on Judicial Action; Memorandum to CJA re Veterans for Common Sense (16 May 2011); Reinert, Alexander A.: Brief for Criminal, Evidence and Constitutional Law Scholars as Amici Curiae in Support of Petition for Writ of Certiorari (draft, March 2011); Billie Wayne Coble v. State of Texas briefs.  April conference call agenda; APA Capital Case Questions; United States of America v. Sherman Lamont Fields brief.
  • 2011, Sep.; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, some email correspondence, draft of minutes, resource document and position statement on Psychiatric Violence Risk Assessment; APA position statements on Psychiatric Participation in Interrogation of Detainees (May 2006); Adjudication of Youths as Adults in the Criminal Justice System (December 2005); Death Sentences for Persons with Dementia or Traumatic Brain Injury (December 2005); Mentally Ill Prisoners on Death Row (December 2005); Diminished Responsibility in Capital Sentencing (December 2004); Memorandum to CJA re Gill Case (2010); Barion Perry v. State of New Hampshire Briefs; B. R. a minor child v. Trina West, AFNP brief and appeal (Utah Supreme Court) (2 folders)
  • 2012; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, draft minutes, email correspondence, APA position statement on Mental Illness and the Death Penalty (draft); Access to Care in Segregation Units (Memo?); American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry policy statement on Solitary Confinement of Juvenile Offenders (April 2012); Disability Law Center, Inc. v. Massachusetts Department of Correction, et al Settlement Agreement (No. 07-10463 (MLW)); Colorado Department of Corrections Administrative Segregation and Classification Review Technical Assistance # 11P1022 prepared by James Austin and Emmitt Sparkman (October 2011); Memorandum to CJA re Delling v. State (undated); State of Idaho v. John Joseph Delling Appeal (2011 Opinion No. 128). Also: “The Supreme Court and Psychiatry Mostly Right but on the Wrong Track” power-point presentation; Bonnie, Richard J.: “Even More Confusion: The Case of Clark v. Arizona” power-point presentation; Memorandum to CJA re Ryan v. Gonzales and Tibbals v. Carter; Tyree R. Webb v. Teco Barge Line, Inc. Order Following Bench Trial (No. 07-514-DRH); AAMC Amicus Brief in Fisher v. Texas (March 2012); B. R. a minor child v. Trina West, Opinion, Supreme Court of the State of Utah (28 February 2012); Evan Miller v. State of Alabama, APA brief (Nos. 10-9646, 10-9647); Ex Parte Hope Elisabeth Ankrom v. State of Alabama, Motion for Leave and Brief of Amici Curiae in Support of Petition of Hope Elizabeth Ankrom; Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. United States Department of Health and Human Resources, et al and Dean Hara and Nancy Hill v. Office of Personnel Management et al (Nos. 10-2204, 10-2207, 10-2214) APA brief (2 folders)


Box 5

  • 2012, Sep.; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, correspondence. WMA [World Medical Association] Resolution on the Abuse of Psychiatry (draft revision); APA position statements on Identification of Abuse and Misuse of Psychiatry (1998); Detained Immigrants with Mental Illness, the Use of Psychiatric Institutions for the Commitment of Political Dissenters (1994), Human Rights (1992), Psychiatric Services in Jails and Prisons (1989); Justice Center and APA Judges’ Guide to Mental Illness in the Courtroom, and Judicial Work at the Interface of Mental Health and Criminal Justice (2012).
  • 2013; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda and Action Paper Final: Reinstatement of the Committee on Persons with Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System (May 2013); position statement on Legal Proceedings and Access to Psychiatric Care for Juvenile Offenders (December 1996)
  • 2014; APA – Alien Entry Working Group.  Draft Joint CPA [Canadian Psychiatric Association] – APA Statement on Sharing of Police Information with Border Services for Suspect Mental Illness; correspondence, working documents; CDC [Centers for Disease Control] Immigration Requirements: Technical Instructions for Physical or Mental Disorders with Associated Harmful Behaviors and Substance-Related Disorders (18 December 2013); “Exemptions to the Rules and Regulations to Assure the Rights of Individuals Receiving Services from Providers Licensed, Funded, or Operated by the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services” (2014-2015) 12 VAC 35-115-10 et seq.
  • 2014; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, some email correspondence.  Resource Document on Access to Firearms by People with Mental Disorders (May 2014); position statement on Inquiries about Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders in Connection with Professional Credentialing and Licensing (undated); position statements on Segregation of Juveniles with Mental Illness in Juvenile Detention and Rehabilitation Facilities (undated draft), on Peer Review of Expert Testimony (December 1991); Position Statement: ASMNOV1212.B on Management of Sensitive Health Information within the Health Information Exchanges (13 May 2014); Joint Resolution Against Torture of the American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological Association (December 1985); Position Statement on Moratorium on Capital Punishment in the United States (October 2000); Position Statement on Discrimination Against Persons with Previous Psychiatric Treatment (March 1997); on the Insanity Defense ( December 2007); on Adjudication of Youths as Adults in the Criminal Justice System; Department of Justice Activities Under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act Fiscal Year 2013; National Council on Disability: “The Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act: Has It Fulfilled Its Promise?” (5 August 2005); Clinical Guidelines for Interacting with Caregivers (draft, 1 September 2014)
  • 2015, May; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – APA action papers on new positions, agenda, Clinical Guidelines for Interacting with Caregivers (draft, December 2014); SVP Commitment-Update; Involuntary Outpatient Commitment Resource Document (draft, April 2015)
  • 2015, Fall; APA Council on Psychiatry and Law – agenda, working papers, some email correspondence.  WPA [World Psychiatric Association] Position Statement on Social Justice for Persons with Mental Illness (Mental Disability) (undated); APA and WPA Joint statement in response of Special Rapporteur on Torture (9 December 2013); updated APA positions.
  • 2003; APA – HHS [Department of Health and Human Services] Conflict of Interest [in Human Subject Research] Comments
  • 2000-2008; APA – miscellaneous correspondence.
  • 1997; APA Statement on Sexual Harassment Litigation.
  • 2012-2013; APA Statements on Legislative Intrusion and Immigration.
  • 2000-2002; APA – State Update and Federal Update newsletters.
  • 2013-2014; DOJ [Department of Justice] Bar Admission Consultation


Box 6

Virginia Commission on Mental Health Law Reform

  • 2007, Dec. 21; A Preliminary Report and Recommendations of the Commonwealth of Virginia Commission on Mental Health Law Reform.
  • 2008; CMHLR Joint Commission on Health Care – presentations.
  • 2008, Dec.; Progress Report on Mental Health Law Reform.
  • 2008; CMHLR – Virginia Health Care Decisions Act [HCDC] Task Force on Advance Directives Statutory Recommendations Discussion Draft (August 21, 2008).
  • 2008-2009; CMHLR – Virginia Health Care Decisions Act 2009 Legislation.  Email correspondence and drafts of bills (2 folders)
  • 2009; CMHLR - Virginia Health Care Decisions Act [HCDC] – Amendment History for the Virginia Health Care Decisions Act (Va. Code § 54.1-2982-54.1-2996) and its predecessor, the Virginia Natural Death Act (Va. Code § 54-325.8:1-54.325.8:13) prepared by Amy Wharton.
  • 2009-2011; Task Force on Training and Guidance for Special Justices – correspondence, drafts, comments, working documents.  Rules for Involuntary Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Persons (July 2009); Civil Commitment Hearings: District Court Variations (2009-2010); “Virginia Civil Commitment Procedure and Practice: In-Depth Analysis and Recommendations to Increase Involuntary Admissions,” Comment on Report by Mark Bodner, Special Justice, Fairfax County General District Court; Bruce Cohen, Richard J. Bonnie, and John Monahan: “Understanding and Applying Virginia’s New Statutory Civil Commitment Criteria” (undated);  Special Justices for Adult Civil Commitment Hearings and Special Justices For Juvenile Civil Commitment Hearings Training Standards and Appointment Guidelines (20 October 2008); CMHLR Civil Commitment Hearings: District Court Variations July – December 2009 (24 March 2010) (2 folders)


Box 7

  • 2009, Aug. 5-6; CMHLR Meeting – agenda, email correspondence, working documents.  Report to the Commission from the Mental Health Training and Implementation Task Force; Draft Report on Access to Services; Transportation Group Report;
  • 2009, Oct. 5-6; CMHLR Meeting – agenda, correspondence, working documents.  Recommendations on Access to Services (draft, 4 October 2009); Supplemental Report from the Mental Health Training and Implementation Force; Future Commitment Reforms Task Force Report; Advance Directives Task Force Issues and Recommendations (6 October 2009); Preliminary Report and Recommendations of the Criminal Justice/Mental Health Initiatives Subcommittee of the Access Task Force (6 October 2009); Presentation by the Task Force on Children and Adolescents; progress reports (2 folders)
  • 2009; CMHLR – Progress Report on Mental Health Law and Civil Commitment Hearings: District Court Variations.
  • 2009-2012; TDO [Temporary Detention Orders] Extension and Voluntary Hospitalization – email correspondence, working papers, research materials.  Review of Residential Crisis Stabilization Units Operated or Contracted by Community Services Boards Report # 183-09 (February 9, 2010); Annual Report on Community Services Board of Contracts for Private Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment Services July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009 (Item 315 K) (December 15, 2009); Wanchek, Tanya and Richard Bonnie: “The Temporary Detention Period and Treatment for Mental Illness” (January 15, 2010); Retrospective Chart Review, UVA Emergency Room May 2006; June 2000 TDO Length and Hearing Outcome Study; Wanchek: “Impact on Days of Hospitalization Expected from Increasing Maximum Length of the TDO Period for 72 Hours” (November 18, 2010); Statistical Report on Civil Commitment in Virginia (July 2011-June 2012) (2 folders)
  • 2010; CMHLR – Mental Health Bills: HB729H1, SB360S1, SB592, HB267, SB158, HB311, HJ89, SB63, SB65, SB84, SB85, SB86, SB87: drafts, substitutes, introduced. Report of the Access Task Force’s Criminal Justice /Mental Health Interface Working Group (December 2009); Proposed Amendments to the Health Care Decisions Act.


Box 8

  • 2010; Conference & Mental Health Law Update for Special Justices Handling Adult and Juvenile Civil Commitment Hearings (24 June 2010) – conference papers.
  • 2010-2011; CMHLR – Review of Judicial Authorization of Treatment.  Correspondence and drafts
  • 2011; CMHLR Final Meeting of June 24, 2011 – email correspondence, Recommendation 15; Improving Access to Behavioral Health Services in Virginia (24 June 2011); reports; draft of final report (June 2011); Promoting Advance Directives in Mental Health Care Virginia in the Vanguard, Project Status Review  June 2011); “Creating Opportunities: Emergency Response System Improvement Team Surveys” (June 24, 2011)
  • 2011; CMHLR Final Progress Report (December 2011) – Operation of the Civil Commitment Process in FY 2011; Civil Commitment Hearings: District Court Variations; Bonnie’s Statement of the Behavioral Subcommittee of the Joint Commission on Health Care, Progress Report on Mental Health Law Reform (7 September 2010)
  • 2011; CMHLR – Public Comments [Bonnie’s comments for press]
  • 2012; Joint Commission on Mental Health Reform – TDO and MOT [Mandatory Outpatient Treatment Report
  • 2012, June 28; Joint Commission on Health Care Behavioral Health Subcommittee – email correspondence, working papers.
  • 2013; TDO Extension Bill. 
  • 2013-2014; Virginia Mental Health Consolidation.


Box 9

College Mental Health Study

  • 2008: College Mental Health – Columbia University Conference: Violence on Campus: Prediction, Prevention and Response, April 4, 2008. Conference papers and Bonnie’s paper: “Is the Law a Barrier to Campus Safety?
  • 2008-2009; Mental Health Issues in Higher Education Legal Issues Task Force – correspondence, proposals, drafts, surveys, research materials.  Includes: Report #164-08, Survey of CSB Working Relationships with Community Colleges/Colleges/ Universities (Sept. 3, 2008); The Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors Annual Survey (2009)
  • 2009; College Mental Health miscellaneous files (4 folders):
      • f.1  Virginia Tech statement on the release of Cho mental health records (19 August 2009); Voelker, Rebecca: “Campus Tragedy Prompts Closer Look at Mental Health of College Students” JAMA, June 6, 2007 – Vol. 297, No. 21; Smith, Helen, et al: “Violence on Campus: Practical Recommendations for Legal Educators,” The University of Tennessee College of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series #21 April 2008; USDHHS and USDE: Joint Guidance on the Application of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) to Student Records (November 2008);  McAnaney, Karin: “A Return to In Loco Parentis? (undated), “Finding the Proper Balance: Protecting Suicidal Students Without Harming Universities,” 94 Va L. Rev. 2008; 34 CFR Part 99 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Proposed Rule (24 March 2008); Kay, Jerald: “The State of College Mental Health” (21 May 2007)
      • f. 2: Statement of Paul J. Barreira, M.D. (Harvard Medical School) and Harvard College Handbook for Students 2006-2007; Joffe, Paul: “An empirically program to prevent suicide among a college population” paper presented at Stetson College of Law 24th Annual National Conference on Law and Higher Education (16 February 2003); SYNFAX Weekly Report (4 June 2007); Pavela, Gary: “Teaching Troubled Students” presentation at Virginia Tech University (13 July 2007), “College Student Suicide: Law and Policy Perspective ; Report to the President on Issues Raised by the Virginia Tech Tragedy (13 June 2007); [Virginia] Office of the Inspector General for Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services [James W. Stewart, III] Investigation of April 16, 2007 Critical Incident at Virginia Tech,  OIG Report #140-07, Preliminary Report; Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law: “Supporting Students: A Model Policy for Colleges and Universities” Journal of American College Health, Vol. 55, No. 4 (Spring 2006); 110th Cong.  H.R. 2220 (8 May 2007); Shuchman, Miriam: “Falling through the Cracks – Virginia Tech and the Restructuring of College Mental Health Services” N Engl. J Med 357; July 12, 2007; Appelbaum, Paul S.: “Depressed? Get Out!: Dealing with Suicidal Students on College Campuses” Psychiatric Services, July 2006, vol. 57, no. 7; Va. Code §2.2-3706 Information Privacy Laws.
      • f. 3: Access to Mental Health Task Force – email correspondence, working papers, printed materials.  Virginia College Mental Health Study Preliminary Domains of Concern (9 August 2010); Rothstein, Laura: Disability Law Issues for High Risk Students: Addressing Violence and Disruption,” J of College and Univ L vol. 35, no. 3; JED Foundation: Student Mental Health and the Law (2008); Virginia College Mental Health Survey: A Fist Look by Richard J. Bonnie, Susan M. Davis, Christopher Flynn and John Monahan (undated); NOVA Community College Shooting on the Woodbridge Campus After Incident Review presented to Dr. Robert G. Templin, Jr. president (10 March 2010); Virginia College Mental Health Survey Meeting (16 June 2009) agenda.
      • f. 4: Flynn, Christopher and Dennis Heitzmann: “Tragedy at Virginia Tech Trauma and Its Aftermath,” The Counseling Psychologist, Vol. 36, No. 3, May 2008; Penn State Center for the Study of Collegiate Mental Health (CSCMH) 2009 Pilot Study Executive Summary; The Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors Annual Survey Reporting Period: September 1, 2007 through August 31, 2008; Bonnie, Richard J.: “ Is the Law a Barrier to Campus Safety” Columbia University Conference on Violence on Campus (4 April 2008); APA Resource Document: College Mental Health and Confidentiality (June 2009); Prescott, Heather Munro: “College Mental Health Since early Twentieth Century,” Harv Rev Psychiatry 2008;16:258-266. 
  • 2010; College Mental Health Peer Counseling – correspondence, working papers and notes.


Box 10

  • 2009-2010; Virginia College Mental Health Study – drafts, discussion drafts, correspondence, questionnaires, presentations, survey, working papers. Included is: Recommended Practices for Virginia College Threat Assessment (April 2009); Investigation – Records Virginia Tech Cook Counseling Center Report 179-09 (November 9, 2009) (2 folders)
  • 2010-2012; Virginia Mental Health College Study – extensive email correspondence, research materials, handwritten notes, drafts of final report and bills, printed articles.  Included are: New Jersey Department of the Public Advocate, Division of Mental Health Advocacy: “College Students in Crisis, Preventing Campus Suicides and Protecting Civil Rights” (undated); The Campus Suicide Prevention Center of Virginia: “Guiding Principles for Peer Involvement in Campus-Based Mental Health Promotion & Suicide Prevention” (draft, March 2, 2011) and “Peer Involvement in Campus-Based Suicide Prevention: Some Key Considerations (July 1, 2011); Turner, James C. and Adrienne Keller: “Leading Causes of Mortality among American College Students at 4-Year Institutions” (presentation, undated) (2 folders)
  • 2011-2012; Virginia Mental Health College Study Prepared for the Joint Commission on Health Care, General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia Final Report (November 2011; email correspondence and research documents (2 folders)


Box 11

Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy Files

  • 1972-1977; Institute of Law Psychiatry and Public Policy [ILPPP] – Drug Abuse Council.  Correspondence, research materials, working papers re alcohol and drug abuse confidentiality. 1979-1981; ILPPP – correspondence with Commonwealth of Virginia attorneys re forensic evaluation and training programs.
  • 1975; ILPPP – Browning Hoffman and Robert C. Dunn: “One Small Step: A Critique of the Second Draft of the Proposed Regulations to Assure the Rights of Patients and Residents of Hospitals and other Facilities in Virginia” (2 folders)
  • 1975-1979; ILPPP – Gibson Task Force [legal considerations of the “insanity plea”].
  • 1976; ILPPP – Civil Commitment: Minors. [This file has some restricted information].
  • 1977, Apr. 6; ILPPP – UVA Depression Study.  Robert S. Brown: “The Recognition and Assessment of Depression among University of Virginia Students.”
  • 1979-1981; ILPPP – correspondence with Virginia’s Commonwealth attorneys re forensic evaluation and training programs.
  • 1979-1982; ILPPP and DMHMR Proposal to Establish Forensic Evaluation System in Virginia – correspondence, proposals, contracts.
  • 1980; ILPPP – Pilot Project Proposal to Establish a Forensic Evaluation Training and Research Center].  Site visits, meetings with community mental health centers, memoranda.
  • 1980, Mar. 8; ILPPP – House Joint Resolution # 22 and Virginia Statutory Provisions Concerning Competency to Stand Trial and Insanity Evaluations.


Box 12

  • 1980-1981; ILPPP – Forensic Training Program (Research Design): Planning, Hospital Admissions Study, Screening Evaluation Efficacy, Report Quality Study, Computer System, Relations (interactions) Study.
  • 1980-1981; ILPPP – Outpatient Forensic Evaluations for Adult Criminal Courts – memorandum and correspondence.
  • 1980-1982; ILPPP – Forensic Evaluation Pilot Project – correspondence.
  • 1981; ILPPP – Forensic Evaluation Training, Curricular Objectives, Pre-test, Exam.
  • 1981; ILPPP – Forensic Evaluation Training Pilot Project – correspondence with judges and attorneys.
  • 1981; ILPPP – Insanity Defense Task Force – correspondence.
  • 1982; ILPPP – DMHMR – Commissioner’s Report on Mental Health and Mental Retardation Forensic Services System (2 folders).
  • 1982, Nov.; ILPPP – Insanity Defense Task Force Report – draft and final report


Box 13

  • 1982-1984; ILPPP – Judicial Meetings (Post HJR 222) – correspondence.
  • 1984; ILPPP – Judicial Meetings re Psychiatric/Psychological Evaluations of Criminal Defendants.

Miscellaneous Files

  • 2015; Bonnie’s Activities for 2015 – correspondence, news clippings.
  • 2006-2008; Richard Bonnie – presentations, remarks, introductory remarks: “Reforming Civil Commitment: Serving Consumers Needs While Protecting Their Rights (Preface) (undated); Opening Remarks, Commission on Mental Health Law Reform, Williamsburg, VA, October 12, 2006; Talking Points, NOVA NAMI [National Alliance on Mental Illness] (June 25, 2007); Opening Remarks, Commission on Mental Health Reform Meeting, Fredericksburg, VA, June 22, 2007; Bonnie Workshop Paper, July 10, 2007; Statement, Commission on Mental health Law Reform, Virginia Tech Review Panel, July 18, 2007; College Mental health and the Law, Comments for Virginia Tech Panel, July 18, 2007; CMHLR Progress Report (annotated, September 6, 2007; CMHLR Statement of Goals, January 2007; Recommendations Following Investigation of April 16, 2007 Critical Incident at Virginia Tech by the Office of the Inspector General (undated); Presentation to Annual Meeting of VAMI [Virginia Alliance for the Mentally Ill] September 8, 2007; Society of Fellows, November 9, 2007; “Improving Virginia’s Mental Health System, Senate Finance Committee Retreat, November 15, 2007; Post-report Speech, January 2008; VBA Talk, January 18, 2008; ILPPP Conference on Commitment Reform, June 4-5, 2008; Status Report on Mental Health Law Reform in VA for the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Mandated Community Treatment (Undated presentation); The Role of Comprehensive Mental Law Reform in System Transformation (undated presentation); OIG Investigation of April 16 2007 Critical Incident at VA Tech presented to the Medical Center Hour, UVA by James W. Stewart, III; Tragedy and Reform: The Case of Mental Health Law in Virginia; Next Steps in Mental Health Law Reform; news clippings (2 folders)
  • 2007-2012; Bonnie’s presentations re Mental Health Law in Virginia – articles and power point presentations. Mental Health System Transformation After the Virginia Tech Tragedy, Health Affairs, Volume 28, Number 3; The Political Dynamics of Mental Health Law Reform: The Virginia Experience, Keynote Address to the Annual Meeting of America Academy of Psychiatry and Law (24 October 2008); New Uses for Advance Directives in Health Care (and Other 2009 Changes in Virginia’s Health Care Decisions Act) (9 June 2009); The Challenges of Mental Health Care Law Reform: The Virginia Experience (29 September 2009); Jails and Mental Health: A Preliminary Report on Criminal Justice and Mental Health Initiatives in the Commonwealth (19 October 2009); Facilitating Use of Advance Directives: Virginia in the Vanguard Year 1 Report and Dissemination Plan (20 January 2010); Askew, Amy Liao: “Use of Mandatory Outpatient Treatment in Virginia, A Preliminary Report on the First Two Years, prepared for the Commission on Mental Health Law Reform (January 2011);  Promoting Use of Advance Directives by Persons with Mental Illness: Law Reform and Policy Research in Real Time (1 March and 3 May 2011, 31 January 2012); Advance Directives in Health Care: New Opportunities for Empowerment (1 March 2011); Quanbeck, Cameron, et al: Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Assisted Outpatient Treatment Implementation in California (undated); Virginia College Mental Health Survey (May 2011); University of Maryland Law School Conference (25 April 2011); Promoting Use of Advance Directives by Persons with Mental Illness under Virginia’s Health Care Decision Act: A Study of Implementation (undated) (2 folders)

Box 14

  • 2009, May 21; Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia: Adult Civil Commitment Hearings: A Course to Qualify for Appointment as a Special Justice & Mental Health Law Update.
  • 2003, 2005; IOM [Institute of Medicine] Death Investigation Funding for Study.
  • 2008; Legislation [Virginia] (Introduced and Enrolled) – email correspondence.
  • 2013; Sandy Hook Advisory Commission – email correspondence, OLR Bill Analysis SB 1160 Emergency Certification An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, Summary; Remarks of Richard J. Bonnie prepared for the Sandy Hook Commission (January 24, 2013); research materials.
  • 2013; Security Clearance Screening [“Question 21” Security Clearance regarding Mental Health] – email correspondence, printed materials.
  • 2006; WHO [World Health Organization] Expert Group on Diagnosis – correspondence and “Notes on Key Issues for the Forensic and Legal Issues Section of the Public Health Expert Group on Aspects of Diagnosis and Classification”(undated); Polubinskaia, S. V.: “Diagnosis in Russian Forensic Psychiatry.” 

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