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Creator: McCulloch, Frank W.
Title: Addendum to the Papers of Frank W. McCulloch [e]
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Parent Collection: The Papers of Frank W. McCulloch, 1971-1988
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Collection Description & Arrangement

Edith McCulloch donated these papers to the Law School soon after Professor McCulloch's death in July of 1996. This collection consists primarily of McCulloch's papers as Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board and is organized in two sets. The first contains primarily congratulatory letters, newspapers clippings, speeches, lectures, etc. as well as other matters relating to his tenure at the NLRB. The second comprise miscellaneous papers related to his work as a specialist in labor matters after 1971. 

Biographical & Historical Information

Born in Evanston, Illinois, Frank Waugh McCulloch was the son of two lawyers, both of whom were active in civic and social causes. He attended Williams College, where he received his A.B. degree in 1926, and Harvard University, where he received his LL.B. in 1929. From 1930 to 1935 McCulloch worked by day for the Chicago firm of Sonnenschein, Berkson, Lautmann, Levinson & Morse, and in the evenings he did social settlement work in the Chicago Commons. From 1935 to 1946, he was the Industrial Relations Secretary for the Council for Social Action of the Congregational Christian Churches of America at its Chicago office. In 1940 was appointed director of the James Mullenbach Industrial Institute, a joint project of the Chicago Congregational Union and the Council for Social Action for which he worked until 1946. In addition, McCulloch was active in a great variety of organizations such as the Chicago Chapter of the League For Industrial Democracy, the North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy, the Union for Democratic Action, the Executive Committee of Americans for Democratic Action, the Conscientious Objector's Information and Service Bureau, the Chicago Workers Committee on Unemployment, the American Society for Cultural Relations with Russia, and the Mid-West Institute of International Relations.

In 1946 he became director of the Labor Education Division of Roosevelt University, a position he resigned in 1949 in order to become an administrative assistant to U.S. Senator Paul H. Douglas of Illinois. He held this post until President John F. Kennedy appointed him Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board in 1961, and Lyndon B. Johnson reappointed him to a second term. A firm believer in industrial democracy, McCulloch remained in his position at the NLRB for ten years and then joined the law faculty at the University of Virginia. His courses included Labor Law and Labor Law in Action. From 1971 to 1988 he served on the Public Review Board of the United Auto Workers. In 1972 he became a member of the Virginia Commission on Public Employee Rights, serving for four years. In 1974 he was appointed to succeed former Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren on the Committee of Experts of the International Labor Organization, a United Nations agency, where he served until 1985. For ten years, starting in 1977, he was a member of the Albemarle County Industrial Development Authority. He died in 1996.

Acquisition Information

Date Received 1996
Donor Information Edith McCulloch donated these papers to the Law School soon after Professor McCulloch's death in July of 1996.

Content List

Box 93:

  • 1969; Anglo-American Judicial Exchange Visit.  Ditchley Conference, Airlie Return.  [See photos]
  • 1961; National Labor Relations Board [NLRB] Appointment.  Newspaper clippings
  • 1961-1965; NLRB Clippings [More extensive collection of papers is deposited at NY State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University]
  • 1961; NLRB Congratulatory Letters for Appointment as Chairman [4 folders]

Box 94:

  • 1966-1967; NLRB Election - Research Study
  • n.d.; NLRB Guide Books, Pamphlets, Announcements, etc.
  • 1959; 1962; NLRB Handbook on Racketeering Abuses Under the National Labor Relations Act.  Copy No. 93
  • 1982-1986; NLRB Miscellaneous Issues, Afterthoughts
  • 1961-1970; NLRB Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings

Box 95:

  • 1970; NLRB Lunch - Farewell
  • 1962-1970; NLRB.  McCulloch Speeches, Reading Copies, Articles  [5 folders]

Box 96:

  • 1965-1970; NLRB.  Post 1965 Reappointment Clippings
  • 1965; NLRB Reappointment. Special Letters, Hearings: Senate and Labor Committee, Swearing Ceremony, Clippings
  • 1967-1968; NLRB Remedies
  • 1963; Re: Retail Clerks International Association, Local 1625 et al, v. Schermerhorn, et al
  • 1970; NLRB Retirement Greetings

Box 97:

  • 1962-1970; Supreme Court Decisions  [Annotated]
  • 1987-1991; Brandt, Tucker and AUD Cases and related papers
  • 1975-1976, 1985; Cases.  ABA Section of Labor Relations [Bartosic, 1975; Aaron, 1976; Lesnick, 1985]
  • 1987; Cornell University Master's Thesis, "Management Opposition to the NLRB During the 1960s" by Shelley Ann Coppock who interviewed Prof. Mc Culloch for her research and used his papers
  • 1970-1985; [Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service] Arbitrations

Box 98:

  • 1967-1977; General Correspondence
  • 1981, 1984; Gould, William B. Statement: "Has Federal Labor Law Failed?" and Address to the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law: "The Supreme Court's Labor and Employment Docket in the October 1980 Term: Justice Brennan's Term"
  • 1978; Labor Law "Organizing Program" Proposition: A Program for Improved Federal Vindication of the Right to Collective Bargaining"
  • 1972; McCulloch's Decisions in Georgia disputes over credentials of delegates to Democratic Convention [C.B. King, Julian Bond, Suzanna O'Donnell]
  • 1975; McCulloch's Speech: "The Case of Collective Bargaining"
  • 1974; The National Labor Relations Board.  Reviews of Mc Culloch's Book
  • 1980; Ontario Labor Relations Board
  • 1975; Problems in Labor Law Seminar.  Notes
  • 1974-1979; Public Employee Rights Miscellaneous Papers
  • 1980; [Truesdale, John.  NLRB Nomination.  Statements, depositions, confirmation, hearings, clippings

Box 99:

  • 1995-1996; UAW, Public Review Board International Union Decisions
  • 1973; Re: "Wither the Nixon Board?", J. Ralph Beaird Speech
  • 1962-1963, 1968; Wirtz, Willard [Labor Secretary] Speeches
  • 1970; 2 Tapes: McCulloch Luncheon
  • 1990; 2 Videotape, Labor Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony [54 and 10 minutes duration tapes]


  • Frank W. McCulloch, "New Problems in the Administration  of the Labor-Management Relations Act: The Taft-Hartley Injunction",  Sw. L.J., [1962]
  • Frank. W. McCulloch, "The Development of Administrative Remedies", Lab. L.J., 1963
  • Frank W. McCulloch, "The Consequences of the NLRB Action on Good Faith Bargaining", NYU Seventeenth Annual Conference on Labor, 1964
  • Frank W. McCulloch, "The Arbitration Issue in NLRB Decisions", Arbitration Journal, 1964
  • Frank W. McCulloch, "The NLRB and the National Labor Policy", Forensic Quarterly, [1965]
  • Frank W. McCulloch, "NLRB Trends", Conf. Series II, University of Iowa, Oct. 1967
  • Frank W. McCulloch, "Changing Labor Policies and their Impact: the Scope of the Bargaining Obligation", Atlanta Economic Review, 1967
  • Frank W. McCulloch, "Past, Present and Future Remedies Under Section 8[a][5] of the NRA", Lab. L.J., 1968
  • Frank W. McCulloch, "New Remedies Under the National Labor Relations Act", NYU Twenty-First Annual Conference on Labor, 1969
  • Frank. W. McCulloch and Tim Bornstein, "The National Labor Relations Act and the Transportation Industry", Transp. L.J., 1969
  • Frank W. McCulloch, "Development and Contribution of National Labor Relations Act", The Alabama Lawyer, 1969
  • McCulloch and Bornstein, The National Labor Relations Board, New York Praeger Publishers, 1974

Box 100:

  • 1993; ILO, 1993 June Convention
  • 1996; Miscellaneous Printed Material
  • 1985-1991; Potter, Edward:  Freedom of Association, the Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining.  McCulloch's Notes and Commentaries
  • 1992-1993; Vienna Convention

Box 101:

  • Miscellaneous Printed Materials Annotated by Prof. McCulloch

Oversized Materials

  • 1961; Newspaper Clippings
  • 1959-1969; Diplomas and Certificates:
  • NLRB, Certificate of Service, Jan. 1959
  • Copy of Certificateof McCulloch's Nomination to  NLRB by President Johnson, Aug. 20, 1965
  • State of Tennessee Honorary Citizenship Certificate, May 3, 1966
  • State of Oklahoma Honorary Okie, June 3, 1969
  • NLRB, Certificate of Service, Oct. 1969


  • Frank W. McCullock Portrait, 1961
  • Anglo American Judicial Exchange Visit, June 22-July 7, 1969

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