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Creator: Moore, John Norton
Title: The Papers of John Norton Moore Regarding the Maritime Boundary Delimitation in the Gulf of Maine Area, 1977-1984
Accession: MSS 85-17
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Collection Description & Arrangement

The papers of John Norton Moore concerning the Gulf of Main case before the International Court of Justice were given to the Library in December of 1985. The collection (in 5 cartons) includes Moore's personal notes and correspondence, copies of Department of State correspondence and working documents, and annotated copies of drafts of the records presented to the ICJ by the U. S. Team. Donated with the perosnal files were a set of printed ICJ documents, miscellaneous pirnted materials relating to the Gulf of Maine case and assorted maps of the ocean.

Biographical & Historical Information

John Norton Moore, who joined the faculty in 1966, is an authority on international law, national security law and the law of the sea. He also teaches advanced topics in national security law and the rule of law. Moore taught the first course in the country on national security law and conceived and co-authored the first casebook on the subject. From 1991-93, during the Gulf War and its aftermath, Moore was the principal legal adviser to the Ambassador of Kuwait to the United States and to the Kuwait delegation to the U.N. Iraq-Kuwait Boundary Demarcation Commission.

From 1985 to 1991, he chaired the board of directors of the U.S. Institute of Peace, one of six presidential appointments he has held. From 1973 to 1976, he was chair of the National Security Council Interagency Task Force on the Law of the Sea and ambassador and deputy special representative of the president to the law of the sea conference. Previously he served as the counselor on international law to the State Department. With the deputy attorney general of the United States, he was co-chair in March 1990 of the U.S.-USSR talks in Moscow and Leningrad on the rule of law. As a consultant to the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, he was honored by the director for his work on the ABM Treaty Interpretation Project. He has been a frequent witness before congressional committees on maritime policy, legal aspects of foreign policy, national security, war and treaty powers, and democracy and human rights. He has been a fellow of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars at the Smithsonian Institution.

Moore is a member of advisory and editorial boards for nine journals and numerous professional organizations, and he has published many articles on oceans policy, national security and international law.

Site authors, "John Norton Moore," UVA Law School Website. (accessed December 9, 2015)

Acquisition Information

Date Received 1985
Donor Information This collection was given to the library by John Norton Moore in December of 1985.

Content List

Box 1:

  • [ca. 1980-84], John Norton Moore's (JNM) handwritten notes [3 folders]
  • 1984, JNM's handwritten notes on Canada's oral argument
  • 1981, Gulf of Maine Adjudication: Fisheries Analysis and Argumentation, prepared by JNM
  • 1979-83, n.d., JNM correspondence re Gulf of Maine (hereafter called Maine) Case
  • 1977-82, n.d., Department of State (DOS) correspondence re case

Box 2:

  • 1979-80, Statements before House and Senate committees re fisheries
  • 1979-82, Congressional documents and correspondence re Maine issues
  • 1981, DOS documents collected for U.S. team preparing Maine case
  • 1982-84, DOS correspondence with the ICJ
  • 1982, Diplomatic history of the Gulf of Maine and list of relevant documents
  • 1984, Memoranda re procedures at The Hague
  • 1981, Annotated outline of the U.S. Memorial
  • 1982 April - May, Drafts of U.S. Memorial
  • 1982 July, Drafts of U.S. Memorial annotated by JNM
  • 1982 July, U.S. Memorial

Box 4:

  • 1982 August - September, Draft of U.S. Memorial annotated by JNM [3 folders]
  • 1982, U.S. Counter Memorial outline
  • [1982], JNM notes on U.S. documents of Maine case [found loose]

Box 5:

  • 1983 February, Untitled document laying out U.S. position
  • 1983 April, U.S. Counter Memorial draft annotated by JNM
  • 1983 April, U.S. Annex on Ecology of Area draft annotated by JNM
  • 1983 April, U.S. Annex on State Practice
  • 1983 April - May, U.S. Annex on Marine Environment draft annotated by JNM

Box 6:

  • 1983 April - May, U.S. Annex on Pollution draft annotated by JNM
  • 1983 May, U.S. Annex on Geomorphology and Geology
  • 1983 May, n.d., Fragments of documents
  • 1983 August, Outline of U.S. position annotated by JNM
  • 1983 September, U.S. position
  • 1983 October, U.S. Reply with annex
  • 1983 October, U.S. Reply draft annotated by JNM

Box 7:

  • 1983 October, U.S. Annex on Commercially Important Species annotated by JNM 
  • 1983 October, Annexes to U.S. Reply
  • 1983 November, U.S. Annexes on Canada's Memorial and Counter Memorial
  • 1983 November, U.S. Annex re Canada's historical presentation
  • 1983 November, U.S. Annex on Canadian Species Distribution Charts
  • 1983 November, U.S. Annex on Distribution of Benthos
  • [1983], U.S. Geomorphology Annex to Reply
  • n.d., U.S. Annex on Oil and Gas
  • n.d., U.S. Annex on ICNAF
  • n.d., Outlines and notes for annexes
  • 1984 January, Suggested response to Canadian arguments
  • 1984 February, U.S. Oral Argument first draft re opening, legal issues and geography annotated by JNM [4 folders]

Box 8:

  • 1984 February, Notes for oral argument re legal issues
  • 1984 February, Outline for focus of U.S. oral argument annotated by JNM
  • 1984 February, Marine Environment -- testimony by Dr. Robert Edwards
  • 1984 February - March, U.S. Oral Argument on Geography drafts
  • 1984 March, U.S. Oral Argument on Legal Issues draft annotated by JNM
  • 1984 March, U.S. Concluding Argument draft annotated by JNM
  • [1984 March?], U.S. Introductory Argument draft annotated by JNM
  • 1984 March, U.S. Oral Argument on Legal Issues that Divide the Parties
  • 1984 March, Drafts of Mark Feldman's presentation on proportionality and socio/economic issues
  • 1984 March, Drafts of Bruce Rashkow's presentation on continental shelf activities and acquiescence and estoppel

Box 9:

  • [Draft?] of David Colson's presentation on geography
  • 1984 March, Copy of Canadian documents annotated by Davis Robinson in preparation for U.S. Reply
  • 1984 April, Draft of U.S. introductory remarks annotated by JNM
  • 1984 April, U.S. Oral Argument on socio/economic issues
  • 1984 April, U.S. Oral Argument on fishing
  • n.d., Memorandum: "The Relevance of the Doctrine of 'Acquiescence' and 'Estoppel' for the Gulf of Maine Dispute"
  • n.d., Page proofs of U.S. Reply corrected by JNM 
  • 1977-84, Canadian documents and letters to the U.S.
  • 1982, 1984, ICJ Communiques 82/2, 84/8, 84/9

Box 10:

  • 1984 April, Verbatim record of arguments before the ICJ [3 folders] 
  • 1975-82, n.d., Miscellaneous research material re Gulf of Maine prepared for DOS by other U.S. agencies
  • 1977, Atlas of the Major Atlantic Coast Fish and Invertebrate Resources Adjacent to the Canadian/U.S. Boundary Areas
  • 1977 October, Final Environmental Impact Statement/Preliminary Fishery Management Plan
  • 1978, Fishery Management Plan for the Atlantic Herring Fishery

Box 11:

  • 1978, Georges Bank/Gulf of Maine, Cape Cod/Nova Scotia: Perspective in Economics and History
  • 1979-80, Fishery Management Plan
  • 1979, A Short Run Economic Impact Analysis of the U.S.-Canadian Agreement on East Coast Fishery Resources
  • 1980, Information Resources: Georges Bank and the Northeast Atlantic Area [2 folders]
  • 1982-83, Proposals and reports prepared at Woods Hole
  • 1983, Guidance for Preparation of Socio/economic Annex for U.S. Counter Memorial with notes by JNM

Box 12:

  • 1983, Applied Science Associates: Characteristic Wind, Hydrodynamic and Oil Spill Analyses for Georges Bank and the Gulf of Maine [2 folders]
  • n.d., History of the Gulf of Maine area
  • n.d., Natural Boundaries of the Continental Shelf Ecosystem off the Northeast Coast of the U.S. prepared by the National Marine Fisheries Service

Box 13:

  • 1979, 1983, Other scholars' papers on fisheries
  • 1940's - 80's, Copies of assorted documents, correspondence, etc. pertaining to the case [2 folders]


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