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Creator: Shugar, J.M.
Title: The Papers of Solicitors J. M. Shugar and A. W. Vaisey, 1850 (1875-1900) - 1914
Accession: MSS 88-1
Description: 11 boxes; 6 linear feet
Location: SC - Basement
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Collection Description & Arrangement

Mss 88-1 contains papers from the legal practice of J.M. Shugar and A.W. Vaisey, solicitors. Their firm was located in Tring, Hertfordshire, in south central England. The collection documents work from 1850 to 1914, although these papers relate mostly to the period 1875-1900.

The Shugar and Vaisey practice was mainly property and probate law. The bulk of the material in this collection consists of conveyances, enfranchisements, indentures, title abstracts, wills and related correspondence. The papers relate to Tring, Tring Manor (of which Vaisey was steward), Pendley Manor (of which Shugar was steward) and area towns such as Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead.

The papers (approximately 6 linear feet in 11 boxes) are arranged alphabetically by the names of the principals involved in a particular matter. The collection was acquired in bundles with little or no descriptive information, so the titles on folders were assigned after perusal of the documents in each bundle. A glance at the alphabetical listing below reveals the major idiosyncrasy of this collection: the bulk of the material relates to persons or institutions whose names begin with the letters A through D. Thus it appears that a considerable amount of other material has either been lost or exists elsewhere.

It is worth mentioning that the folder in Box 2 titled: "Bedford v. Berkhampstead Rural District Council: Records and Leases" includes a draft claim on behalf of Rebecca Bedford. This was drawn on the back of an unrelated but useful document, the voters list for western Hertfordshire in 1893 which provides addresses for voters, many of whom appear elsewhere in the records. Vaisey himself is among those listed. Researchers will notice the various spellings of Berkhamsted given in the documents; apparently its spelling was not yet standardized.

Biographical & Historical Information

Arthur William Vaisey (1851-1939 V) was the son of Thomas & Emma Vaisey and was born at Stratton, Gloucestershire. He studied law and married 22 year old Esther Bevir (1850-1925 V), daughter of William Laurence Bevir (a solicitor) at Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire in 1876. As a recently qualified solicitor he was looking for a suitable practice and moved to Tring, where the towns respected lawyer, John Shugar, had recently died. They had 2 sons and seven daughters, all born in Tring.   The 1878 Hertfordshire directory records "Shugar, Vaisey and Vorse, solicitors, High Street, Tring" with Arthur living at 4 Park Street. By 1882 he had built a house, Holly Field, in the fashionable Grove area of Tring. He had an office in the High Street, and the 1890 directory describes him as "solicitor & commissioner for taking oaths & clerk to the local board & vestry clerk".

By 1912 he had taken his son Roland on as a partner and the directory entry reads "Vaisey Arthur William, solicitor & commissioner for taking oaths (firm A W Vaisey & Son), clerk to the Urban District Council, vestry clerk & clerk to the Guardians of Berkhamsted Union, to Berkhamsted District Council & to the Tring Urban Local Education Sub-committee, Western Road & 207 High Street, Great Berkhamsted." By 1922 he had another partner and the entry read "Vaisey Arthur William, solicitor & commissioner for taking oaths (firm A W Vaisey & Turner), clerk to the Tring Urban District Council, vestry clerk & clerk to the Berkhamsted Guardians & Rural District Council District Council & to the Tring Urban Local Education Sub-committee, Western Road & 213 High Street, Berkhamsted.

His wife Ester died in 1925 and he died in 1939 and was buried in Tring Cemetery.

Acquisition Information

Date Received 1988
Donor Information Marsha Trimble writes on September 10, 1999: "The director of the library bought [the collection] in 1988 from an antiquarian book dealier, but unfortunately [she] has no record of the purchase."

Content List

Box 1:

  • 1850-82; Estate of Henry Adams: Correspondence, Notes and Records
  • 1895; Joseph Ashby: Correspondence regarding Cheddington Parish Council
  • 1868-70; Estate of George Bailey: Correspondence and Records
  • 1869-70, 1901; Estate of Richard Bailey: Correspondence and Records
  • 1897; Baines to Tompkins: Correspondence and Records
  • 1858; James Ball: Abstract of Title
  • 1891-2; Estate of Benjamin Barber: Correspondence and Records
  • 1889; Barclay to Harrovian Odd Fellows: Correspondence and Records
  • 1873, 1886; Dr. John Barnes: Correspondence

Box 2:

  • 1867-8; Devise of Thomas and Ann Barnes: Abstracts of Deed and Title
  • 1874; Barnes to Hobbs: Correspondence and Records
  • 1898, 1914; Barrett and Tring Cooperative Society: Correspondence and Records
  • 1897; Estate of William Batchelor: Correspondence and Records
  • 1878-9; Bates' Solicitors to Brackley's Trustees: Correspondence
  • 1896; Bedford v. Berkhamsted Rural District Council: Records and Leases
  • 1896; Bedford v. Berkhamsted Sanitary Authority: Records, Briefs and Correspondence
  • 1878; Bellingham and Webb: Correspondence
  • 1896; Berkhamsted Drainage: Correspondence and Records

Box 3:

  • 1873-74; Berkhampstead Gas Light Company at the suit of Carter: Correspondence and Records
  • 1896; Berkhampstead Rural District Council and John Nelson: Leases and Charges
  • 1889-90; Berkshire Perpetual Benefit Building Society
  • 1890; Berkshire Perpetual Benefit Building Society to Chandler: Correspondence, Sales Bill and Records
  • 1879; Daniel Bishop to Vaisey: Draft Charge
  • 1878-79; Mortgage of Joseph Bishop: Correspondence
  • 1871-72; Bland to Tomkins: Correspondence, Records and Receipt
  • 1871-72; Bland to Tomkins: Records and Sales Bill
  • 1880-82; Estate of John Bly: Account Statements and Probate Affadavit
  • n.d.; Estate of John Bly: Creditors
  • 1890; Estate of William Bly: Newspaper Creditor Notices
  • 1872-88; Estate of Thomas Boultwood: Correspondence and Records
  • 1871; James Brackley: Abstract of Title
  • 1880, 1882, 1885-86; Estate of James Brackley: Will, Correspondence and Records

Box 4:

  • 1883-84; Estate of Major General G.F.C. Bray: Correspondence and Records
  • 1864-65; Estate of Joseph Brinklow: Records and Notes
  • 1875-77; Brodrick to Rothschild: Correspondence and Records
  • 1856, 1889, 1894; Agnes Brown: Correspondence
  • 1896; Arthur MacDonald Brown: Surveying Accounts
  • 1886, 1889-92; Trust of James and Katherine Brown: Correspondence and Records
  • 1891-92; Estate of Lord Brownlow: Correspondence and Records
  • 1894; Estate of Earl Brownlow: Easement Proposal
  • 1881, 1883-84; Estate of John Bushell: Will, Receipts, Correspondence and Records (2 folders)
  • 1883-1884; Estate of John Bushell: Correspondence
  • 1899-1901; Estate of Thomas Butcher: Correspondence, Will and Records

Box 5:

  • 1886-87, 1889; Estate of John Butterworth: Correspondence and Records
  • 1874-1875; Estate of James Candy: Correspondence and Friend's Will Executed by Candy
  • 1899-1900; Estate of James Cantello: Correspondence and Records
  • 1875; Carden to Jarvis: Correspondence and Confirmation of Lease
  • 1837; Matthew Carpenter Conveyance: Abstract and Legal Bill
  • 1871-71; Lord Carrington's Trustees and Williams, Brown: Correspondence, Records and Notes
  • 1890; Chaplin to Williams: Conveyance, Draft and Map of Brooksby Estate
  • 1873-74; Estate of Charles Chennells: Correspondence and Inland Revenue Documents
  • 1882-1884; Estate of Mary Ann Choules: Will and Records
  • 1869; Estate of William Clark: Will
  • 1865-66, 1868; Estate of John Clement: Records and Notes
  • 1888-89; Clements' Trustees to Butcher: Correspondence and Records
  • 1885; Estate of William Coker: Will, Inland Revenue Affidavit and Correspondence
  • 1896; Coker to Baker's Trustees: Surrender and Notes
  • 1897; Estate of William Collier: Will and Records
  • 1890-97; Estate of Alfred Compigne: Correspondence, Will, Records and Notes

Box 6:

  • 1883-1903; Estate of William Coote: Correspondence, Maps and Records
  • 1870-1872; Corkett to Shugar and Corkett to Dunstable Building Society: Correspondence and Records
  • 1896-97; Estates of David and Rachel Corkett: Correspondence, Notes and Records
  • 1895; Estate of James Cosier: Correspondence and Records
  • 1907; Coventry Manor Lease: Correspondence and Draft Affidavit
  • 1884-1888; H.R.G. Crawford: Correspondence and Notes
  • 1892; Estate of Harriett Martha Crosswell: Correspondence, Records and Notes
  • 1888; Estate of Joseph Crosswell: Correspondence, Will and Records
  • 1890; Estate of Charles Cyster: Records and Will
  • 1857, 1864-65; Daniell to Planet: Correspondence and Records
  • 1894-95; Estate of Hannah Dickman: Records
  • 1875; Elliman to Nicholson and Nicholson to Carr: Surrender
  • 1899; Estate of Jane Emery: Records

Box 7:

  • 1887-88; David Evans Property Sale and Enfranchisement: Correspondence
  • 1835, 1860, 1868, 1870; Field's Trustees to Williams: Correspondence and Records
  • 1873; Firmstone v. Avery: Copy of Settlement
  • 1856; William Foskett: Abstract of Title
  • 1869-1881; Estate of John Fulks: Correspondence and Records
  • 1882-83; Gale and Koker and Row, Baker: Surrender
  • 1866; Galsworthy and Williams: Sales Agreement
  • 1874; Galsworthy to Baron Rothschild: Correspondence and Briefs
  • 1874; Galsworthy to Baron Rothschild: Records
  • 1884; George v. Carter: Correspondence and Records
  • 1864; Gibbs to Williams: Draft Conveyance
  • 1890; Gower to Barnes: Records
  • 1883-84, 1888, 1889; Great Tring Manor: Correspondence and Enfranchisement
  • 877; Gregory's Trustees and Williams: Correspondence, Requisitions and Abstract of Title
  • 1892; Estate of Sir George Grey: Correspondence and Records
  • 1892; H.J. Grey's Enfranchisement: Records
  • 1892; Grey's Enfranchisement: Declaration as to Title [re: Joseph G. Williams]
  • 1889-90; Estate Auction of Mrs. M.A. Griffin: Sales Information and Map

Box 8:

  • 1871; Hampden Farm: Correspondence
  • 1898; Hartley to Watney and Thomas: Correspondence and Indenture
  • 1855; Estate of William Hazell: Will
  • 1870-71; Howard v. Kay: Correspondence and Briefs
  • 1895-96; Isles and Cook: Correspondence and Records
  • 1866-67; Estate of William Kay: Records
  • 1856; Lethbridge to Williams: Draft Conveyance
  • 1856; Long Marston Farm Auction: Sales Bill and Map
  • 1877; Lovell to Cook: Correspondence and Records
  • 1867; Maslerman, Galsworthy & Pemberton and Thomas & Anne Barnes: Indre
  • 1873; Estate of Charles Meacher: Will, Abstract and Correspondence
  • 1886-88, 1900; Merrick v. Close: Correspondence, Will and Records
  • 1850-1900, n.d.; Miscellaneous Correspondence and Records
  • 1873; Morgan to Moulder: Surrender
  • 1895; Nelson v. Rural Sanitary Authority: Correspondence, Claim and Brief

Box 9:

  • 1896; Nelson v. Berkhampstead Rural Sanitary Authority: Record and Brief
  • 1890; Nicholson and Bass: Records
  • 1884; North to Cooper: Correspondence, Records and Sales Bill
  • 1859-65; Sarah Northwood and Northwood v. Turney: Correspondence and Records
  • 1889; Onward Building Society to Eeles: Conveyance
  • 1892; Estate of Alice Osborn: Correspondence and Records
  • 1869, 1896; Pemberton v. Barnes: Records
  • 1871; Pemberton v. Watkins: Surrender
  • 1891-92; Estate of the Earl of Powis: Records
  • 1832, n.d.; Lord Rokeby to Lodge: Correspondence and Opinion
  • 1882; Lord Rothschild to Glover: Draft Deed of Enfranchisement
  • 1894-95; Lord Rothschild to Burgess and Ginger to Burgess: Correspondence, Records
  • 1888-99; Smith, Dorrien and Seltman: Correspondence and Records
  • 1895; Smith v. Berkhampstead Rural Sanitary Authority: Copies of Claim and Correspondence
  • 1896; Smith v. Berkhampstead Rural Sanitary Authority: Briefs, Leases, etc.

Box 10:

  • 1898; Thompson to Watts: Correspondence and Conditional Surrender
  • 1839, 1857; Estate of Henry Tomkins: Sales Bill and Records
  • 1894-95; Tring Baptist Chapel Trustees: Correspondence and Records
  • 1867; Tring Leaseholds: Correspondence
  • 1866-67; Tring Rectory Estate: Correspondence and Records
  • 1867-68; Tring Rectory Estate Exchange: Correspondence
  • 1866-67; Tring Rectory Leaseholds: Correspondence
  • 1882; Turney and Turney: Records
  • 1873-74; Vickors v. Putnam: Correspondence, Will of Thomas Bailey and Miscellaneous
  • 1856; Estate of Edmund Fearnley Whittingstall: Abstract of Title
  • 1856-58; Whittingstall's Devisees to Rev. James Williams (Long Marston Farm): Correspondence, Map and Records
  • 1856, 1858; E.F. Whittingstall's Devise to Rev. James Williams: Records, Worksheets and Sales Bill
  • 1856; Estate of E.F. Whittingstall: Abstract of Title

Box 11:

  • 1864-65; Rev. James Williams Enfranchisement Awards: Records, Correspondence and Legal Bills
  • 1864-65; Rev. James Williams Enfranchisement Awards: Correspondence and Records
  • 1867-68; Williams to Christ Church College: Records and Plot
  • 1878; Williams to Crawley: Draft Deed of Enfranchisement
  • 1876, 1888; Williams and Evans: Records
  • 1888; Williams to Evans: Records and Draft
  • 1888; Williams to Evans: Records
  • 1878; Williamson's Trustees to Williams: Records, Map and Sales Bill
  • 1863, 1875, 1881; Wilson to Edwards and Williams: Correspondence and Records
  • 1870; Winter and Cooper: Correspondence and Articles of Clerkship for an aspiring attorney and solicitor

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