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This collection contains documents - mostly letters - from a variety of Virginia and Maryland judges, Supreme Court personalities from the 19th century.

Acquisition Information

Date Received 1989
Donor Information This collection was purchased from Jerry N. Showalter, Bookseller, on October 12, 1989

Content List

  • 1820 March 13, ALS, Thomas T. Bouldin to Dr. Robert Wellford, telling him that the case of Haxall v. Jones had been decided in his favor
  • 1821 April 3, ALS, Robert Stanard to "Dr Sir," regarding sums received by [Mrs.?] Stanard from the estate of Wm. Stanard
  • 1824 May 10, ALS, 2 pp., P[hilip] P. Barbour, member of Congress and Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1836-41, to "Dear Sir," regarding his inability to attend the hearing of a case because he needed to be in Congress for an important tariff vote
  • 1831 April 21, ALS, William Brockenbrough to "Dear Sir," directing him to send the enclosed letter from Judge Lomax on to the proper post office
  • 1838 May 22, MSS by J.S.; outlines the family history of Chief Justice John Marshall
  • 1839 September 29, ALS, 4 pp., R[ichard] Peters, Reporter to the U.S. Supreme Court, 1828-42, to "Dear Sir," regarding a bankruptcy case
  • 1847 April 2, ALS, Francis T. Brooke, Judge of the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, 1811-1851, to "My Dear Doctor," enclosing a check
  • 1849 September 28, ALS, John Tayloe Lomax, Professor of Law at Virginia, 1826-30, and Judge, Fifth Circuit of Virginia, 1830-57, to Messrs. J. M. Forbes, E. Conway, and R. B. Semple turning down an invitation to meet "the worthy guest from Cincinnati"
  • 1852 March 18, ALS, James M. Wayne, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court, 1835-67, to B. R. Wellford, Jr., regarding a free black man of Savannah named Charles Middleton
  • 1852 July 14, ALS, William F. Giles to Stevenson Archer, sending a note for collection
  • 1852 November 22, ALS, 2 pp., W[illis] P. Bocock, attorney general of Virginia, to "Messrs. Eustau Conway & others," praising the recent nomination of Franklin Pierce
  • 1859 February 12, ALS, Richard H. Coleman to B. R. Wellford, regarding the delivery of a bond
  • 1857 June 5, ALS, W[illiam] Daniel, Jr. to "Dear Sir," regarding granting an appeal in the case of T[echenor?] v. Allen
  • February 10, ALS, James D. Halyburton to "Dear Sir," regarding the Gibson case
  • n.d., AMs, 2 pp.; opinion regarding General Spotswood's will by Benjamin Waller
  • n.d., ALS, William W. Hening, legislative historian and Clerk of Chancery Court for Richmond district, to "Dear Sir," regarding the payment of a debt
  • n.d., ALS, Peyton Randolph to Charles L. Carter; brief note accompanying a package
  • n.d., AL[S?], [St. George Tucker], Judge of Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, 1803-11, Judge, Federal District Court of Virginia, 1813-1827, to "Doctor Welford," thanking him for "friendly attention to his feelings the last evening"
  • n.d., fragment, signed by J. W. Green regarding the weather and a visit
  • n.d., two line quotation in French signed by John Robertson

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