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Accession MSS 93-1
Collection The Papers of Frances Farmer

The papers of Frances Farmer, Law Librarian at the University of Virginia from 1942-1976, consist of her personal and professional correspondence and other documents, ca. 1930-1992. The collections of documents, memorabilia, and dozens of photographs were transmitted to the Law Library upon her death in September of 1993.

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Law Day 1963 a
Law Day 1963 b
Law Day 1963 c
Law Day 1964 Folder_A
Law Day 1964 Folder_AClas
Law Day 1964 Folder A
Law Day 1964 Folder_B
Law Day 1964
Law Day 1964 Folder_C
Law Day 1964 Folder C
Law Day 1964 Folder_D
Law Day 1964 Folder_E
Law Day Alumni_Group
Law Day1965 a
Law Day1965 b
Law Day 1965 b
Law Day1965 c
Law Library 100,000 volume presentation 1953
Classes of '48 and '49 at a Picnic
Classes of '48 and '49 at picnic [Alumni]
Class of '24. Law Day 1964 [Alumni]
Class of 1928 with Wives in 1963 [Law Day]
Class of '29 in 1964
Class of '30, Law Day 1965
Class of '50. Law Day 1965.
Law Day 1968 Banquet [Alumni]
Law Day 1966
Law Day 1966 [Alumni]
Law Day 1969 [Alumni]
Law school faculty session of 1960-61 [Faculty]
Virginia Law Review. Student Staff [ca. 1951]
Ribble Mr. & Mrs. [presentation of Ribble Bowl] Law Library May 3rd 1963
Ribble Mr. & Mrs. [presentation of Ribble Bowl] Law Library May 3rd 1963 [Faculty]
F. D. G. Ribble retirement ceremony May 1963A
F. D. G. Ribble retirement ceremony May 1963 [Faculty]
Ribble, F. D. G. Retirement Ceremony
Farmer Frances at her desk
Farmer Frances at her desk
Farmer, Frances, and Arthur Morris [Nov. 1, 1969 and Mar. 1970]
Farmer Frances and Arthur Morris
Farmer, Frances et al.
Farmer Frances with unidentified students [reading guide staff] 1952
Farmer, Frances with some Law LIbrary Staff, Clark Hall, ca. 1940s
Farmer, Frances, with Justice Stanley F. Reed, Presentation of 100,000th Book to the Law School
Farmer Frances with Clifton Waller Barrett in front of Law School [1980's]
Farmer, Frances, with Hardy Dillard and Dean Ribble
Farmer Frances First years in her office at UVa Charlottesville Va. ca. 1942-1944
Farmer, Frances with Barbara Murphy and Janet Camillo with new LEXIS terminal 1976 [Faculty]
Farmer, Frances with Senator John Warner and Elizabeth Taylor
Law School Faculty 1945-1946
Farmer, Frances and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson
Moot Court, May 1966
Moot Court May 1963 [Students]
Moot Court 1964 [Students]
Moot Court 1963 [Students]
AALL n.d.
AALL Law Librarians at Rotunda
AALL n. d.
Moot Court May 1965
Oversized - Photograph of American Association of Law Libraries Annual Banquets, 1953, 1956, 1959
Oversized - Photograph of American Association of Law Libraries 57th Annual Banquet, 1964
Kennedy, Edward, Jacqueline, John, Robert. First Law Day. March 1958.
Kennedy, Edward 1979
The Arthur J. Morris Law Library Dedication Nov. 15, 1974
Libel Show Late 1950s?
Libel Show 1965
Libel Show F.F. 1965
Law Alumni Council [ca. 1977]
Alumni Association Members of the Council
Carlyle, Irving E. President Alumni Association 1953-1954
Farmer, Florence Womack [F.F. Mother]
Farmer, Frances [1910-1913?] [as a little girl]
Farmer, Frances [graduation from Westhamton College]
Farmer, Frances and Larry Pheers[?] at Old Point Comfort, Va. [193...s]
Farmer, Frances and unidentified [college?] friends
Farmer, Frances and unidentfied friends at Jack Dempsey's Broadway Bar
Farmer, Frances taking art class in Ch'ville. 1940s.
Farmer, Frances. At Columbia Library School. with unidentified friends.
Farmer, Frances. First years in Charlottesville, Va. ca. 1942-1943
Farmer, Frances and Peggy Van Cise, first years in Charlottesville, Va.
Farmer, Frances and Bernard Chamberlain at Law Committee Meeting [1970...?]
Farmer, Frances at Cambridge, England. 1972
Farmer, Frances at home [1970...]
Farmer, Frances. Presentation of Charles T. Norman Award for Best All-around Law Graduate of 1933 from University of Richmond School of Law. 1974.
Farmer, Frances. Univ. of Richmond
Farmer, Frances--Birthday Party and Christmas Tree.
Farmer, Frances. Christmas 1976. [unidentified friends]
Farmer, Frances in AALL meeting in Michigan
Farmer, Frances and Knox Turnbull. Aug. 1968.
Farmer, Frances house and garden
Farmer, Frances John Marshall High School Class 1927 in 1980.
Farmer, Frances. Last years photographs
Farmer, Frances. Portrait at the Law School ca. 1976.
Farmer, Frances. Reunion at Westhampton College. 1933
Farmer, Frances surprise party. Dec. 5, 1967
Farmer, Frances unidentified family and friends, n.d.
Farmer, Frances with [Bill] and Trudie Schrader, Miss Oates
Farmer, Frances with Dr. Taslim O. Elias. Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Feb-March 1975.
Farmer, Frances with unidentified [students?] [ca. early 1950s]
Farmer, France 50th Reunion meeting of Westhampton College. Class of 1931 in 1981