Law School alumni. Identified first row: William Massie Smith Class of 1948 (left); Richard E. Shands Class of 1921 (second from left); E. Fontaine Broun Class of 1932 (fourth from left); Thomas B. Gay Class of 1906 (third from right); F. D. G. Ribble Class of 1921 third Dean of the School of Law [1939-1963] (second from right); and Hardy C. Dillard Class of 1927 fourth Dean of the School of Law [1963-1968] (right). Second row: Ambler H. Moss Class of 1927 (left); Stuart B. Campbell Class of 1910 (fourth from left); and Walter L. Brown Class of 1926 (right). Third row: A. C. Epps (center).