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Creator: Lovelace, James B.
Title: James B. Lovelace Manuscript: Court Tales, Trials and Appeals
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The manuscript of the book, Court Tales, Trials and Appeals relates to the actual experiences of the author, a retired lawyer, and an alumnus of the University of Virginia Law School. He offers advice and points out pitfalls to the law student and young lawyer that they would not find in a textbook or case book. Although the cases were tired in North Carlolina and involve North Carolina law, the procedure is identical to that used in code states, and the principles of law involved are mostly common law. The book is primarily intended to further prepare the law student for his or her practical life as a trial lawyer.

Acquisition Information

Date Received 1994
Donor Information This manuscript was given to the Law Library by James B. Lovelace on April 15, 1994.

Content List

  • Manuscript copy of Court Tales, Trials and Appeals.
  • October 6, 1993, Letter to Mr. Lovelace from the UVA Office of Development re: the possibility of putting a copy of his manuscript in the Law Library
  • March 2, 1994, Letter to Billie F. Kaser, Associate Director of Planned Giving, from Mr. Lovelace re: mailing his manuscript and posting a notice to advertise its presence in the Law Library
  • March 24, 1994, Contact Report drafted by Billie Kaser Sloan re: gift plan ideas and his insistence on getting his manuscript into the Law Library and posting a notice advertising its presence there
  • April 4, 1994, Letter to Mr. Lovelace from Billie Kaser Sloan re: formalizing gift plans; no mention of manuscript
  • April 8, 1994, Letter to Billie Kaser Sloan from Mr. Lovelace making clear his top priority is his manuscript and knowing that some sort of “notice has been posted to create interest among the law students.” He has also included a copy of the notice posted at Wake Forest.
  • April 14, 1994, Letter to Mr. Lovelace from Billie Kaser Sloan assuring Mr. Lovelace that his manuscript and a copy of the notice had been sent to the Law Library and that Marsha Trimble would be in touch with him.
  • April 14, 1994, Memo to Helen Snyder and Marsha Trimble from Billie Kaser Sloan explaining the difficult circumstances surrounding Mr. Lovelace’s manuscript and the financial gifts associated with its receipt.
  • April 15, 1994, Memo to William M. Merone (Editor in Chief of the Law Weekly) from Marsha Trimble requesting that notice of Mr. Lovelace’s manuscript get published in order to gain publicity and appease him (a potential donor of a large sum of money).
  • April 15, 1994, Letter to Mr. Lovelace from Marsha Trimble thanking him for the manuscript and sharing with him the location of the notice of its arrival.
  • April 20, 1994, Letter to Billie Kaser Sloan from Mr. Lovelace thanking her for the time she has taken in getting his manuscript delivered and publicized at the Law School. The final paragraph includes the amount he will donate to the university ($50,000 yearly).
  • April 26, 1994, Letter to Mr. Lovelace from Billie Kaser Sloan thanking him for his $50,000 commitment to the University.

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