Including members of the Class of 1958 and Class of 1959. First row: Edward E. Willey Jr., William R. Powers III, Edward A. Mearns Jr., Alexander Wellford, Charles C. Abeles, Charles L. Saunders Jr., Michel DeLoache, Henry W. Williams Jr., Bayard Z. Hochberg, Thomas C. Matthews Jr., and Arthur L. Berney. Second row: Howard W. Whitaker Jr., Samuel B. Taylor Jr., Peter K. McKee, Fred S. Landess, Charles S. Baird, James B. Atkin, A. E. Dick Howard, John J. Adams, Wayne Lustig, and Thomas A. Frazier Jr. Third row: William V. Neville Jr., Albert F. Lilley, William A. Waller, William R. Edwards, J. B. Riggs Parker, John R. Purcell, Lawrence H. Hoover Jr., John C. Craig, Lauriston Castleman Jr., Owen B. Pearce, and Waller H. Horsley. Fourth row: Richard C. Salladin, Arthur P. Tranakos, Richard A. Marcus, Robert M. Goolrick, Edward R. Slaughter Jr., Evans B. Brasfield, Charles H. Sedberry, O. Livingston Rodgers, W. Austin Cooper, Phillips S. Peter, Malcolm S. Underwood, Verne C. Hampton II, Donald C. Crounse, and Gerald P. Sigal.

Collection RG 106-80 | Records of the Law Library
Box Photograph Collection
Folder Va. Law Review members 1957-1958. [Students]
Date 1958
Type Photo - B&W
Genre Faculty/Student
Negative Negative In Collection
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