Including members of the Class of 1963 and Class of 1964. James R. Bailes, John B. Bartlett, Louis L. Broudy, Owen J. Cook, Lester L. Cooper Jr., Thomas E. Crosley Jr., C. Stanley Dees, James W. Featherstone, Murray J. Janus, John D. Hansen, William H. Hardie Jr., Roger W. Herrell, Benjamin H. Hill Jr., Graham D. Holding Jr., Helen W. Hopper, John J. Kirby Jr., Guy H. Lewis III, Graham L. Lilly, Thad G. Long, Peter W. Low, Crawford McDonald, Michael W. Maupin, Francis P. Mood Jr., John C. Moore III, W. Ernest Norcross, James L. North, James R. Paulk, Ernest C. Pepples Jr., Griffith F. Pitcher, Albin M. Plant, Albert Ritchie II, Martin V. Roach, Hadley S. Roe, Arnold E. Sigler, Eugene E. Siler Jr., Alexander H. Slaughter, Briscoe R. Smith, Edward A. Smith, Albert C. Tate Jr., Herman H. Tietjen, William G. Vance, Judson T. Vaughan Jr., Michael Weintraub, Linwood T. Wells, Robert M. White, Mrs. Mary W. Adams (secretary).

Collection RG 106-80 | Records of the Law Library
Box Photograph Collection
Folder Virginia Law Review Members 1962-1963 [Students]
Date 1963
Type Photo - B&W
Genre Faculty/Student
Negative Negative In Collection
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