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O'Neil, Robert [Inauguration]
Long, Clarisa
Snyder, Helen
Lyell Clay with Family and Friends, Undated
Lauro Fred Cavazos, Jr. 1990
Class of 1963 Professorship Dinner
Class of 1967
Clay, Buckner '42
Dennis, Edward S.G.
Dahmen, Gene, with Martha Ballenger
Duffy, Dennis P. '82 and Prof. Verkerke 1999
Drysdale, Doug, with Al Turnbull, ca. 1996
Doyle, Billie, with Joe Kett, n.d.
Dillard Scholars Dinner, 1995
Edelman, Marian Wright, Recipient of the TJ Award, 1992
Law School Staff
Ferretti, David P. '81 with Felton and Mahoney, ca. 1989
Founders' Day, 1981
Founder's Day, 1993
Trial Advocacy Institute, 1985
Freund, Paul A. Thomas Jefferson Award 1979
Ford, President Gerald
Frohmayer, John, Student Legal Forum Speaker, 1994
Friendly, Judge Henry J. with Philip Johnson, 1978
Friendly, Judge Henry J.
Gerachis, George, with Thomas Melo and Dennis Duffy, Undated
Goforth, H. Buz, with Mortimer Caplin, Undated
Goolsby, Allen C. III with the Drysdales
Graduate Program for Judges, 1985
Gordon, Judge Thomas C.
Gross, Adam
Hart, Jim
Hines, Marjorie, SLF Speaker 1994
Hoffmann, Joseph (Indiana Univ. Prof. of Law), n.d.
Graduate Program for Appellate Judges, 1982
Korean War Conference, 1990
Alumni Association Board of Directors, 1966
Law Faculty, 1940s
Law School Caplin Pavillion
Law Faculty Graduation, ca. 1980s
Library Media Services--Interviews
Joseph, George Jay, with Foster Arnett '48, 1987
Law Faculty During Graduation, 1981
Dean's Council, October 1-2, 1992
Levitz, Kathleen B.
Libel Show, ca. 1980s
Class of 1999
Lorch, Ernie H.
Principles and Practice Program, 1994
Law Students for Public Service, 1984-85
Legal Assistance Society Members, 1984-85
Law and Medicine Cover Photos
Love, Margaret L.
Marchant, Byron, with Mikael Salovaara, Undated
McGovern, Francis E.
McEachern, Thomas A. 1964
Massee-Merrill Dinner, Fall 1993
Unveiling of D. Lurton Massee's Portrait, 1994
McGowan, Carl E. at TJ Awards, 1982
Michelman, Frank I.
Metcalfe, Walter, Jr.
Menefee, Samuel Pyeatt
Merchant, John F.
Children's Health Care Course, 1992
Law Library Staff
Moore, Thurston R. with Joseph C. Carter, ca. 1996
Class of 1968
Myers, Ann
Moot Court, ca. 1976-79
Moot Court, 1983
Moot Court Photos, Miscellaneous
Moot Court, 1978
Lile Moot Court, 1984
Moot Court, 1992
Moot Court, 1993
Napolitano, Janet
National Institute of Health Photos
National Women Law Students' Association (NWLSA)
McCoid, John C. II
Lile Moot Court 1994
Prettyman, E. Barrett
Petersen, J.C. "Chap"
Class of 2004
Boase, Kathryn S. 1996
Phi Alpha Delta, 1984-85
Phi Delta Phi, 1984-85
Page, John Marshall III
Partnership Panel, ca. 1989
Phillips, Blaine, with Charles Gamble, 1997
Phonathon, 1989
Phonathon, 1991
Phonathon, 1993
Phonathon, n.d.
Ring, Renee and Melissa Young, with Albert Lilley, at 2004 Event
Robb, Chuck, with Merrill, Spies, Howard, and Two Students, Undated
Ritchie, Albert
Robb, Charles "Chuck"
Robinson, Marietta
Rogers, Margot M.
Rosenbloom, Daniel, with the Rosenbloom Award's First Recipient Stephen F. Smith, 1992