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Collection Description & Arrangement

The office files of the Virginia Law Review were routinely transferred to the archives between 1978 and 1985.  The records consist primarily of administrative correspondence and other materials from the office of the editor-in-chief, and correspondence with writers of articles.  There is also some documentation related to the organization and function of law student organizations.

Initially the archives retained all editing material, but subsequently, only selected stages of the editing process were kept, and later only the work of Virginia’s faculty and students was retained.  Occasionally a footnote will indicate that the journal staff is keeping source material on file for authors, but not files of that sort were transferred to the archives.

The editing of articles to be published is achieved in seven stages.  The first step, the departmental edit, involves checking and, if necessary, correcting organization and use of language; this editing is done by more than one board member on the original draft and several copies. Simultaneously a substantive cite-check (“sub cite”) is made in order to examine the citation for accuracy, blue book form and reference to the text.  Corrections are marked on the departmental edit copy.  At this point, the executive editors do a final substantive edit for clarity, accuracy, spelling and grammar.  Subsequently another cite-check is noted on a copy of the executive edit.  Ultimately all corrections are incorporated onto one copy which is sent to the printer.  The printer returns galley proof for the VLR to correct.  Page proof is run in two stages: the first, called “dirty pages,” are without running heads and table of contents and the second, called “clean pages”, have both.

Acquisition Information

Date Received 1985

Content List

Box 1

  • 1974-1978; Editors’ [Miscellaneous] Correspondence (3 folders)
  • 1966-1975; Editors’-in-Chief [EIC] Correspondence: Student Council Funding
  • 1967, n.d.; Editor in Chief -  Reorganization Procedure
  • 1971-1976; Editor in Chief Academic Credit
  • 1972; Editor in Chief Project for Indigent Defendants
  • 1972-1973; Editor in Chief - Subscriber Correspondence
  • 1972, 1976; Editor in Chief  – Library [includes correspondence between Frances Farmer Law Librarian and John Calvin Jeffries Jr., VLR editor]
  • 1974; Editor in Chief – VLR By-Laws adopted 2-5-1974.  [Includes drafts and proposed changes in existing rules]
  • 1974; Editor in Chief letter to Dean Monrad Paulsen opposing changes to academic calendar changes proposal
  • 1974; Editor in Chief – Move to North Grounds
  • 1974; Editor in Chief – change of printer. [Correspondence]
  • 1974-1975; EIC – Board Communications. [Memoranda]
  • 1974-1977; 1974 Manual for Members; 1975 Manual for Members; 1976-1977 Manual for Members
  • n.d.; 1974, 1977; Editor in Chief – Notes, Evaluations and Managing Board Tryouts


Box 2

  • 1975; Editor in Chief – Guidelines for the Selection of Editorial Board Members on the basis of grades; grades, memoranda
  • 1975; Editor in Chief – “Legal Transplants”.  Correspondence with Prof. Alan Watson re possible symposium
  • 1975-1976; Editor in Chief – Article log
  • 1975-1976; Class of 1976 List
  • 1975-1976; Editor in Chief – “Outside” Student Submissions.  [Memorandum re Student material received outside the Review; Policy and Procedures for the Submission of Student Work for Publication; letters of rejection.
  • 1975-1976; Editor in Chief – Student Council Funding.  Newspaper clippings mainly from The Cavalier Daily re VLR funds
  • 1975-1976; Editor in Chief – Symposia Vol. 62: Labor and History.  Correspondence
  • 1975-1979; Editor in Chief – Solicitations
  • 1975, n.d.; Editor in Chief – Agenda (Mike Sundermeyer)
  • 1975-1976, n.d.; Editor in Chief – Editorial Board Selection.  [Selection processes for law reviews; selection of third year members; decision procedure; comments]
  • 1976; Editor in Chief – Changeover critiques. [Summary of recommendations and criticisms;  suggestions from Larry MacNamara to incoming board]
  • 1976; Virginia Law Review Bylaws; recommendations to the membership of Bylaws Amendment; resolutions
  • 1976; Editor in Chief – Dean Search
  • 1976; Editor in Chief – Editorial Board. Lists and memo re The Current Literature on Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
  •  1976; Editor in Chief – Faculty Liason
  • 1976; Editor in Chief – Farmington Issue. Memorandum re the segregation of Farmington Club in Charlottesville and the impact on the VLR members; Report from the Committee to Study the Farmington Issue 2-23-1976
  • 1976; Editor in Chief – Printers.  Memoranda re Batt Bates printer and list of ranked periodicals in order of paid circulation
  • 1976; Editor in Chief – Proposed By Laws Change – Defeated 11-3-1976
  • 1976; Editor in Chief – Student Council Funding. [Memoranda re membership; Student Council and Law School Membership, Post-Conviction Assistant Project Supplemental memorandum; VLR income and expense statement; Student Activity fee Appropriation Request; Memorandum of Appeal to the University of Virginia Student Council for 1976-1977; Memorandum to Prof. J. Harvie Wilkinson re Appeal from Student Council Allocation of Student Activity Funds; Guidelines of Student Activities Fund Allocation; Memorandum to President Frank L. Hereford re Appeal from the Decision of the Student Activities Committee Upholding the Student Council Allocation of Student Activities Funds for 1976-1977]


Box 3

  • 1976; Editor in Chief – Virginia Survey
  • 1976; Editor in Chief – Board Agenda
  • 1976-1977; Editor in Chief – Paulsen Dedicatory Issue. [Correspondence and drafts of articles  re symposium honoring  Dean Monrad Paulsen]
  • 1976-1977; Editor in Chief resignation
  • 1976-1978; Editor in Chief – Student Council Funding. [Correspondence and Report by the Special Committee on Dues and Subscriptions to the Council of the University of Virginia Law School Alumni Association]
  • [1976]; Editor in Chief – Media Board [Includes copy of Resolution Concerning Revision in the Composition, Authority and Jurisdiction of the Media Board of Directors; Guidelines for the Media Board of Directors; comments from VLR members re inclusion of VLR under the guidelines; The Cavalier Daily clipping of 11-17-1976]
  • 1976- 1977; Editor in Chief – Banquet Arrangements. [Includes program for the Virginia Law Review Annual Banquet, February 28, 1976, Guest Speaker: The Honorable Edward H. Levi, Attorney General of the United States; invitation for the Annual Banquet of February 26, 1977, Guest Speaker: The Honorable Griffin Bell, Attorney General of the United States; list of guests, some correspondence and notes]
  • 1977; Editor in Chief – Banquet [?].  Press releases.
  • 1977; Editor in Chief – Correspondence [Jonathan B. Sallet] (3 folders)
  • 1977; Editor in Chief – Frances Farmer Dedicatory Issue. [Handwriiten article by Bernard Chamberlain and draft of article by Hardy C. Dillard]


Box 4

  • 1977-1978; Editor in Chief – Class of 1978 Curriculum of VLR Members
  • 1978; Editor in Chief – Correspondence (Alan C. Geolot).  [Includes Memorandum for Judicial Applicants; Memo to the Clerkship Committee re Centralized clerkship procedures; memoranda to students; financial statements] (4 folders)
  • 1978; Editor in Chief – Printer Selection after Bates
  • 1978; Editors Correspondence  re Donald A. Washburn Article.


Box 5

  • 1978-1979; Editor in Chief – Correspondence (John C. Ale)
  • 1979; Editor in Chief – Correspondence (Carol G. Stebbins) [Includes proposed amendments to by-laws; survey proposal; instructions for summer survey outlines; dates to remember; summer editorial assignments] (3 folders)
  • 1979; Rejected Article from George Anastaplo
  • n.d; Note procedures
  • n.d.; List of alumni
  • n.d.; Solicitation forms
  • n.d; Law School Library Memorandum re Stacking Permits, regulations.

Box 6

  • 1960, May – June; Correspondence between Collins Denny, III, Research Editor of the Virginia Law Review and attorneys in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia relating to “lunch-counter demonstrations” in their cities.  The information was used in  “State Counter Demonstrations: State Action and the Fourteenth Amendment, VA L. Rev., Vol. 47, p. 105 (1961).   Also included are:
    • Memorandum from Attorney General of Alabama MacDonald Gallion in Bowie v. Birmingham Railway & Electric Company
    • No. 11073, USDC for the District of Maryland, Sara Black v. Atlantic White Tower System, Inc., 2-16-1960
    • In the Circuit Court of Alabama, Criminal Division No. 7964, City of Montgomery v. S. S. Sealy, Sr. Motion to Exclude City’s Evidence, n.d.
    • On Appeal to Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Alabama: City of Montgomery v, Richard Nesbith, Motion; Motion that Defendant Be Discharged From Arrest and further prosecution, or, in the alternative, for a new trial.
    • Summary of Georgia Laws Relating to the Segregation in the Public Schools.  Georgia Constitution Art. VIII, Sec. I, Par. I (Code Sec. 2-6401)
    • Memorandum to All Solicitors General and City Court Solicitors from Eugene Cook, Attorney General of Georgia, 5-10-1960.  Trial Brief of John I. Kelley, Solicitor, Criminal Court of Fulton, County, on Atlanta Sit-Down Cases.
    • Statement of Attorney General [of North Carolina] Malcolm B. Seawell, 2-10-1960
    • Ordinance No. 874. An Ordinance to Regulate Picketing in the City of Raleigh and to provide for the punishment of such pickets in the event of violation of the regulations prescribed for pickets and of those who unlawfully, by word or deed, interfere with or threaten the peaceful activities or pickets, 4-15-1960
    • North Carolina, Wake County – In the City of Raleigh,  City of Raleigh, the State v. James A. Fox.  Warrant for Trespassing, 3-21-1960
    • North Carolina, Guilford County. State of North Carolina v. Ezell Alexander Blair, Jr.  Affidavit and Warrant for Arrest, 4-21-1960
    • An Ordinance to Amend Chapter XIV of the Revised Ordinance of the City of Orangeburg, [SC], adopted and ratified the Sixth Day of July, 1901.
    • Ordinance No. 4457.  An Ordinance to Amend the Official Code of Chattanooga, 1949, by Adding Section 10-a to Chapter 30 Therof.  8-19-58
    • Legal Opinion from R. H. Burks City Attorney of Houston, Tx. Directed to Mayor Lewis Cutrer Re “Authority of police officers to prevent, suppress, disperse or make an arrest of persons, numbers of whom have assembled in a public place, to-wit a lunch room, eating place or restaurant, and thereby prevented a person or persons from pursuing any labor, occupation or employment, or thereby interfering in any manner with the labor or employment of another. […]”, 3-14-1960
    • Virginia: In the Hustings Court of The City of Richmond.  Commonwealth of Virginia v. Frank G. Pinkston, et als.  [Thalhimer’s Department Store demonstration]
    • Trial Brief of John I. Kelley, Solicitor General of Fulton County, Ga. 6-15-1960.
  • 1960s; Background material for “Racial Imbalance in the Public Schools – Legislative Motive and the Constitution”, Va L. Rev., Vol. 50, p. 465 (3 folders). Materials include:
    • [37254] Supreme Court Appellate Division – Second Department.  In the matter of the Application of Isidore Balaban, Phyllis Balaban, Arthur Gottlieb and Lenore Gottlieb for an order under Artclo 78 of the Civil Practice Act  v. Max J. Rubin, et al.  Brief of Respondents-Appellants.
    • Civ. 62 C 285, USDC Eastern District of New York. Ralph Blocker, a minor by Mr. and Mrs. Albert V. Knox v. The Board of Education of  Manhasset, NY, et al. Defendant’s Trial Memorandum, Introduction; Complaint, March 1962; Answer, May 8, 1962.
    • Civil Action No. 22092, USDC for the Eastern District of Michigan Southern Division.  Sherrill School Parents Committee v. The Board of Education of the City of Detroit.  Complaint, Answer, n.d.
    • In Equity No. 63 C 293 (3). USDC Eastern District of Missouri Eastern Division.  Board of Education of the City of St. Louis v. St Louis National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Committee for Parents of Transported Pupils, West End Community Conference, Evelyn H. Roberts et al… Petition for Declaratory Judgment and Injunction; Memorandum in Support of Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment: Memorandum in Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment and Injunction, n. d.
    • Civil Action File No. 63c 311 (1). USDC Eastern District of Missouri Eastern Division. Simone Layne, a minor v. Board of Education of City of St. Louis, et al.  Complaint, Aug. 19, 1963; Separate Answer of Defendants Board of Education of the City of St. Louis, Philip J. Hickey and William Kottmeyer, n.d.
    • Decision of the Commissioner of Education.  Clarence Alston and Donna Alston, by their parents, Clarence Alston and Oneida Alston, et al v. The Board of Education of the Township of Union, Union County [NJ], April 6, 1964.
    • Decision of the Commissioner of Education. Charles B. Booker, et al v. The Board of Education of the City of Plainfield, Union County [NJ], June 26, 1963.
    • The Constitutionality of the Inclusion of Church-Related Schools in Federal Aid to Education.  Legal Department, National Catholic Welfare Conference, 1961.


Box 7

  • 1975-1976; Miscellaneous Correspondence between editor-in-chief (Michel S. Sundermeyer) and writers of articles.
  • 1977-1981; Bylaws. Virginia Law Review Association, Oct. 1977 and n. d.; Management Information Systems Project: Virginia Law Review Association; 1980-1981 Manual for Members; 1980 Orientation: Organization of a note.
  • 1980-1981; Correspondence re Powell Symposium
  • 1980; Faculty Survey [Questionnaries and some faculty answers].


Boxes 7 - 8

  • 1980-1981; Correspondence between editor-in-chief (James O. Browning), law faculty and authors.  Also internal VLR, Law School student organizations and UVA memoranda.  [See: October 1980, Memoranda from Virginia Journal of Natural Resources Law, Virginia Tax Review, P-CAP, Legal Assistant Society, Virginia Journal of International Law to Faculty Committee on Credit and Extracurricular Activities University of Virginia School of Law in response to Extracurricular Credit Proposals; Memorandum from Committee on Extracurricular Activities to Faculty of Nov. 26, 1980; Virginia Law Review Association’s Statement to the Self-Study Committee, Nov. 1980] (12 folders)


Box 9

  • 1972-1973; Correspondence A- Z. [Correspondence between VLR articles editors Richard F. Kingham, George G. Lynn, editor-in-chief J. Phillip Jordan and writers (2 folders).
  • 1974; Correspondence A – Z. [Correspondence between editor-in-chief Robert B. Shanks and writers. Submissions of articles, acknowledgements, rejections].  (2 folders).
  • 1974-1976; Acceptances. [Correspondence with authors of accepted articles.  Includes evaluation sheets].  
  • 1974-1977; Submissions, Rejections, Acknowledgements. [Correspondence between editors and authors.
  • 1974-1976; Articles Log


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