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Collection RG 204-96 | Records of the Virginia Law Weekly
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Law Library
Law Library 1984
Class of '22 - 50th Reunion - May 1972
Henderson, Stanley
Kneedler, Lane - 1985
Monahan, John - Feb. 1975
Robinson, Mildred - March 1985
Scott, Robert E., 1993
Scott, Robert C.: Nov. 1990
Tony's Cafe [Students]
Tony's Cafe - 1973
Turnbull 1970 [Faculty]
Turnbull 1970
Virginia Law Review Board, 1971
Virginia Law Review, 1973-74
Vol. XXVII no. 17 no. 20
Virginia Law Review - 1975
Virginia Law Review Banquet - 3/1973
Rhinelander, Laurens H.
Powell Lewis Justice ca. 1989-1990
Ritchie, John III - Oct. 1972
Cohen, Edwin S. - Sep. 1973
Bergin, Thomas F.
ABA Award to UVA Law School
Federalist Society 13th National Symposium on Law and Public Policy
Jessup International Moot Court Team - March 1995
Jessup Moot Court Team 1993
BALSA March/April 1972
Dukakis, Michael - Apr. 1995
Jessup International Moot Court - April 1973
Clark, Ramsey
Law Basketball Team State Champion: 2-3 April 1989
Jessup International Moot Court Team - March 1975
Harris, Dr. Curtis, D. D. at BLSA Event, 1991
Merrill, Richard A.
Jefferson Society ca. 1926
Jefferson Society ca. 1926
Libel Show - April 1973
Libel Show - April 1989
Libel Show April 1991
Libel Show - April 1993
Libel Show - Apr. 1994
Moot Court - 1970/1971, 1972
Folder Undefined
Moot Court Quarterfinalists 1984
Scarborough, Jane
Scott, Robert E.
Scott Stadium
Seidman, Michael
Silfen, Martin, Feb. 1996
Secret Seven Society
Sentelle, David [Judge], March 1991
Shannon, Edgar F., Feb. 1973
Phi Delta Phi Annual Race Judicata Sep. 1989/Nov.1990
Phi Delta Phi Donation to Law School, 1974
Phi Delta Phi (Ipsa Loquitor Annual Race) April 1991
Pilon, Roger, CATO Institute, Federalist Society Speaker
Post Conviction Assistance Project, P-CAP, 1974
Post Conviction Assistance Project
Post Conviction Assistance Project, 1984-85
Pre-Law Advisory Program Oct. 1972
[John B.] Minor Pre-Legal Society "Women in Law" March 1973
Pro-Choice Abortion Rights Sep. 1989
Rehnquist, William H. Chief Justice ca. 1983-1985
Rehnquist, Justice William H., Apr. 1993
Ritter Scholar Award Winners
Robb, Charles S. as a student, Nov. 1972
J. B. Moore Society of International Law April 1972
John Bassett Moore Society of International Law, 1973
J. B. Moore Society of International Law 1974
J. B. Moore Society of International Law Oct. 1989
J. B. Moore Society of International Law 1990
J. B. Moore Society of International Law March 1993
Moore, John Norton, VLW Photos, 1971-74
Moot Court March 1973/Nov 1973/March 1974
Moot Court Room Oct. 1971
Moot Court 1985
Moot Court Semifinalists, Oct. 1985
Moot Court Winners April 1989, April 1991
Moot Court Quarterfinalists Oct. 1991
Moot Court Regional Champions 1992
Moot Court Quarterfinalists 1992 Oct. 1992
Moot Court Quarterfinalists Nov. 1993
Moot Court UVA Representatives to National Moot Court Competition Nov. 5, 1993
Moot Court Semifinalists 1994
Moot Court Champions, March 1994
Kennedy, Robert F. Jr. Apr. 1996
Moot Court Quarterfinalists Nov. 1994
Moot Court Competition Finalists 1993-1994
Moot Court Participants Oct. 1995
Moot Court Second Round Participants ca. 1995-1996
Moot Court Semifinalists Feb. 1995
Moot Court Renovation Sep 1985
Moot Court 1970/1971,1972
National Women's Law Student Association Conference April 1994
Neimeth, Albert C. Feb. 1973
O'Connor, Sandra Day Apr. 1987
O. J. Simpson Verdict Oct. 6, 1995
O'Neil, Robert with Daniel Ortiz ca. 1980s
O'Neil, Robert Sep. 1985