Folder List (Digitized Content Only)

Law School Renovations
Law Students for Public Service (LSPS) 1989
Law Volleyball
Law Wives Book Sale 1973
Law Wives Abortion Panel; Feb. 1973
Law Women - 1973/1974
Legal Aid Tax Assistance Program; March 1971
Legal Assistance Society; 1970-1972
Levmore, Saul - Feb. 1996
Levmore, Saul - ca. 1970's?
Levmore, Saul 1996. Sept. 26
Lichtman, Jackie Feb. 1985
Lichtenstein, Natalie
MACAA Code Critical of UVA Law School, April 1990
Macho Softball Game 3/19/1989
Lilly, Graham C. Feb. 1973
Lockwood, Bert B. - Sept. 1973
Love, Margaret L. - Oct. 1971
Loving, Margaret B. Nov. 1970
Low, Peter
Lowe, John - March 1985
Lucey, Patrick J. (Gov. of Wisconsin), Nov. 1974
Lacy, Elizabeth
Maechling, Charles [Visiting Professor]
Manne, Henry Nov. 1990
Manson, Peter 1970
Marshall, Gail S.
Marshall, Thurgood
Martin, David April 1991
Mashaw, Jerry L. March 1972
McAfee, Carl, March 1973
McCarthy, Gerald P. Apr. 1971
McDougal, Myres S.
McEachern, Thomas A. March 1974
McFarland, Carl 1971-1973
Schulz, Franklin M.
Showalter, C. Robert, M.D.
Silverman, Hugh W.
Smith, Howard K.
Speidel, Richard E.
Spies, Emerson
Spong, William [Visiting Professor]
St. Patrick's Day Beer Party, March 1972
St. Thomas Aquinas Sculpture (Dec. 1971)
Steffan, Alix
Stein, Milton H.
Stephanopoulos, George
Stone, Alan A., M.D.
Stone, Oliver
Strong, Frank B.
Student Bar Association
Student Bar Association 1989
Student Bar Association Book Exchange
Student Bar Association Debate
Student Council
Student Event -- Unknown Fundraiser
Super Saturday, 3rd Annual [NLA Branch of the ABA]
SUPRA (Students United to Promote Racial Awareness) National Conference on Race Relations
Swire, Peter
Taxpayer Assistance Project
Tax Review Symposium
Thurmond, Strom (Sen.)
TILKA Society
Tony's Cafe
Tower, John
Turnbull, Albert
Tweel, Ronald
Van Clief, Daniel G.
Virginia Festival of American Film
Virginia Law Meekly (sic) April Fools Issue
Virginia Tax Review
Visiting German Professors
Wadlington, Walter J.
Waggoner, Lawrence W.
Walton, Reggie
Warner, John
Warner, Mark
Watson, Alan Dr. (Visiting Professor)
Watson, Andrew S. (Psychiatrist; Dicta Writer)
Weicker, Lowell P. Jr.
Welsh, George
Westhuizen, Johan van der
Weyd, Sue
White, G. Edward
Wicker, Tom
Wax, Amy [Olin Lunch Series]
Williams, D. Alan
Williams, Joan
Willis, Kent
Wilson, Gerald
Wilson, Harrison. Class of 1980
Unidentified People
Wolfman, Bernard
Bergin, Thomas
Bines, Harvey
Rubenstein, Michael
Rutherglen, George
Law School Ephemeral Murals
Law School Judiciary 1988