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This collection contains blue prints of Law School buildings, moving plans and committee materials.

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Date Received 1978

Content List

n.d.; Phase I Second Floor; Phase II First Floor
n.d.; Phase I Second Floor; Second Floor North and South
n.d.; Courtyard Illustrative Site Plan; Phase I Conversion of Room 121 into a Dark Room
n.d.; Phase I Second and Third Floor Plans
n.d.; Interview Rooms; Student Activity Area
n.d.; Phase I First, Basement and Third Floors
n.d.; Phase II Ground and Second Floor
n.d.; Phase I and II All Floors
n.d.; Phase I: S-1 to S-10
n.d.; Phase I Reception Area and Mailroom, Signage
n.d.; Floor Plan Lighting and Power Systems
n.d.; Box containing floor plans and interior designs samples
1949; 1964; 1966; Clark Hall
1954; 1960; JAG School Dormitory; Clark Hall Plans
1964; JAG School Educational Building Site Plan and Site Plan Revisions
1968-1970; Graduate School of Business Administration Plans. 
1966-1971; Stack Plans; Clark Hall Alteration to Classroom A; Proposed Additions Clark Hall Law Library; Graduate School of Business Administration Complex Dining, Elevations and Residence Houses Plans
1970; Law School Phase I: Second Level, Basement and Ground Level Plans
1971; Phase I (Vol. 1 of 2)
1971; Phase I (Vol. 2 of 2)
1971; Law School: First, Second, Third Levels South End and North End Plans; Rare Book Room and Moot Courts
1971; Phase I Project Statistics
1971; Phase I Vol. 2 of 2, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Plans
1971; Phase I First Level North End Floor Plan
1971; Rare Book Room and Archives
1971; Graduate School of Business Administration and Law: Contract Limit Lines; Site Plan, Location Plan, Layout and Grading;  Space Schedule, Basement, Second and Third South and North End Floor Plans
1971; Phase I: Basement, Second and Third Floor Plans; Architectural Plans (Vol 1 of 2)
1971; Phase I: Miscellaneous Details Rare Book and Moot Court Room Plans; Electrical Plans for First and Third Levels; First, Second and Third Floor Plans
1972; Phase I: Second and Third Floors; Revision Basement and Space Schedule; Rouss Hall Floor Plans; Major Change Order Second Part; New Cabell Floor Plans; Old Cabell Hall Floor Plans; Partial First Floor Plans; Revision to Student and Faculty Offices
1973; Law School: Second Part Major Change Order.  Architectural Changes to Original December 7, 1971 Documents; Partial First Floor Plan
1973; Partial Second Floor Plan
1974; Phase I: Partial Floor Plans, Schedule of Equipment and Z-Based Construction; South End Third Floor Plan; First Floor Plan; Second Floor Plan; Basement-Fourth Floor Plans; First-Third Floor Plans
1974; Phase I: Partial Second Floor Plan 
1974; Phase I: Secretarial Pool Electrical Layout; Phase II: Site Plan; Ground-Second Level; Sections; Elevations; Faculty Offices, Auditorium
1974; Phase II: Site Plan, Ground-Second Level; Sections, Elevations; Faculty Offices; Auditorium. Revisions First Level, Auditorium
1974; Phase II Elevations; Revision of October 23, 1974
1974-1975; View from South East; Phase I Faculty Offices; Phase II Site Plan; Ground-Second Level; Auditorium; Faculty Offices; Elevations
1975; Phase II:  Auditorium; Proposed Alterations to Second Floor
1975; Phase II: Scheme "A" and "B"; Site Plan;  Ground Floor, Second Floor, Elevations and Sections; Electrical Plans; Dimensional Layout
1975; Phase II: Ground Floor, Second Floor Elevations and Sections
1976; Phase II; Section Through North Link Looking West;  First Floor Plans Revisions; Proposed Revision to First Floor South; First and Second Floor Plans; Law School Walk; Phase II First Floor Revision
1976 (May); Phase II Architectural Plans Vol. 1
1976; Phase II Outside Utilities and Site Plan, Profile and Details; Phase II Architectural Plans (Vol 1 of 2) A-3, A-4 Revisions
1976 (May); Phase II Mechanical Plans, Pluming Plans, Electrical Plans (Vol 2 of 2)
1976 (Oct.); Phase II Mechanical Plans, Pluming Plans, Electrical Plans (Vol. 2 of 2); Circulation Control Desk
1976 (Oct.); Phase II Architectural Plans (Vol. 1 of 2)
1976; Miscellaneous Annotated Plans
1976-1977; Phase II: A-1, A-4
1977; Law School Ground Floor Furnishings, First Floor Furnishings, Second Floor Furnishings
1977; Proposed New Lighting for First Level Concourse; Convertor Control, Heating and Hot Water Plans; First Floor Plan Power and Auxiliary Systems; First Floor Plans and Col. Details;  Ground Floor Furnishings; First Floor Furnishings, Second Floor Furnishings
1977; Elevations and Wall Sections; Interior Windows; First Floor Piping Plans
1978; Phase II:  Ground-Second Floor Carpet Plans; Ground-Second Floor Furnishings; Elevations and Details
1978-1979; Phase II:  Ground Floor Signage (S-1); First Floor Signage (S-2); Second Floor Signage (S-3); Ground Second Floor Paint Schedule; Revision Ground and Second Floor Furnishings; Revision Second Floor Plan Power and Aux. System
1978-1979; Phase II:  Ground, First and Second Floor Furnishings  (Stubbins)
Early 1979; Second and First Floor before Phase I Renovation
1979;  Concourse:  Interior
1979;  Alterations to Tech Services  (Tuley)
1979; Proposed Alterations to Faculty Lounge; Proposed Furnishings for Bishop Conference Room; Carpeting and Security Proposals;  Third Floor South (Tuley)
1979-1980; Plans for Remodeling of Phase I, Primarily of Concourse
1979-1980; Rare Book Room and Archives Plans and Revisions (Tuley)
1979-1980; Law Library Renovation Projects
1980; Rare Books and Archives:  Preliminary Drawings; First Set of Plans; Next to Final Set of Plans
1980;  Rare Book Room.  Plans and Final Presentation.  Design
1980;  Rare Book Room: General Notes
1980; Concourse:  New Lockers; Millwork;  Furniture; Lockers; Registrar's Lounge
1981; Rare Book Room and Archives Bid Set
1981; Rare Book Room
1983; Law Library:  Copier Facility; Intrusion Alarm Security System; Brown Hall, First Floor; Brown Hall, Second Floor; Brown Hall, Basement; Brown Hall, Fourth Floor
1984; Proposed Central Courtyard.  Plans by Rachel Lilly
1984; Moot Court Room
1984; Miscellaneous Moot Court Room Plans
Late 1980's; North Grounds Graduate/Professional Academic Precinct.  Preliminary Alternatives
1988; Renovation of Dean's Office
1988; North Grounds Master Plan.  North Grounds Accommodation Project  (Sasaki Associates, Inc.)

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