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Ahmed, Naila, Class of '91 and Michael Herring, Class of '90
Bergin, Thomas during Graduate Program for Judges
Bergin, Thomas F.
BeVier, Lillian
Chiu, Sin-Chang JD 2004
Class of 2003
Class of 2004
Coughlin, Anne M.
Glazier, David W., Class of 2004
GPJ Reunion
Graduate Program for Judges 2000
Graduate Program for Judges Reunion, July 1987
Graduate Program for Judges, 11/1995
Graduate Program for Judges. First Graduating Class
Jefferson, Thomas, Bust at the Rotunda
Jeffries, John C. Portrait
Jeffries, John C. with Robert Scott, Thomas Jackson and Richard Merrill
John C. Harrison
Johnson-Parris, Afi S. 2002 J.D.
Jones, Elaine, Class of 1970
Law School Student Faculty Center
Lemker, Jennifer, Class of 2004
LLM Program for Judges Graduation - 1990
Long, Clarisa
Marshall, Michael
Merrill, Richard [Faculty]
O'Connell, Jeffrey n.d.
Powell, Lewis F. Jr.
Scott, Robert E., 1996
Special Collections Books
Students, Unidentified
Students, Unidentified in Law Library
Tabak, Emily Nicole, J.D. 2004
Valentine, Nicole G.
Vasquez, Kelly Victoria
Wiliam Minor Lile (Copies of Photos)
Cynthia Nicoletti Discusses Her Book, "Secession on Trial"
Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson Assesses the Administrative State
Raising a Baby in Law School
Vicarious Liability for Employee Torts with Professor J.H. Verkerke
Jefferson Clerkship Says Farewell
The Obama Administration's War Powers Legacy with Professor Ashley Deeks
Middle East Conflicts and the Law of Armed Conflict
Book Panel on Ted White's Law in American History, Vol. I
UVA Law Gives Thanks
2017 Supreme Court Roundup
What's Your Exam Advice?
The Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony
Preparing for Class: Reading, Briefing, Speaking
Environmental Justice, Again with Jed Purdy
Professor Brandon Garrett Discusses New Book "End of Its Rope"
Investigations and Compliance in Sports
Player Conduct Investigations in the NFL
Fisher v. University of Texas and the Future of Affirmative Action
U.S. Rep. A. Donald McEachin '86 Receives BLSA Alumni Spotlight Award
Can Cities Govern? Urban Governance in a Global Age
Cyber and the Law of Armed Conflict
Entrepreneurship with Rob Masri '96
Seeking Solidarity, With Attiya Latif and Larycia Hawkins
Is Addiction a "Brain Disease"
Inside the 2017 Libel Show
A Conversation With Judge Alex Kozinski
The Role of Lawyers in a Post-Truth World, With Loretta Lynch
The Law and Public Service Program
Hearsay Analysis With Professor Kim Ferzan
Studying for an LL.M. or S.J.D. at UVA Law
Judging Forensics
Constitutional Moments With A. E. Dick Howard
Charge to the Class of 2017, With Professor Anne Coughlin
Shaping Justice, With Bronx Defenders Founder Robin Steinberg
Women in National Security Law and U.S. Cybersecurity
Are You Destined to Deal? With Goldman Sachs Managing Director Jim Donovan
Retiring Professors Reflect on Time at Law School
Book Panel on Professor Brandon Garrett's "End of Its Rope"
Overview of U.S./Coalition Presence/Activity in the Conflict States, With Col. Pat Huston
U.S. Conflict State Policy Considerations, With Ambassador Ryan Crocker
How I Found Out I Got Into UVA Law
A Pre-Orientation Welcome From Dean Goluboff
Introduction to UVA Law’s Environmental Law Program, With Michael Livermore
Dean Risa Goluboff Welcomes UVA Law's Class of 2020
Supreme Court Clinic Overview With Dan Ortiz
Statistics in the Crime Lab
Weathering the Perfect Storm, With Peter S. Vincent '95
UVA Law's 88th Lile Moot Court Competition Finals, 2017
UVA Law 2017 Commencement
Strategic Overview of the Conflict States: Friends, Foes and Bystanders, With Jessica McFate
Middle East Conflicts and the International Legal Bases for US Coalition Involvement
Appointing Supreme Court Justices, With Professor Lee Epstein
Remembering Dean Richard A. Merrill
Multiple Personality Disorder and the Criminal Law, With Professor Kim Ferzan
2016 Jefferson Symposium Panel: Free Speech in the Modern University
What to Expect in the Law School Classroom
Book Panel on Professor Saikrishna Prakash's Imperial from the Beginning
Challenges Facing Journalists
2016 Supreme Court Roundup at UVA Law
The Psychological Foundations of Evidence Law Book Discussion
Book Panel on Professor Darryl Brown's Free Market Criminal Justice
Meet Dean Risa Goluboff
Introduction to Law School for First-Year Students
UVA Law Orientation Speaker Zane Memeger '91
The Life of a Case — From Filing Through Appeal
Choosing Your Law School Classes
Annette Gordon-Reed Delivers McCorkle Lecture On 'Black Citizenship'
Dean Risa Goluboff Welcomes UVA Law Class of 2019
UVA Law Professor Rich Schragger Discusses New Book, "City Power"
The State of Community Policing and the Future of Police Reform
A Day in the Life of a UVA Law Student
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer on 'The Court and the World'
Tom Donilon '85 Explains Threats Next U.S. President Faces
Loving v. Virginia as a Triumph and Failure of the Supreme Court
Ajani Brown '17 on His Law School Experience
White Supremacy, Protest and Policing
"End of Its Rope: What Explains the Decline in American Death Sentences?"
How to Take a Fixed Exam
Commemorating Gregory H. Swanson and the Integration of UVA
Mock Class With Anne Coughlin
Clinical Programs at UVA Law
2011 Skadden Fellow Jeree Harris Discusses Her Path to the Fellowship
2011 William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition Final Round
2012 Powell Fellow Dan Hausman
2012 Supreme Court Roundup
2012 William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition
2013 Charge to the Class with Professor Caleb Nelson
2013 Supreme Court Roundup
2013 William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition
2014 Charge to the Class with Professor Greg Mitchell
2014 Supreme Court Roundup
2014 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal Talk with Kenneth R. Feinberg
2014 William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition
2015 Lile Moot Court Competition at UVA Law
2015 Supreme Court Roundup at UVA Law
2016 Henry Abraham Lecture: The Middle East: Muddle, Mess or Mission?
2016 Lile Moot Court Competition at UVA Law
30th Annual Federalist Society Student Symposium: Economic Uncertainty and the Role of the Courts
A Constitutional History of the Long 1960s with UVA Law Professor Risa Goluboff
A Rite of Passage: First-Year Oral Arguments Build Students' Skills
A Supreme Vacancy with Slate's Dahlia Lithwick and UVA Law Professors
Academic Journal Tryouts at Virginia Law
Admissions Dean Cordel Faulk Welcomes the Class of 2017
Advancing Justice Through Storytelling, with Author Corban Addison '04
After Windsor, A UVA Law Talk on LGBT Rights Following United States v. Windsor
Alumni Weekend Law School Update with Dean Paul Mahoney
Are Bailouts Inevitable? with Dean Paul Mahoney and Randall Guynn 84
Becoming a Law Professor
Bending Toward Justice: The Struggle for Civil Rights Today with Mary Bauer '90
Can Cities Govern? Chair Lecture by Professor Richard C. Schragger
Case Analysis and Briefing, with Molly Shadel and Anne Coughlin
Chair Lecture with UVA Law Professor Kimberly Kessler Ferzan
Charge to the Class of 2012, with Senior Assistant Dean for Career Services Kevin Donovan
Charge to the Class of 2015, with Professor Karen Moran
Charge to the Class of 2016 with UVA Law Professor Greg Mitchell
Civil Rights in the Shadow of Slavery
Civil Rights Litigation, with UVA Law Professor John C. Jeffries Jr.
Class of 2014 Most Competitive in School History
Class of 2015 Orientation Address, with Rebecca Vallas 2009
Class of 2018 Orientation Speaker Luis Fortuño '85
Community MLK Celebration at UVA Law with Justice John Charles Thomas '75
Compelled Commercial Speech, with Yale Law Dean Robert Post
Constitutional Law
Cordel Faulk '01 Welcomes the Class of 2018
Corporate Liability in U.S. Courts for Global Actions
Dean Paul G. Mahoney on the State of UVA Law, May 2014
DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director, NFL Players Association
Democracy and Markets in Criminal Adjudication
Democracy as Consumption, with Professor Dan Ortiz
Deputy General Counsel at World Bank Delivers Keynote at UVA Law Symposium on Development
Drones, Detentions and the Dilemmas of 21st-Century Foreign Policy," with Anne-Marie Slaughter
Earl M. Duke Collier Jr. Discusses His Career, Health Care Industry
Edward Snowden Attorney Ben Wizner Speaks at UVA Law
Emerson Spies Memorial
Environmental Protections and Public Health, with Carol Browner
Exam Tips for First-Year Law Students
Executive Amnesty with UVA Law Professors David Martin and John Harrison
Eyewitness Memory and the Social Science Research
Fact and Fiction: The Role of Super PACs in the 2012 Elections
Farmer Oral History Al Turnbull Part 1
Farmer Oral History Al Turnbull Part 2
Farmer Oral History Brian Donato
Farmer Oral History Clifton Waller Barrett
Farmer Oral History Ernest Gellhorn
Farmer Oral History Faculty Discussion of Dean Paulson
Farmer Oral History Judgers Conference
Farmer Oral History Justice Lewis Powell
Farmer Oral History Larry Wenger
Farmer Oral History Leon Radzinowicz
Farmer Oral History Margaret G. Seiler
Farmer Oral History Peter Manson
FBI Director Robert Mueller at UVA Law
Finding Your Voice in Law School: Mastering Classroom Cold Calls and Other Verbal Challenges
Firearms, Mental Illness and the Law, with Jeffrey Swanson
Flag Burning and Free Speech: Inside the Classroom with Professor Frederick Schauer
Free Speech in the 21st Century with Professor Leslie Kendrick
Gifts as Potentially Taxable Income, Inside the Classroom with Professor George Yin
Giving College Athletes Their Due with Sonny Vaccaro
Health Law at the University of Virginia School of Law
Holt v. Hobbs: UVA Law Prof. Douglas Layock Talks About Arguing the Case
How Constitutional Ideas Travel
How Young Associates Can Find Happiness in Firm Practice, with James D. Pagliaro
Human Rights Career Panel at UVA Law
ICE's Homeland Security Mission: A Delicate Balance, with Peter Vincent '95
Imperial from the Beginning: The Constitution of the Original Executive, with Saikrishna Prakash
Inside the World Court," with Judge Joan Donoghue
Judge Paul Michel on the U.S. Patent System, UVA Law School Symposium
Judicial Inactivism, with Former ACLU President Nadine Strossen
Justice? Unlikely!" with Justice Cleo Powell, Supreme Court of Virginia
Karl Racine '89, Attorney General for the District of Columbia, Discusses His Career Path
Law School Exam Tips, with Professor Anne Coughlin (2011)
Legal History Book Panel on UVA Law Professor Risa Goluboff's Vagrant Nation
Legal Innovation and the Progress of Law, with Professor John Duffy
Life at UVA Law
Lillian Stone Distinguished Lecture in Environmental Policy lecture with Kathryn Fuller
Linda Fairstein '72 Speaks on her Career as a Prosecutor
Magna Carta: 800 Years After Runnymede
Magna Carta: 800 Years After Runnymede with Professor A. E. Dick Howard
Marcia Coyle Delivers the Henry J. Abraham Distinguished Lecture at UVA Law
Mark Stancil 99 Discusses the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic
Marked by 10 Years of Success, Law & Business Program Named in Honor of Venture Capitalist John Glynn '65
Marriage and Family Law: A Decade of Change with UVA Law Professor Kerry Abrams
Moral Dialogue in the Law School Classroom
Morris Dees, Founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Speaks at UVA Law
Must Government Ignore Racial Inequality? with Professor Kim Forde-Mazrui
National Security Law, with UVA Law Professor Ashley Deeks
NFL Players Association Head DeMaurice Smith on Sportsmanship in Professional Sports
Nina Morrison Discusses Michael Morton Case at UVA Criminal Law Symposium
Nonprofit Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law
Oral Advocacy Workshop for Women, with Professor Molly Shadel (An Excerpt)
Panel on Professor G. Edward White's Book Law in American History
Part 2 UVA Law Judges School
Peggy Nicholson 11 Awarded Powell Fellowship
Poverty as Disability: Neuroscience, Poor Children and Special Education
Private Military Contractors and the Fight for Accountability for Human Rights Abuses
Professor Andrew Block on the Program in Law and Public Service
Professor Anne Coughlin Discusses the Molly Pitcher Project
Professor John Duffy Remembers Justice Antonin Scalia
Professor Jon Cannon on Environment in the Balance
Professor Tomiko Brown-Nagin on "Courage to Dissent" at UVA Law Alumni Weekend 2011
Pursuing Justice for Juveniles: The Child Advocacy Clinic at UVA Law
Real Options, Natural Resources and Offshore Oil with Professor Michael Livermore
Reflections on 50 Years at UVA Law with A. E. Dick Howard
Reforming Sentencing Reform: 3 Simple Fixes for Federal Over-Incarceration, with John Gleeson '80
Religious Liberty and the Culture Wars, with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock
Retirement Ceremony for Professor Larry Walker of the University of Virginia School of Law
Retiring Professor David Martin Reflects on His Time at UVA Law
Retiring Professor Jeffrey O'Connell Speaks at Alumni Weekend
Retiring Professor Michael Dooley Speaks at Alumni Weekend
RFK Remembered
Richard D. Gilliam Interview
Richard Hasen on the State of Election Law After the 2012 Election
Rising: The Rebuilding of the World Trade Center, with William E. Baroni Jr. '98
Robert Pozen on Corporate Governance
SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher on Financial Regulation
Serial and UVA Law's Innocence Project
Staci Riordan Delivers Keynote at UVA Law Fashion Law Symposium
The Arab Spring and the Future of the Arab World, with Ahmad Masa'deh LL.M. '92
The Capitalist Dilemma: Disruptive Technology in a Recovering Economy, with Clayton Christensen
The Changing Face of Immigration Enforcement with Doris Meissner
The Criminal Procedure Revolution, Inside the Classroom with Professor Risa Goluboff
The Entrepreneurial Law Clinic at UVA Law
The Fight to Fight: Eliminating the Ban on Women in Combat
The Final Days of Martin Luther King Jr. with Julian Bond and Michael Cody '61
The Force of Law: UVA Law Professor Frederick Schauer on His New Book
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, with UVA Law Professor Molly Shadel
The Four Women Justices, with Slate's Dahlia Lithwick
The Importance of Civil Procedure for Access to Justice with Professor A. Benjamin Spencer
The Innocence Project at the University of Virginia School of Law
The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation
The Law & Business Program, with Professor Andrew Vollmer
The Law of Nations as Constitutional Law, Virginia Law Review Centennial Symposium Panel
The Law of Politics: Under Siege and In Transition, with Robert Bauer '76
The Law of Property: Inside the Classroom with Professor Alex Johnson
The Ministerial Exception Case — And Virginia Law Faculty Arguments in the Supreme Court
The Morality of Limits on Pharmaceutical Patents, with UVA Law Professor Margo Bagley
The Promise and Limits of Presidential Action on Climate Change, with Robert Sussman
The Prosecution Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law
The Public Speaking Program at Virginia Law
The Rhetoric of the 2012 Presidential Primary with Professor Robert Sayler
The Role of the Supreme Court
The Softball Invitational at UVA Law
The Struggle Over Secret Disclosures, with Ron Suskind and Kurt Wimmer
Tips for Law School Success
Tips for Law School Success for Women
Too Big to Jail: UVA Law Professor Brandon Garrett Talks About His New Book
Too Big to Jail? A Student Scholarly Lunch with UVA Law Professor Brandon Garrett
Town of Greece v. Galloway with UVA Law Professor Douglas Laycock
Transactional Law Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law
Trevor Potter 82 on Campaign Finance, Election Law and the Colbert Report
U.S. Attorney Heaphy Delivers Keynote at Conference on Public Service and the Law
U.S. Presidency Was Imperial from Start, UVA Law Professor's Book Reveals
University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan Speaks at UVA Law Alumni Weekend, April 30, 2011
University of Virginia School of Law 2011 Commencement
University of Virginia School of Law 2012 Commencement
University of Virginia School of Law 2013 Graduation
University of Virginia School of Law 2014 Graduation
University of Virginia School of Law 2015 Commencement
Using Technology to Teach Leonard v. Pepsico
UVA Finals 2016: Paul Mahoney Delivers Keynote Address
UVA Law Class of 2016 Orientation Speaker Sarah Borders
UVA Law Class of 2017 Orientation Speaker Warren Gorrell ’79
UVA Law Corporate Governance Talk with Former Delaware Chief Justice Myron T. Steele '70
UVA Law Dean Paul Mahoney Discusses Book Wasting a Crisis
UVA Law Dean Paul Mahoney Recaps 2015-16 Academic Year
UVA Law National Security Law Career Panel
UVA Law Professor Darryl Brown Discusses New Book, Free Market Criminal Justice
UVA Law Professor G. Edward White Discusses Law in American History, Vol. II
UVA Law Professor Micah Schwartzman Discusses New Book The Rise of Corporate Religious Liberty
UVA Law Professor Risa Goluboff Discusses Vagrant Nation
UVA Law Professors Discuss Exam Strategies
UVA Law School 2016 Commencement
UVA Law Students Celebrate Diversity Week 2015
UVA Law's Intellectual Property Program, with Professor John Duffy
UVA Law's Supreme Court Litigation Clinic Preps for Henderson v. U.S.
Virginia Assistant Attorney General Michelle Welch Discusses Animal Cruelty Laws at UVA Symposium
Virginia Law Community Members Sign Diversity Pledge
Welcome to Charlottesville
What Every Lawyer Should Know About Client Relationships, with Jim Donovan of Goldman Sachs