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MSS 90-1

Docket Book from Steuben County, New York, 1828 - 1830


Manuscript. Docket book of cases possibly heard in Steuben County, New York, 1829-1830 and some loose documents.

1793-1922 [Inclusive]
10 items

Scope & Contents

This docket book kept from 1828 to 1830 records cases heard in an unknown, but possibly Steuben County, court. Entries include names of plaintiffs and defendants; dates of actions; final dispositions; and fees, damages and court costs. Most of the cases were decided for the plaintiffs. There were a few trials held at Harpending’s Inn, and a few were appealed. The towns named in the cases were located in Steuben County during the early nineteenth century; they are now in Schuyler County. The book belonged to the Cook family who kept farm accounts in the back during the 1830’s.

Collection Description

    Immediate Source of Acquisition

    This book was purchased for $300 at Kane Antiquarian Auction.

itemDocket book, 1828-1830MSS 90-1
itemALS, Sam’l W. Stockton (Trenton) to Messers Andrew Kennedy and Co. (Philadelphia), 1793 March 9MSS 90-1
itemHandwritten Answer in Chancery, Thomas James and wife v. Alexander Henderson and others, 180? May 23MSS 90-1
itemADS, Certificate of naturalization for Benjamin Palmer signed by John Sidell, clerk of the Justices Court of the city and county of New York, and (on 1813 March 15) verified by the signatures of two justices of that court, John Ferguson and Thomas HerttelMSS 90-1
itemHandwritten Indenture signed by William and Ann Douglas of the City of Washington and witnessed by Vincent King and Gilbert L. Giberson, 1841 May 15MSS 90-1
itemAffidavit signed by Vincent King and Gilbert L. Giberson, Justices of the Peace, Washington County, District of Columbia, 1841 May 15MSS 90-1
itemHandwritten copy of Philadelphia County prison record of William Scott, 1853 October 24MSS 90-1
itemALS, D[avid] Meriwether [Govenor of the Territory of New Mexico] to Mr. Lemuel Blake (Boston), 1854 July 27MSS 90-1
itemALS, W. R. Drinkard (Acting Secretary of War, Washington) to M. D. Phillips (Henrietta, New York), 1857 October 30MSS 90-1
itemDocument granting power of attorney, signed by E. P. Schuneman, 1863 September 30MSS 90-1
itemALS, Charles Belden (Librarian of the Public Library of the City of Boston) to Howes Norris, Jr. answering a reference question, 1922 March 28MSS 90-1