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MSS 07-2

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 1910 Collection of Historical Photographs


Bureau of Chemistry copies of photographs from 1910 and one memorandum.

1910 [Inclusive]
33 items

Scope & Contents

This small collection of photographs of the Bureau of Chemistry (now FDA) consists of 33 reproductions of historical photos, taken in 1910, of employees and people who were in charge of different departments of what was then called the Bureau of Chemistry. In addition to the collection, there is a Memorandum to the FDA Leadership Council (2006?) about the centennial anniversary, with some historical facts and photocopies of past commemorative documents.

This small collection of photographs was donated to Special Collections by Prof. Richard Merrill in July 2007.

Collection Description

item1. Bureau of Chemistry, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item2. Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, Chemist and Chief of Bureau, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item3. Dr. F. L. Dunlap, Associate Chemist, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item4. Dr. W. D. Bigelow, Assistant Chief of Bureau and Chief of Division of Foods, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item5. Food Inspection Laboratory. L. M. Tolman, chief: A. L. Sullivan, C. D. Phillips, C. J. Durham, F. D. Lucas, L. M. Tolman, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item6. Food Inspection Laboratory. L. M. Tolman, chief: W. E. Hillyer, A. L. Sullivan, J. I. Palmore, L. C. Mitchell, W. C. Taver, R. C. Kent, E. H. Goodnow, M. Boyle, H. E. Sawyer, A. M. Doyle, and L. M. Tolman, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item7. Food Technology Laboratory. E. M. Chace, chief: A. R. Albright, E. M. Chace, C. P. Wilson, and L. B. Burnett , 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item8. Oil, Fat and Wax Laboratory. H. S. Bailey, chief, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item9. Research Laboratory. Dr. W. D. Bigelow, chief: A. L. Dawson, P. B. Dunbar, F. W. Liepsner, and Dr. W. D. Bigelow , 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item10. Investigations in the Chemistry and Technology of Fruits. H. C. Gore, chief: H. C. Gore, O. E. F. Gersdorff, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item11. Division of Drugs. L. F. Kebler, chief, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item12. Drug Inspection Laboratory. G. W. Hoover, chief: F. Morgan, F. M. Sayles, E. O. Eaton, G. W. Hoover Standing: B. H. Horstein, F. C. Merrill, C. E. Parker, H. E. Murray, V. K. Chestnut, H. C. Fuller, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item13. Synthetic Products Laboratory. W. D. Emery, chief: Rex Shiveley, L. B. Mears, W. O. Emery, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item14. Essential Oils Laboratory. L. F. Kebler, chief: L. F. Kebler, E. K. Nelson, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item15. Pharmacological Laboratory. Wm. Salant, chief: I. K. Phelps, Wm. Salant, W. P. Childress, J. B. Rieger, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item16. W. G. Campbell, Chief Food and Drug Inspector, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item17. J. K. Haywood, Chief of Miscellaneous Division, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item18. Water Laboratory. W. W. Skinner, chief: P. J. Fox, J. W. Sale, D. C. Dyer, W. W. Skinner, J. B. Reed and W. D. Collins, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item19. Cattle, Food and Grain Laboratory. G. L. Bidwell, chief: C. O. S. Gallant, G. E. Goodrich, H. L. Walter, G. L. Bidwell, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item20. Insecticide and Fungicide Laboratory. C. C. McDonnell, chief: R. C. Roark, W. D. Lynch, G. P. Walton, C. C. McDonnell, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item21. Trade Wastes Laboratory. J. K. Haywood, chief: W. D. Lynch, J. K. Haywood, C. S. Moore, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item22. Contracts Laboratory. P. H. Walker, chief: F. W. Smithe, H. C. Mc.Neill, H. A. Whitman, E. W. Boughton, L. Feldstein, E. M. Dawson Jr., P. H. Walker, A. S. Thatcher, G. O. Schmidt, J. H. Bower, W. Ellison, L. H. Bailey, P. Perrone, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item23. Dairy Laboratory. G. E. Patrick, chief: J. T. Kerster, W. J. Morgan, V. E. Brown, J. G. Riley, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item24. Leather and Paper Laboratory. E. P. Veitch, chief: F. P. Veitch, C. F. Sammet, E. O. Reed, C. F. Spea, J. L. Merrel, J. S. Rogers, M. G. Denk, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item25. Microchemical Laboratory. B. J. Howard, chief: B. J. Howard, K. G. Barber, W. J. Young, C. H. Stephenson, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item26. Sugar Laboratory. A. H. Bryan, Chief: C. G. Church, A. H. Bryan, M. N. Straughn, A. Given, D. R. Forbes, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item27. Nitrogen Section. T. C. Trescot, in charge: J. L. Jenkins, T. C. Trescot, A. W. Broamell, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item28. Physiological Chemistry (animal). F. C. Weber, in charge: F. C. Weber, H. S. Paine, F. C. Cook, H. W. Houghton, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item29. Physiological Chemistry (vegetable). J. A. LeClerc, in charge: B. R. Jacobs, G. C. Spencer, E. S. McCarthy, E. H. Walters, J. E. Breazeale, G. H. Easton, J. A. LeClerc, W. M. Morrison, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item30. Bacteriological Chemistry. G. W. Stiles, in charge: M. Jenkins, C. Bates, E. L. Wilcox, G. W. Stiles, A. Brodie, A. Le Fevere, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item31. Group Photograph, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
item32. Photo of a building. Possible Bureau of Chemistry, 1910MSS 07-2, Box 1
fileDepartment of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service Food and Drug Administration Memorandum [re Centennial Anniversary], 2006MSS 07-2, Box 1