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MSS 92-1

Giusticiati [Italian manuscript with list of persons condemned to death in Venice], 726-1804


Italian manuscript with list of executions in Venice, 727-1804.

726-1804 [Inclusive]
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Scope & Contents

This list of 1068 names of Venetians who were executed from 726 to 1804 contains name, the date of execution, crime, and method of execution. Relatively few executions are listed until the late sixteenth century, and almost half of the total listed in this document occurred in the seventeenth century. Crimes included conspiracy, rebellion, treason, theft, forgery, usury, homicide, sodomy, aggression and disturbing the peace. Death was usually by hanging or beheading but occasionally included torture and/or display of bodies.

The writer of this manuscript and the source of information are unknown. The entire manuscript is in Italian.

Collection Description

    Immediate Source of Acquisition

    This manuscript was purchased from D & E Lake Ltd. in February of 1992.

itemGiusticiati: Italian Manuscript List of Persons Condemned to Death in Venice, 726-1804, 726-1804MSS 92-1