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MSS 08-3

The Papers of Earle K. Shawe


Professional files that relate to labor management relations, and personal memorabilia.

1938-2003 [Inclusive]
4 Linear Feet (9 archival boxes, plus some oversized materials.)

Scope & Contents

The papers of Earle K. Shawe consist primarily of memoranda and case briefs from Shawe & Rosenthal, some business and personal correspondence, newspapers clippings, and scrapbooks. Also included are some photographs, date books, and address book.

The Law Library received and addendum to this collection that consists of letters and postcards that Mr. Shawe sent to his brother while he was a law student at the University of Virginia.

Collection Description

    Biographical / Historical

    Earle K. Shawe graduated from the University of Virginia in 1934, and proceeded to become one of the first attorneys at the National Labor Relations Board. After serving as the Chief Law Officer for the Board's 5th Region, Shawe stepped down in 1947 to start his own private practice in Baltimore, Maryland. Specializing in Labor and Employment Law, Shawe & Rosenthal rose to prominence after numerous notable cases, including a 1947 filing of the first unfair labor practice charge against a union under the Taft-Hartley Act.

    Shawe gave generously to the University of Virginia Law School, establishing in the early 1990s the Earle K. Shawe Labor Relations Award, a monetary award that is given to the graduating student who shows the greatest promise of becoming a successful practitioner in the field of labor relations. In 2008, he donated materials from his career at Shawe & Rosenthal as a labor and employment lawyer. This collection was donated to the Law School Archives in 2008. It is organized into four parts: correspondence, professional materials, memoranda, and case briefs.

    He is recognized as one of the first attorneys in the country to specialize in all areas of labor relations under the National Labor Relations Act, including union avoidance, union elections, collective bargaining, unfair labor practice charges, and union grievance matters. As one of the original attorneys at the National Labor Relations Board, Earle served in several positions, including the Chief Law Officer for the Board’s 5th Region. While at the Board, Earle tried cases throughout the country, often involving issues of first impression. Upon leaving the Board in 1947, Earle founded the Firm that became Shawe Rosenthal, LLP. Beginning with the filing in 1947 of this country’s first unfair labor practice charge against a union under the Taft-Hartley Act, Earle was instrumental in the firm’s development of a national practice representing management in all areas of labor relations. Earle’s interest in, and zealous commitment to, his firm’s clients and the furtherance of management’s interests in employee relations is nationally recognized and explains the roots of Shawe Rosenthal, LLP’s, continued growth in the successful representation of employers in significant local and national labor relations matters. Earle's contribution to the development of labor law was not limited to his activities on behalf of his firm's clients. He also wrote, spoke, and testified as to the concerns of management in regard to its relations with employees. He was similarly active in city, state, and national bar and professional associations. His accomplishments in the field of labor law were recognized by his election as a Fellow of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers in 1999.

    Earle K. Shaw died June 30, 2017, aged 104.

    Immediate Source of Acquisition

    The Papers of Earl K. Shawe were received in the fall of 2008 and in July 2017. The addendum was donated by his daughter.

fileCorrespondence - EKS Profile. Correspondence and materials concerning the Sunpapers report conducted by Nick Yangus regarding Earle K. Shawe's background, character and practice of labor law. Included are the names of individuals suggested as references ,MSS 2008-3, Box 1
seriesAddendum to the Papers of Earle K. Shawe [a], 1930-1934MSS 2008-3a, Box 1
fileCorrespondence - Earle K. Shawe Re: Newspaper Submissions & Articles. Correspondence with newspaper editors and clients regarding his article submissions on labor topics, 1989-1990MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileCorrespondence - Letters of Recommendation. Correspondence regarding letters of recommendation Earle K. Shawe had written, 1990-1991MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileCorrespondence - Thank you letters from clients for services rendered by Shawe & Rosenthal, 1962-1982MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileMaterials - EKS Profile. Correspondence and newspaper clippings regarding the 1967 Tug Boat Strike, 1981MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileCorrespondence - Letters of congratulations, 1962-1985MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileMaterials - EKS Profile - Miscellaneous. Assorted biographical materials including speeches, articles, and memos regarding Earle K. Shawe's profile and career, 1981MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileList - Cases in Progress. Lists each case currently being worked on by each attorney in Shawe & Rosenthal, 1982MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileMaterials - Agendas, Statements, Reports, Pamphlets, Memoranda, Case Filings. [Collection of miscellaneous agendas, statements, reports, pamphlets, memoranda, case filings], 1975 - 2003MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileMaterials - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Articles, correspondence, and statements by Shawe & Rosenthal regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act and its ramifications , 1991MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileMaterials - Daniel Keith Ludwig. Newspaper articles regarding Shawe & Rosenthal's client Daniel Keith Ludwig, the world's leading shipping magnate. Included is an article regarding the N.L.R.B.'s dismissal of a case involving bargaining unit elections andMSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileMaterials - MD Commissioner of Labor and Industry Position. Correspondence, resumes, and recommendations by Earle K. Shawe on behalf of Henry Segal to succeed Harvey Epstein as Maryland Commissioner of Labor and Industry, 1983-03MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileMaterials - Maryland Teachers Labor Negotiations. [Speech and newspaper clippings regarding Maryland Teachers' Labor Contract Negotiations] , 1975-12 - 1976-05MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileMaterials - Shawe & Rosenthal [Pamphlets, speeches and profiles of the Shawe & Rosenthal Law Firm], 1996, n.d.MSS 2008-3, Box 1
fileNewspaper clippings, 1938, 1983MSS 2008-3, Box 2
fileNewspapers - Miscellaneous clippings - Re: Earle K. Shawe / Shawe & Rosenthal, 1947-2004, n. d.MSS 2008-3, Box 2
fileNewspapers - Personal articles of interest, 1963-1992MSS 2008-3, Box 2
fileNewspapers - Miscellaneous clippings - Cases & Laws. [Newspapers clippings regarding legal cases and labor laws], 1976-2003MSS 2008-3, Box 2
fileS & R - Summary of Credentials - Re: Hospitals, etc. Three "Summary of Credentials" documents prepared for Dorchester General Hospital Inc. (2 versions) and Anne Arundel Medical Center (1 version), n.d.MSS 2008-3, Box 2
fileMaterials - S & R 30th Anniversary for EKS. [Correspondence, notes, receipts and guest list for Earle K. Shawe's 30th Anniversary Party held at Woodholme County Club on September 24, 1977] , 1977-09-24MSS 2008-3, Box 2
fileShawe Rosenthal LLP 60th Anniversary Celebration Booklet, 2007-09-26MSS 2008-3, Box 2
fileUniversity of Virginia School of Law Foundation. Correspondence primarily re: Earl K. Shawe Labor Award, Law School Foundation Capital Campaign and Earl K. Shawe Research Professorship Fund, 1985-2001MSS 2008-3, Box 2
fileCertificates. [United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit admission as an Attorney and Counselor (12-4-1951); American Bar Association Certificate of Membership (1-6-1956); S. A. M. Society for Advancement of Management membership ( 4-18-1963); MSS 2008-3, Box 2
fileScrapbook: Bermuda Hotel Dispute Inquiry, December 1975 - May 1977. [Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings], 1975-12 - 1977-05MSS 2008-3, Box 3
fileScrapbook: Bermuda Dispute 1979, July 1967, March - April 1979. [Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings regarding the Bermuda Hotel Labor Dispute in 1979], 1967-07, 1979-03 - 1979-04MSS 2008-3, Box 3
fileNewspapers - Bermuda Hotel Dispute March 1979 - July 1979. [Hotel Industry News, May 1979 (multiple copies), June/July 1979; The Workers Voice May 11, 1979, June 8, 1979, July 6, 1979; The Royal Gazette March 15, 1979, March 20, 1979, April 9, 1979, May 1MSS 2008-3, Box 3
fileScrapbook: United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE) vs. Local 1975 United Steel Workers of America (AFL-CIO) at The Lebanon Steel Foundry, October 1961 - January 1962. Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, union literature and companMSS 2008-3, Box 3
fileCollection of date books and address book. 1966- 1980, 1987, 1966-1980, 1987MSS 2008-3, Box 3
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Memorandum - 3A to 5MSS 2008-3, Box 4
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Memorandum - 6 to 27MSS 2008-3, Box 4
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Memorandum - 28 to 50MSS 2008-3, Box 5
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Memorandum - 51 to 80MSS 2008-3, Box 5
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Memoranudm - 81 to 109MSS 2008-3, Box 5
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Memorandum - 110 to 137MSS 2008-3, Box 6
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Memorandum - 138 to 171MSS 2008-3, Box 6
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Master Campaign FileMSS 2008-3, Box 6
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Case Briefs - B-1 to B-6MSS 2008-3, Box 7
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Case Briefs - B-7 to B-12MSS 2008-3, Box 7
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Case Briefs - B-13 to B-22MSS 2008-3, Box 7
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Case Briefs - B-23 to B-33MSS 2008-3, Box 8
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Case Briefs - B-34 to B-44MSS 2008-3, Box 8
fileShawe & Rosenthal - Case Briefs - B-45 to B-52MSS 2008-3, Box 8
fileOctober 1981; Shawe & Rosenthal - Master IndexMSS 2008-3, Box 8