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MSS 90-2

The Papers of Ernest L. Folk III


Professional consulting files related to corporation law and teaching files (1963-1989).

1963-1989 [Inclusive]
4.5 Cubic Feet (12 archival boxes)

Scope & Contents

The Folk collection is comprised of 12 boxes of professional files, working files concerning consulting work; drafts, notes, etc., for articles; and a few folders regarding his home in Ivy. There are 4 boxes of assorted teaching materials concerning law and the arts.

Collection Description

    Biographical / Historical

    A graduate of Roanoke College and of UVA Law School in 1958, Ernest Linwood Folk was a known scholar in the fields of corporate and securities law, as well as arts and entertainment law. At UVA, he earned both an LL.B. and M.A., and was a member of the editorial board of the <em>Law Review</em> and elected to the Order of the Coif. He joined the UVA law faculty after teaching at the law schools of the University of North Carolina and the University of South Carolina. He had previously been an attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, from 1956-59, as well as a visiting professor at Columbia, Michigan, and Duke law schools. He was a Reporter for the 1967 revision of the Delaware General Corporation Law, a statute governing more than half the nation’s Fortune 500 companies. From 1970 to 1976, he edited the <em>Securities Law Review</em>. As a professor at UVA, he taught such classes as Corporate Finance, Non-Profit Corporations, Business Planning, Law and the Visual Arts, Law and the Performing Arts, and Securities Regulation. He published <em>The Delaware General Corporation Law: A Commentary and Analysis</em>.

    Folk, who himself was wheelchair-bound, impacted the community by raising awareness of the issue of handicapped access, serving as Chairman of the University’s Handicapped Concerns Committee. In this role, he succeeded in obtaining from the Virginia General Assembly special appropriations to pay for handicapped access to sidewalks and special handicapped parking spaces throughout campus. When Folk died suddenly in 1989, the <em>Virginia Law Weekly</em> noted, “He will best be remembered by the student body as a friendly professor who made every effort to interact with his students.”

    Immediate Source of Acquisition

    This collection was donated to the Law School by the executor of his estate in March of 1990.

fileConsultation: Caplin, Drysdale, Lockwood , 1973MSS 90-2, Box 2
fileCary & Folk Casebook: Suggestions for Changes, 1965-1974MSS 90-2, Box 2
seriesCorporation Law
fileAmerican Law Institute: Correspondence, 1980MSS 90-2, Box 2
fileBar Review of Delaware, 1972-76MSS 90-2, Box 2
fileBar Review of Delaware, 1977-80MSS 90-2, Box 2
fileComparisons of Delaware and New York Model Acts, 1967-68MSS 90-2, Box 2
fileCorporation Service Company: Article on New Delaware Law, 1967MSS 90-2, Box 2
fileCorporation Service Company: Revision of "Red Book", 1967MSS 90-2, Box 2
fileCorporations: Successes and Failures of Prominent Businessmen, 1972-75MSS 90-2, Box 2
fileCumulative Voting: Memo to Willimon , 1965MSS 90-2, Box 2
fileDelaware Commentary, 1976-77MSS 90-2, Box 3
fileDelaware Corporation (DCL), 1977-78MSS 90-2, Box 3
fileDCL: Correspondence, 1979MSS 90-2, Box 3
fileDCL Revision: "The Folk Report", 1964MSS 90-2, Box 3
fileDCL Law Review Article, 1967-68MSS 90-2, Box 3
fileDCL: Publicity, 1967MSS 90-2, Box 3
fileDelaware Correspondence , 1968-75MSS 90-2, Box 4
fileDelaware Correspondence, 1971-72MSS 90-2, Box 4
fileDelaware Court of Chancery, 1980-1981MSS 90-2, Box 4
fileDelaware Incorporations, 1968MSS 90-2, Box 4
fileGeneral Corporation Law (GCL) Revisions: Correspondence and Minutes, 1964-67MSS 90-2, Box 4
fileGhana Partnership Article: Notes and Draft, 1963-66MSS 90-2, Box 5
fileLecture: Delaware Bar Association, 1967MSS 90-2, Box 5
fileMiscellaneous, 1972-75MSS 90-2, Box 5
fileSequestration, 1973-77MSS 90-2, Box 5
fileSequestration and Foreign Attachment Cases: Delaware, 1970MSS 90-2, Box 6
fileVirginia National Bank; Memo, 1973MSS 90-2, Box 6
fileCorrespondence, 1980-88MSS 90-2, Box 6
fileCorrespondence: Pulled from clipping files , 1972-84MSS 90-2, Box 6
fileCumulative List of Publications, 1964-73MSS 90-2, Box 6
fileFoundation Correspondence , 1964MSS 90-2, Box 7
fileGEICO Registration Statement, 1976MSS 90-2, Box 7
fileGeneral Housewares Corporation, 1974MSS 90-2, Box 7
fileGeneral Housewares Corporation: Gordon Erikson, 1977-78MSS 90-2, Box 7
fileGraduate Students, 1985-87MSS 90-2, Box 7
fileChamie Grandy, 1986-87MSS 90-2, Box 7
fileGreat Books, 1979MSS 90-2, Box 7
fileIvy Home: Reconstruction of Guest Room , 1982MSS 90-2, Box 7
fileIvy Home: Utility Charges, 1979-80MSS 90-2, Box 7
fileCary & Folk Casebook: Correspondence, 1969-1975MSS 90-2, Box 2
seriesLaw and the Visual Arts (LVA)
fileArt and the Law: Bibliography, 1980-81MSS 90-2, Box 8
fileArt and the Law: Surveillance File, 1981-83MSS 90-2, Box 8
fileArt and the Law: Education, Symposia, Books, Jobs, 1978-79MSS 90-2, Box 8
fileArts in Virginia, 1985-88MSS 90-2, Box 8
fileArt Law Correspondence, 1983-87MSS 90-2, Box 8
fileBibliographies, 1979, 1988MSS 90-2, Box 8
fileEdward Damich Correspondence, 1988MSS 90-2, Box 8
fileExam Samples, 1989MSS 90-2, Box 8
fileFine Art and Law: Student Assistants , 1980MSS 90-2, Box 8
fileLaw, Policy, Ethics, and Philosophy , 1988MSS 90-2, Box 9
fileLectures: Art of the High Renaissance in Rome, 1977MSS 90-2, Box 9
fileLectures: Italian Trecento , 1972MSS 90-2, Box 9
fileMerryman and Elsen: Chapter 7, 1988MSS 90-2, Box 9
fileMiscellaneous, 1981, 1988MSS 90-2, Box 9
fileOutlines, 1979-1980MSS 90-2, Box 9
fileOutline: Law and the Performing Arts, 1985MSS 90-2, Box 9
filePotential Guests and Speakers, 1974-85MSS 90-2, Box 9
fileProjected Course , 1980MSS 90-2, Box 9
fileSupplemental Materials, 1982-83MSS 90-2, Box 10
fileLVA Clipping Material: Entertainment Law, 1986-87MSS 90-2, Box 10
fileLVA Teaching Material: Volumes 2-4, 1987MSS 90-2, Box 10
fileLecture: Close Operations, 1967MSS 90-2, Box 10
fileLecture: Comparative Observations of DCL, 1967MSS 90-2, Box 10
fileLecture: Corporation in Modern Society , 1972-73MSS 90-2, Box 10
fileLecture: New Developments in Corporation Law, 1972MSS 90-2, Box 10
fileLecture: Review of Corporation Law Developments , 1973MSS 90-2, Box 11
fileHenry G. Manne: Corporations in Modern Society correspondence, 1972-73MSS 90-2, Box 11
fileMemo to William C. Brashares, 1976MSS 90-2, Box 11
fileMemo to Nizer Frim: DCL, Section 271, 1971MSS 90-2, Box 11
fileMerrill Lynch Case , 1977MSS 90-2, Box 11
fileMiscellaneous , 1981-82MSS 90-2, Box 11
fileNational Student Marketing, 1976MSS 90-2, Box 11
fileNew Home Landscaping, 1978-81MSS 90-2, Box 11
fileNew York Apartments, 1980MSS 90-2, Box 12
fileNew York Law Journal Article, 1977-78MSS 90-2, Box 12
fileNotes of Previous Research Assistants, 1980MSS 90-2, Box 12
fileOffice File, 1981-82MSS 90-2, Box 12
filePaul, Hastings, Janofsky, and Walker Consultation, 1977MSS 90-2, Box 12
fileRecommendation Letters, 1984-87MSS 90-2, Box 12
fileRohr Industries, Inc.: Opinion, 1973MSS 90-2, Box 12
fileSummer Research Grant, 1988MSS 90-2, Box 12
fileGabriel Vasquez; IFC Galleries, 1971MSS 90-2, Box 12
fileUniform Commercial Code, Section 8, 1972-76MSS 90-2, Box 12
fileCary & Folk Casebook: Chapter III, 1975MSS 90-2, Box 1
fileCary & Folk Casebook: Chapter II , 1975MSS 90-2, Box 1
fileCary & Folk Casebook: Chapter I, 1975MSS 90-2, Box 1
fileCary & Folk Casebook: Introductory Chapter, 1973-76MSS 90-2, Box 1
fileAvco Memoranda: Final Drafts, 1971MSS 90-2, Box 1
fileAirline Transportation of the Disabled, 1968-73MSS 90-2, Box 1
fileAmerican Association of Law Schools (AALS), 1982MSS 90-2, Box 1
fileAirlie House, 1975MSS 90-2, Box 1
fileAcademic Career, 1970-79MSS 90-2, Box 1
fileSouth Carolina Business Corporation Act of 1962. Notes and Recommendations for 1963 Technical Amendments Act. Draft., 1963-01-04MSS 90-2, Box 7