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MSS 85-13

The Papers of Frank W. McCulloch


Professional papers pertaining to labor law. This collection contains case files and annual reports from Public Review Board of the United Auto Workers (1971-1987); public employee rights; documents on the ILO and the United States S withdrawal from the organization; correspondence, miscellaneous files and published materials.

1971-1988 [Bulk]
42 Linear Feet (105 boxes)

Scope & Contents

This collection of papers documents Frank McCulloch’s extracurricular work in the field of labor law after his retirement from the NLRB. The collection is divided in the four series. Series I, the largest group (boxes 1-46 and 63-70) contains the case files he has kept as a member of the Public Review Board of the United Auto Workers, 1971-1987. Series II is comprised of files which record his work as a member of the Virginia Commission of Public Employee Rights from 1972 to 1976, as well as the aid he gave the Virginia Education Association in its attempt to get collective bargaining powers in the early 1970's. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Migrant Legal Action Program beginning in 1971, and the Series III files concerning that program extend from 1971 to 1984. Finally, in Series IV there are records dating from 1974 to 1983 regarding the Legal Services Corporation.

Collection Description

    Biographical / Historical

    Born in Evanston, Illinois, Frank Waugh McCulloch was the son of two lawyers, both of whom were active in civic and social causes. He attended Williams College, where he received his A.B. degree in 1926, and Harvard University, where he received his LL.B. in 1929. From 1930 to 1935 McCulloch worked by day for the Chicago firm of Sonnenschein, Berkson, Lautmann, Levinson & Morse, and in the evenings he did social settlement work in the Chicago Commons. From 1935 to 1946, he was the Industrial Relations Secretary for the Council for Social Action of the Congregational Christian Churches of America at its Chicago office. In 1940 he was appointed director of the James Mullenbach Industrial Institute, a joint project of the Chicago Congregational Union and the Council for Social Action, for which he worked until 1946. In addition, McCulloch was active in a great variety of organizations, including the Chicago Chapter of the League For Industrial Democracy, the North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy, the Union for Democratic Action, the Executive Committee of Americans for Democratic Action, the Conscientious Objector's Information and Service Bureau, the Chicago Workers Committee on Unemployment, the American Society for Cultural Relations with Russia, and the Mid-West Institute of International Relations.

    In 1946 he became director of the Labor Education Division of Roosevelt University, a position he resigned in 1949 in order to become an administrative assistant to U.S. Senator Paul H. Douglas of Illinois. He held this post until President John F. Kennedy appointed him Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board in 1961, and Lyndon B. Johnson reappointed him to a second term. A firm believer in industrial democracy, McCulloch remained in his position at the NLRB for ten years and then joined the law faculty at the University of Virginia. His courses included Labor Law and Labor Law in Action. From 1971 to 1988 he served on the Public Review Board of the United Auto Workers. In 1972 he became a member of the Virginia Commission on Public Employee Rights, serving for four years. In 1974 he was appointed to succeed former Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren on the Committee of Experts of the International Labor Organization, a United Nations agency, where he served until 1985. For ten years, starting in 1977, he was a member of the Albemarle County Industrial Development Authority. He died in 1996.

    Immediate Source of Acquisition

    This collection was given to the Law School by Frank W. McCulloch in June of 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1993, and 1996.

seriesThe Papers of Frank W. McCulloch
subseriesSub-series I: Public Review Board of the United Automobile Workers (U. A.W.) Labor Relations Review Board (boxes 1-46)
file#190: Hopkins--appeals processing of grievance and disposition of charges, 1969MSS 85-13, Box 1
file#290: Coleman--election complaint, 1973-74MSS 85-13, Box 1
file#293: Riley--election complaint, 1972MSS 85-13, Box 1
file#294: Beck--election complaint, 1971-73MSS 85-13, Box 1
file#295: Dietrich--charges local president with constitution violation, 1972-73MSS 85-13, Box 1
file#299: Tanzella--transcript of appeal hearing re two grievances, 1972MSS 85-13, Box 1
file#301: Nickell--appeals handling of grievance re termination, 1973-74MSS 85-13, Box 1
file#313: Liddell--challenges action of the International Executive Board [IEB] declaring ratified a collective bargaining agreement rejected by skilled trades workers as in contravention of the constitution, 1973-74MSS 85-13, Box 1
file#322: Badura --appeals settlement of grievance protesting discharge, 1974-76MSS 85-13, Box 2
file#328: DeLorenzo--appeals termination as International representative, 1974MSS 85-13, Box 2
file#330: Folts and Boyle--appeals two-year suspension of membership, 1973-74MSS 85-13, Box 2
file#349: Dawkins--transcript of appeal hearing re grievance concerning a transfer, 1974MSS 85-13, Box 2
file#350: Myers--appeals Local decision to deny reimbursement for mileage to Union meetings, 1974-75MSS 85-13, Box 2
file#361: Ferrar--appeals grievance with staff council, 1975MSS 85-13, Box 2
file#363: Williams--whether member properly pursued his intra-union remedy, 1977MSS 85-13, Box 2
file#367: Johns--dispute concerning membership as well as proper forum for appeal, 1975MSS 85-13, Box 2
file#369: Mey and Fulton--appeals denial of election protest, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 2
file#370: Short --election complaint, 1975-77MSS 85-13, Box 3
file#373: Gonzalez--appeals IEB decision to remove G from position as committeeman, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 3
file#374: White, Larry --appeals decision re challenge of legality of seniority agreement, 1970MSS 85-13, Box 3
file#376: Jackson and Pettigrew--ethical practices complaint, 1976-78MSS 85-13, Box 3
file#377 & 378: Hughey, Greenleaf and Del Vecchio--election complaint, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 3
file#379: Sparks--election complaint , 1976MSS 85-13, Box 3
file#380: Sims--election protest, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 3
file#381: Kibler--challenges withdrawal and settlement of several grievances, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 4
file#382: Tanzella--appeals several grievances, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 4
file#383: Callaway --appeals rejection of claim that contract between North American Rockwell and UAW violated Union constitution, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 4
file#384: Derryberry--election complaint, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 4
file#385: Boyle--appeals conviction on charges of conduct unbecoming a Union member [see also #330], 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 4
file#386: Davis, Basil--appeals decision re his charges against another member, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 4
file#387: Fisher--challenges Local procedure used to formulate collective bargaining, 1976MSS 85-13, Box 4
file#388: Reid--election complain, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 5
file#389: Strong--appeals dismissal of her charges against another member, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 5
file#390: Northrup--appeals removal as health and safety representative and rejection of his charges against Union officers, 1975-77MSS 85-13, Box 5
file#391: Jongeling--appeals rejection of claim that Local negotiation of new classification discriminated against him, 1974-75MSS 85-13, Box 5
file#392: Bench--election complaint, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 5
file#393: Thomas--election protest, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 5
file#394: Smith--appeals IEB's refusal to allow him simultaneous membership in two locals and challenges action requiring him to verify earnings, 1976MSS 85-13, Box 5
file#395: Rea--appeals withdrawal of grievances re disciplinary layoff, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 5
file#396: Stevens--appeals rejection of claim that S was improperly barred from candidacy for union position, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 5
file#397: Sponder--appeals conviction for conduct unbecoming a Union member, i.e. working overtime during a membership meeting, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 5
file#398: Anthony--appeals disqualification from candidacy for Local committee, 1976MSS 85-13, Box 6
file#399: Shalaway--election protest, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 6
file#400: Hedrick--appeals charges of misconduct, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 6
file#401: Theriot--election protest, 1976MSS 85-13, Box 6
file#402: Bannier--appeals chargers of misconduct, 1976MSS 85-13, Box 6
file#404: Coleman--appeals withdrawal of grievance protesting discharge, 1974-77MSS 85-13, Box 6
file#405: Gallagher--appeals decision regarding charges G brought against a Local officer, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 6
file#406: Piper--challenges his removal from position as Local insurance representative, 1975-77MSS 85-13, Box 6
file#407: Thompson-- election complaint, 1975-77MSS 85-13, Box 7
file#409: Morris--challenges his collective bargaining agreement re overtime and the resulting impact on his union dues, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 7
file#408: Stogner--ethical practices complaint, 1974-79MSS 85-13, Box 7
file#410: Appeal of Local 658, U.A.W.--jurisdictional dispute with another Local, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 7
file#411: Maskey--appeals refusal to arbitrate grievance re reclassification, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 7
file#412: Pullman--appeals withdrawal of grievance re discharge, 1975-76MSS 85-13, Box 7
file#414: Valdiserri--appeals decision that charges of misappropriation of funds V brought against Local president were improper under constitution, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 7
file#415: Bennett--appeals denial of grievance re temporary layoffs, 1975-77MSS 85-13, Box 8
file#416: Sims--appeals decision re S's receiving unauthorized funds from Local, 1975-77MSS 85-13, Box 8
file#417: Golias--appeals misconduct charges, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 8
file#418: Sosnowski--ethical practices complaint, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 8
file#419: Balicki--challenges decision that charges brought against Local president were improper under constitution, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 8
file#420: Linamen--appeals decision re L's removal as committeeman, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 8
file#421: Miller--contests ruling that charges brought against Local officials were improper under constitution, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 8
file#422: Sparks--challenges vote of Local membership to stop monthly payments to retirees' chapter, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 8
file#423: Berard--challenges decision that charges brought against Local officer were improper under constitution , 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 8
file#424: Sosnowski--appeals finding that charges he brought against a committee chairman were improper under constitution, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 9
file#425: Arcaro--appeals decision to set aside his charges against a committeeman, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 9
file#426: Mosley--appeals handling of his discharge grievance, 1975-77MSS 85-13, Box 9
file#427: Lenz--appeals decision of Local to press grievance re promotion, 1971-78MSS 85-13, Box 9
file#428: Rink--appeals decision re discharge grievance, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 9
file#429: Moreland--contests finding that charges brought by M against Local officers violated constitution, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 9
file#430: Kibler--challenges decisions re withdrawal and settlements of his 13 grievances, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 9
file#431: Murray--ethical practices complaint, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 9
file#432: Gammon--challenges constitutionality of procedure for voting on new agreement with management, 1977MSS 85-13, Box 9
file#433: Valdiserri--appeals decision of IEB that charges brought against Local officer need not go before a trial committee, 1977MSS 85-13, Box 9
file#434: Spain--protests election, 1977MSS 85-13, Box 10
file#435: Forte--election complaint, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 10
file#436: Fugett--appeals decision not to arbitrate discharge grievance, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 10
file#437: Koren--appeals settlement of grievance alleging improper layoff, 1977MSS 85-13, Box 10
file#438: Cach--appeals settlement of layoff grievance, 1971-78MSS 85-13, Box 10
file#439: Billock and Williams--protests withdrawal of grievance re 30 layoffs, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 10
file#440: Sparks--appeals decision that charges filed against Local chairman were improper under constitution, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 10
file#441: Scott--election complaint, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 11
file#442: Davis--protests withdrawal of grievance, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 11
file#443: Wilson--appeals withdrawal of grievance, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 11
file#444: Basoa--contests decision that retired members be allowed to vote in elections, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 11
file#445: Gagnon--election protest, 1973-78MSS 85-13, Box 11
file#446: Schafke--appeals withdrawal of grievance, 1976-77MSS 85-13, Box 11
file#447: Roberts--appeals decision that charges brought against R by fellow members were proper for trial proceedings under constitution, 1975-77MSS 85-13, Box 11
file#448: Executive Board, Local 230 and Abernathy and Jimenez--appeals decision that charges brought by board against an officer were constitutionally insufficient, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 11
file#449: G.M. Unit of Local 222 v. Local 222, U.A.W.--appeals decision to withdraw Local's policy grievance from arbitration, 1977-79MSS 85-13, Box 12
file#450: Turner--challenges finding that charges filed against executive board members were constitutionally defective, 1976-79MSS 85-13, Box 12
file#451: Toth--challenges dismissal of his charges against Local officers, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 12
file#452: Brown--challenges Local's interpretation of bylaws re eligibility for office, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 12
file#453: Hughey--appeals decision that charges brought against fellow board member did not merit trial proceedings, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 12
file#454: Laughery--challenges ruling that a local trial committee's verdict cannot be appealed, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 12
file#455: Petts--challenges ruling that charges brought against Local chairman were improper under constitution, 1978MSS 85-13, Box 13
file#456: Lanane--appeals rejection of election irregularity claims, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 13
file#457: Goforth and Rush--ethical practices complaint, 1978MSS 85-13, Box 13
file#458: Slomeana and Haverkate--challenge dismissal of misconduct charges filed against Local officers, 1977-78MSS 85-13, Box 13
file#459: Leslie--challenges ruling regarding membership's action to increase convention expense allowance, 1978MSS 85-13, Box 13
file#460: Toth--ethical practices complaint, 1978MSS 85-13, Box 13
file#461: Mingo--appeals decision of membership to expel him for unbecoming conduct, 1975-79MSS 85-13, Box 13
file#462: Mc Gill--appeals withdrawal of grievance re discharge, 1978-79MSS 85-13, Box 14
file#463: Adams--appeals withdrawal of grievance re discharge, 1977-79MSS 85-13, Box 14
file#464: Kerik--challenges action of Local president sending substitute slate of delegates to council meeting, 1976-80MSS 85-13, Box 14
file#465: Mc Cue--appeals dismissal of charges against Local president, 1979MSS 85-13, Box 14
file#467: Jones--election protest, 1978-79MSS 85-13, Box 14
file#468: Post--election challenge, 1978-80MSS 85-13, Box 14
file#469: Faggiolo, Shank and Wright--election protest, 1978-79MSS 85-13, Box 14
file#470: Local 248 v. International Union, U.A.W.--claims members were denied strike benefits, 1978-80MSS 85-13, Box 14
file#471: Shanklin--election protests, 1979MSS 85-13, Box 15
file#472: Donovan--election protest, 1978-79MSS 85-13, Box 15
file#473: Chra--ethical practices complaint, 1978-79MSS 85-13, Box 15
file#474: Segal--appeals handling of his grievance re discharge, 1977-79MSS 85-13, Box 15
file#475: Bergez--seeks judgment re withdrawal of grievance concerning termination, 1978-80MSS 85-13, Box 15
file#477: Ferrell--Local member claims layoff priorities were negotiated by International in violation of constitution, 1979MSS 85-13, Box 16
file#478: Taylor--question of timely appeal, 1979MSS 85-13, Box 16
file#479: Conrow--appeals settlement of grievance re recall rights, 1978-80MSS 85-13, Box 16
file#480: Garrison--appeals withdrawal of grievance re upgrading less senior employee, 1979MSS 85-13, Box 16
file#481: Laughery, Daum and Thiele--allege unfair election practice, 1979MSS 85-13, Box 16
file#482: Webster--questions extension of terms of offices for committeemen and stewards, and claims his removal from committee chair was unlawful, 1978-81MSS 85-13, Box 16
file#484: Marinko--appeals withdrawal of grievance in protest of non-bargaining unit personnel operating certain vehicles, 1978-80MSS 85-13, Box 16
file#485 and 501: Wilson, Nels--ethical practices complaint and claim of rights violations, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 16
file#486: Stare--appeals denial of back pay for lost time while on Union business, 1978-79MSS 85-13, Box 16
file#487: Valdiserri --appeals decision by leadership not to enforce penalties voted by local membership in misappropriations case, 1978-79MSS 85-13, Box 17
file#488: Makara--election appeal, 1978-79MSS 85-13, Box 17
file#489: Wallace--election protest, 1975-80MSS 85-13, Box 17
file#490: Burke--appeals dismissal for failure to report for work, 1978-80MSS 85-13, Box 17
file#491: Koma--appeals withdrawal of grievances stemming from his disciplinary leave and eventual dismissal, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 17
file#492: Jenkins--appeals withdrawal of grievances stemming from his disciplinary layoff, 1978-80MSS 85-13, Box 17
file#493: Wagoner--appeals withdrawal of grievance stemming from layoff, 1978-79MSS 85-13, Box 17
file#494: Vance--election appeal, 1978-80MSS 85-13, Box 17
file#495: Poole--seeks review of settlement in jurisdictional dispute, 1980MSS 85-13, Box 17
file#496: Vance--protests removal as alternate committeeman, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 17
file#497: Creno--appeals union dismissal of grievance, 1979MSS 85-13, Box 18
file#498: Sosnowski--challenges local nullification of election for skilled trades delegate, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 18
file#499: Bergernon--seeks dismissal of charges against him for conduct unbecoming a union member, involving his photocopying and distribution of another employee's timecard, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 18
file#500: Balicki--charges local officials with misuse of funds, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 18
file#501: Wilson--charges denial of freedom of speech and right to participate in democratic decisions of the union, 1978-80MSS 85-13, Box 18
file#502: De Cluett--charges discrimination by local officials in the withdrawal of his grievance regarding overtime, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 18
file#503: Trapene --allege violation of Ethical Practices Codes by local union regarding an agreement which divested appellants of re-employment rights, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 18
file#504: Corrigan--appeals local's decision to dismiss charges he filed on grounds of untimeliness, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 18
file#505: McCue--charges that local president acted improperly in settling overtime grievance, 1980MSS 85-13, Box 18
file#506: St. Hilaire --appeals disciplinary action taken over attempts to change shifts, 1979-82MSS 85-13, Box 19
file#507: Pobanz--appeals withdrawal of grievance regarding his dismissal, which he maintains was due to his medical problems, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 19
file#508: Schmidt--charges officials responsible for his dismissal with improprieties, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 19
file#509: Local 412, unit 24 --unit appeals that local made a settlement with Chrysler without its consent and adverse to its interests, 1977-80MSS 85-13, Box 19
file#510: Hadley--appeals withdrawal of grievance for dismissal; he allegedly threatened supervisor, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 20
file#511: Darling--appeal of ratification vote, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 20
file#512: Crum--appeal of disciplinary layoff, 1979-81MSS 85-13, Box 20
file#513: Tanzella --election appeal, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 20
file#514: Bott--challenges decision by International to withdraw her grievance over dismissal, 1978-80MSS 85-13, Box 20
file#515: Salisbury--election appeal, 1980MSS 85-13, Box 20
file#516: Statuti--election appeal, 1980MSS 85-13, Box 20
file#517: Scariot--protests his removal as health and safety representative for local, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 20
file#518: Bynum--election appeal, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 20
file#519: McCue--claims he should be reimbursed for pay lost through change in overtime policy which local president approved, allegedly without authorization from members, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 21
file#520: Lawson--protests withdrawal of grievance over dismissal, 1980MSS 85-13, Box 21
file#521: Duarte--appeals his removal as benefit plans representative of local, 1974-81MSS 85-13, Box 21
file#522: Schriber--charges that another union member, whom he assaulted at a meeting, violated regulations by also filing a criminal complaint, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 21
file#523: Rivas--protests reprimand given him by union over allegation that he informed foreman that another employee was punching other employees' timecards for them, 1979-81MSS 85-13, Box 21
file#524: Allen--appeals withdrawal of his dismissal grievance by international; he had allegedly sabotaged the assembly line, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 21
file#525: Dew--appeals union's handling of his dismissal grievance; he was dismissed for returning late from lunch, and claims he should not have been classified as a probationary employee, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 21
file#526: Acker--alleges improper handling of his grievances, mostly related to how much work he was expected to complete in a day, 1980MSS 85-13, Box 21
file#527: McCreesh--complains of refusal to pursue grievance protesting the award of an upgrade job to a fellow employee, 1977-80MSS 85-13, Box 22
file#528: Guard--appeals withdrawal of grievance over his dismissal; he lost job due to refusal to perform assignments, absenteeism, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 22
file#529: Cehaich--appellant charges local's Design Staff Unit chairman with neglect of duties for failing to hold monthly meetings, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 22
file#530: Tanzella--election dispute, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 22
file#531: Stelmack--appellant, discharged for stealing company property, appeals dismissal of his grievance, 1979-81MSS 85-13, Box 22
file#532: Burgmayer--appeals withdrawal of grievance; he was given a disciplinary layoff for refusal to perform an assignment, 1978-81MSS 85-13, Box 22
file#533: Richardson--seeks to bypass local and international jurisdiction in making his ethical practices complaint regarding his suspension from local office; notes that he was the only local official suspended, and he was also the only black local officialMSS 85-13, Box 22
file#534: Lazaros--appeals settling of his grievance; he was discharged for threatening to kill a fellow employee, 1978-81MSS 85-13, Box 22
file#535: Dillion--redistricting complaint, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 22
file#536: Coubat--appeals decision not to arbitrate grievance; he was discharged for failure to follow instructions, 1979-81MSS 85-13, Box 23
file#537: Bruening--protests hiring of new employees while he was laid off, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 23
file#538: Howe--appeals disposition of grievance regarding reduction of his paycheck for alleged absence from his work station, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 23
file#539: Local Union 1520--seeks reimbursement from International for expenses incurred in strike, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 23
file#540: Zajaczkowski--appeals his layoff and allegedly improper transfer, 1979-81MSS 85-13, Box 23
file#541: Balicki--shift employees appeal that they were denied the representation of a chief steward, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 23
file#542: Brown--appellant charges that International improperly withdrew his grievance; he was denied seniority, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 23
file#543: Lowe--election protest, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 23
file#544: Toth--maintains that local union has set quorum requirements too high, 1980-83MSS 85-13, Box 23
file#545: Ethical Practices complaint of Frank Toth--charges local officials with spending union funds without authorization, 1977-82MSS 85-13, Box 24
file#546: Brown--charges International representative with making an unauthorized decision regarding health and welfare improvements, 1979-82MSS 85-13, Box 24
file#547: Gibbs--election dispute, 1973-82MSS 85-13, Box 24
file#548: Wirth--alleges local officials made false and malicious statements about him, 1981MSS 85-13, Box 24
file#549: Resnick --alleges improper handling of grievance; he was discharged for failure to report to work by a specific deadline, and claims local officials were biased against him for political reasons, 1971-81MSS 85-13, Box 24
file#550: Fletcher--appeals withdrawal of dismissal appeal; company discharged him for habitual tardiness, 1978-81MSS 85-13, Box 24
file#551: Gardner--charges improper handling of grievance; he was discharged for allegedly attempting to strike a supervisor, 1979-81MSS 85-13, Box 25
file#552: Smith--protests withdrawal of grievance; he was discharged for failure to report to work after expiration of sick leave, 1976-81MSS 85-13, Box 25
file#553: Wirth--protests that trial in which he was removed as local vice-president was unfair, 1979-83MSS 85-13, Box 25
file#554: Toth--charges several local officials with dereliction of duties, 1977-82MSS 85-13, Box 25
file#555: White--alleges his grievance was improperly withdrawn; he was discharged for fighting with his foreman, 1979-81MSS 85-13, Box 25
file#556: Burden--appeals his removal from local committee, 1979-82MSS 85-13, Box 25
file#557: Heams--election protest, 1980-82MSS 85-13, Box 25
file#558: Hade--charges that International's wrongful refusal to issue a journeyman's card caused him to be laid off, 1978-81MSS 85-13, Box 25
file#559: Laney--alleges that he and others were denied the right to free speech , 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 26
file#560: Tyree--argues that local should have pursued his grievance; he was discharged as physically incapable of performing his job, 1979-82MSS 85-13, Box 26
file#561: Tanzella--claims local ought to reimburse him for two days lost wages when he was acting as local president, 1975-82MSS 85-13, Box 26
file#562: Fields--appeals withdrawal of his grievance; new employees were allegedly hired while he was laid off, 1981MSS 85-13, Box 26
file#563: Beck--protests refusal to arbitrate his grievance; he was suspended for leaving his work station without authorization, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 26
file#564: Harrell--protests refusal to arbitrate his grievance; he was discharged for excessive absence, 1978-82MSS 85-13, Box 26
file#565: Local Union 699--appeals International Executive Board's actions regarding appeal of Rilous Perkins, 1981-82MSS 85-13, Box 26
file#566: Kilber--alleges improper handling of his grievance; claimed that company restrained him from performing his duties as a union steward, 1978-81MSS 85-13, Box 26
file#567: Broder--charges his grievance was improperly withdrawn; he was suspended for allegedly attempting to run over his supervisor with a truck, 1979-82MSS 85-13, Box 26
file#568: Guncsaga--protests withdrawal of grievance; he had charged that his recall rights had been ignored, 1980-82MSS 85-13, Box 27
file#569: Jenkins--protests union's refusal to arbitrate grievance; he was suspended by Caterpillar for breaking the lock on a toolbox, 1981-82MSS 85-13, Box 27
file#570: Keener--charges grievance was improperly withdrawn; he had been discharged for assaulting his supervisor, 1980-82MSS 85-13, Box 27
file#571: Wiitenen--protests withdrawal of grievance; he was discharged for striking his supervisor, 1981-82MSS 85-13, Box 27
file#572: Janicki--claims grievance was improperly processed; company officials had allegedly overlooked his seniority in his application for a transfer, 1979-82MSS 85-13, Box 27
file#573: Slawienski--election appeal, 1982MSS 85-13, Box 27
file#574: Seal--election dispute, 1981-82MSS 85-13, Box 27
file#576: Marzac--multiple appelants charge that management violated collective bargaining agreement in hiring a group of journeymen, 1979-82MSS 85-13, Box 27
file#577: Garrone--protests his removal as shop committeeman-at-large, 1980-83MSS 85-13, Box 27
file#578: Schmidt--protests withdrawal of grievance; he was discharged for taking tools home while unable to work due to injury, 1979-83MSS 85-13, Box 27
file#579: Head--appeals withdrawal of grievance; he was demoted for inability to perform at a higher job classification, 1979-82MSS 85-13, Box 28
file#580: Cox--protests withdrawal of grievance; layoff/seniority case, 1979-82MSS 85-13, Box 28
file#581: Local 145 v. International Executive Board--local appeals against international's decision to overturn local bylaw amendments, 1981-82MSS 85-13, Box 28
file#582: Delia--appeal of local trial committee's decision removing him as local president for misappropriation of funds, 1980MSS 85-13, Box 28
file#583: Schrade --appeal of UAW's decision to resume affiliation with the AFL-CIO, 1983MSS 85-13, Box 28
file#584: Leflore--election complaint, 1981-82MSS 85-13, Box 28
file#585: James--protests withdrawal of his grievance; he was terminated for sleeping on the job, 1978-82MSS 85-13, Box 29
file#586: Ramey --election appeal, 1981-82MSS 85-13, Box 29
file#587: Young--appeals withdrawal of grievance; he was terminated for failing to report to work within five days of expiration of medical leave, 1968-82MSS 85-13, Box 29
file#588: Stucker--challenges local's decision not to file a grievance over his layoff, 1982MSS 85-13, Box 29
file#589: Bagwell--appeal of local's decision to repeat election, although Bagwell won second election as well, 1981-82MSS 85-13, Box 29
file#590: Frank--appeal of decision not to process fully the grievance of painters' craft that application of whitener to grout should have been done by painters and not sweepers, 1977-82MSS 85-13, Box 29
file#591: Nestorak--appeal by electricians' craft of decision made in work classification dispute by the National Skilled Trades Department , 1981-82MSS 85-13, Box 29
file#592: Krajewski--protests withdrawal of grievance; he was discharged for punching other employees' timecards, 1978-82MSS 85-13, Box 30
file#593: Local Union 1200 v. International Executive Board--local appeals an administratorship imposed on it by the International Executive Board, 1982MSS 85-13, Box 30
file#594: Griffiths and Johnson --two appeals of one election, 1981-83MSS 85-13, Box 30
file#595: Local Union 72 v. International Union--appeal of ratification vote, 1981-83MSS 85-13, Box 30
file#596: Brandrow and Turoski--protests withrawal of grievance; appellants were laid off and allegedly not informed by company that they could take jobs in a lower classification, 1981-82MSS 85-13, Box 30
file#597: Campbell--appeals withdrawal of grievance; he was terminated for allegedly assaulting his supervisor, 1980-82MSS 85-13, Box 31
file#598: Rousseau--appeals decision by local to appease a senior employee by removing Rousseau from the skilled trades classification, 1973-82MSS 85-13, Box 31
file#599: Kollar--protests handling of his layoff grievance by local and international officials, 1973-82MSS 85-13, Box 31
file#600: Wirth--seeks reimbursement for attorney's fees stemming from his trial by local union on charges of conduct unbecoming a union member, 1980MSS 85-13, Box 31
file#601: Grubba--multiple appellants charge that UAW Chrysler Department violated their rights when it demanded that the company rescind "add-on compensation" awarded for critical skilled work, 1979-83MSS 85-13, Box 31
file#602: Jones--appeals dismissal of numerous charges which he pressed against local officials, 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 31
file#603: Amman and Linton--charges president of local retired workers' chapter with conduct unbecoming a union member for his handling of an election, 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 31
file#604: Taylor --claims compensation for two days he was acting local president , 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 31
file#605: Burgwald--multiple appellants protest local's handling of their grievance regarding layoff-related transfers, 1981-83MSS 85-13, Box 32
file#606: Cameron--challenges the composition of a local unit bargaining committee, 1981-83MSS 85-13, Box 32
file#607: Thompson--protests imposition of an administratorship on local, 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 32
file#608: Manford--challenges withdrawal of grievance over back pay, 1977-83MSS 85-13, Box 32
file#609: Dorash--election dispute involving alleged misuse of local union newspaper, 1979-83MSS 85-13, Box 32
file#610: Burns--election appeal, 1981-83MSS 85-13, Box 32
file#611: Conway--election dispute involving absentee ballots, 1983MSS 85-13, Box 32
file#612: Farrar--protests the dismissal of charges filed by him against local president for failure to enforce local bylaws and for improperly removing Farrar as chairman of the bylaws committee, 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 32
file#613: Jones--election appeal, 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 32
file#614: Kelsey--challenges propriety of article appearing in local union newspaper, 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 32
file#615: Mullins--concerns timeliness of charges made by appellant against another union member, 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 32
file#616: Berry and Berry--charge that local seniority agreement discriminates against tool machine operators, 1976-84MSS 85-13, Box 33
file#617: Farrar, Gromacki and Martin--appeal dismissal of charges they filed against local president for allowing items criticizing them to be published in the local union newspaper, 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 33
file#619: Coffey--appeals withdrawal of grievance; he was dismissed for allegedly stealing company property, 1981-83MSS 85-13, Box 33
file#620: Solano--protests withdrawal of grievance; he was dismissed for sleeping on the job, 1980-83MSS 85-13, Box 33
file#621: Longworthy--election dispute, 1981-83MSS 85-13, Box 33
file#622: Mc Cormick--multiple appellants challenge local union's interpretation of layoff/seniority agreement, 1983MSS 85-13, Box 33
file#623: Mc Kenzie--complaint that other union member was given special treatment in seniority question without the approval of the local union, 1976-84MSS 85-13, Box 33
file#624: Martin--charges local president with conduct unbecoming a union member in connection with his refusal to process election grievance, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 33
file#625: Thompson--challenges the prohibition of the issuance of pamphlets as part of an agreement which removed an administratorship from the local union [see #607 above], 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 33
file#626: Drake--protests handling of her grievance; she was discharged for failing to report to work punctually after a layoff, 1959-84MSS 85-13, Box 34
file#627: Barber--multiple appellants challenge disposition of grievance in which they questioned the qualifications of several employees classified as journeymen, 1974-83MSS 85-13, Box 34
file#628: Null--claims charges he made of misappropriation of union funds should have been submitted to a local trial committee, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 34
file#629: Toth--challenges withdrawal of his grievance; he was suspended for leaving work early, 1979-84MSS 85-13, Box 34
file#630: Uhelski--appeals that his resignation from local shop committee should be rescinded, as it was not submitted to the membership for a vote, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 34
file#631: Vicola, et. al.--appeal their removal from offices in local union after a merger of zones due to a reduction in force, 1972-83MSS 85-13, Box 34
file#632: Miller--multiple appellants claim that layoff/recall procedure for skilled trades was not properly adopted or, if so, was later rescinded, 1980-84MSS 85-13, Box 34
file#634: Foreman--charges local executive board member with improperly attacking him in a pamphlet; at issue is whether these charges are proper under the International Constitution, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 34
file#635: Patrick --claims that when a merger of zones takes place due to a reduction in force, new shop stewards should have been democratically elected, not appointed. Considered with #631, above, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 35
file#636: Lowhorn--alleges overtime grievance was improperly referred to International after it was upheld by local membership, 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 35
file#637: Trimm--charges local recording secretary failed to bring to membership's attention important correspondence from International Executive Board, 1982-83MSS 85-13, Box 35
file#638: Styler--appeals redistricting plan, 1981-84MSS 85-13, Box 35
file#639: Waegele--challenges his removal from and future disqualification for any Union office due to alleged misappropriation of funds, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 35
file#641: Compton--appeals dismissal of charges he made against local governing board for its refusal to order local skilled trades representative to hold proper skilled trades meetings, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 35
file#642: Helsel--appeals sanctions imposed for his alleged refusal to obey orders, 1981-84MSS 85-13, Box 35
file#643: Cooper--protests the withdrawal of his grievance protesting the promotion of a less senior employee, 1975-84MSS 85-13, Box 36
file#644: Beacham--same claim as #643, above, 1980-84MSS 85-13, Box 36
file#645: Damron--same claim as #643, above, 1980-84MSS 85-13, Box 36
file#646: Mc Natt and Smith--appeal settlement of grievance regarding the selection of new employees to man a new hot forming unit, 1980-84MSS 85-13, Box 36
file#647: Iyun--appeals dismissal of charges he filed against local president and another member; charges related to their actions in removing him as local EEO coordinator, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 36
file#648: Norman--charges local financial secretary with improperly hiring his son to work on a union Fun Fest, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 36
file#649: Buford--appeals disposition of grievance; he was fired for making several fraudulent applications for bereavement pay, 1944; 1983-85MSS 85-13, Box 36
file#650: Bullock--appeals disposition of grievance; he was reassigned to a different type of machine when his old machine was removed from plant, 1981MSS 85-13, Box 36
file#652: Smith--seniority dispute, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 36
file#653: Crouch--claims he was improperly removed as elected committeeman when local adopted a redistricting agreement, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 36
file#654: Alli--appeals his dismissal from union office due to alleged misappropriation of funds, 1978-84MSS 85-13, Box 37
file#655: Guthridge--appeals his dismissal from union office due to alleged misappropriation of funds, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 37
file#656: Bowers--appeals his dismissal from union office due to alleged misappropriation of funds, 1980-84MSS 85-13, Box 37
file#657: Tripp--appeals decision requiring him to reimburse union $1,014.41 for excess compensation he had received, 1980-84MSS 85-13, Box 37
file#658: Miller--election dispute, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 37
file#659: Toth--protests withdrawal of his grievance; he was suspended for leaving plant early, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 37
file#660: Carstensen--election dispute, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 37
file#661: Golden--claims his protest of his dismissal was improperly withdrawn; he was dismissed for leaving early and repeatedly driving against the flow of traffic in the plant area, 1981-84MSS 85-13, Box 38
file#662: Acker and Scarlett--the pair protest the withdrawal of their appeal concerning assignment of overtime work, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 38
fileCase #633: Acker--appeals settlement of his grievance; he had wanted foreman dismissed for insulting him when Acker refused to shake his hand, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 38
file#665: Pitts--protests withdrawal of his discharge grievance; he was fired for refusing to return to work after his sick leave ended, 1984MSS 85-13, Box 38
file#666: Boldt--dispute over new holiday scheme in 1982 agreement with International Harvester, 1981-84MSS 85-13, Box 38
file#667: McClain--protests amount of compensation he received for being bypassed for union office, 1980-85MSS 85-13, Box 38
file#668: Day--protests financial settlement of his grievance; he was discharged and later reinstated for allegedly lying on his job application, 1978-84MSS 85-13, Box 38
file#669: Hall--appeals dismissal of her discharge grievance; she was fired for failure to report to work on time after an illness, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 38
file#670: Ford --appeals his dismissal from union office due to alleged misappropriation of funds. This appeal was considered along with #654, 655, 656, and 657, 1980-84MSS 85-13, Box 39
fileMaterial re cases #654, 655, 656, 657, 670, 1984MSS 85-13, Box 39
file#671 and 672: Hudson --dispute over hiring of another, allegedly less qualified, employee as an air compressor attendant, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 40
file#673: Barnett--appeals decision to withdraw his termination grievance; he was fired for not reporting to work soon enough after finger surgery, 1978-84MSS 85-13, Box 40
file#674: Gaw --dispute over whether UAW-Chrysler seniority agreements still applied vis-a-vis plants [and their employees] which had been bought by General DynamicsMSS 85-13, Box 40
file#675: Lilly--election dispute, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 40
file#676: Carriveau--election dispute, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 40
file#677: Howze--challenges settlement of his grievance; he was fired for unauthorized absence and repeated violations of safety rules, 1981-84MSS 85-13, Box 41
file#679: Martin--appeals withdrawal of grievance; supervisor had agreed, then retracted agreement, to pay him for one-half hour one month in which he had not worked in order to preserve his insurance benefits, 1981-84MSS 85-13, Box 41
file#680: Jenkins--president of a local, he protests decision by international executive board to put his local under administratorship, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 41
file#681: Betts--protests his removal from a local bargaining committee due to his alleged involvement in a union decertification effort, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 41
file#682: Holland--appeals decision by his local executive to toss out charges he made against a committeeperson for riotous behavior at a meeting, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 41
file#683: Early--challenges grievance settlement; he had complained that equal classification employees with less seniority were promoted above him, 1982-84MSS 85-13, Box 41
file#684: Todd--appeals withdrawal of his grievance; he was dismissed for purchasing property stolen from the company, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 41
file#685: Fowler--election dispute, 1984MSS 85-13, Box 41
file#686: Compton--complains union has not adequately acted on his charges against local skilled trades representative, 1983-85MSS 85-13, Box 41
file#687: Trnka--election dispute, 1984-85MSS 85-13, Box 42
file#688: Adams--she and 797 others challenge charges levied against them by local union members for crossing picket lines, 1984-85MSS 85-13, Box 42
file#689: Perry--she appeals dismissal of charges she filed against her local president, 1984-85MSS 85-13, Box 43
file#690: Gagnon--election dispute, 1984-85MSS 85-13, Box 43
file#691: Ali--protests withdrawal of his grievances; he was dismissed for attempted fraud, 1980-85MSS 85-13, Box 43
file#692: Stephens --he protests alleged transfer of work to another plant after the plant at which he worked was closed transfer, 1983-85MSS 85-13, Box 43
file#693: Hite --election dispute, 1984-85MSS 85-13, Box 44
file#694: Lefebvre--election dispute, 1983-85MSS 85-13, Box 44
file#695: Robinson--protests handling of his grievance; he felt he was not assigned as many overtime hours as he ought to have been, 1981-85MSS 85-13, Box 44
file#696: Smith--election dispute, 1981-85MSS 85-13, Box 44
file#698: Brove--election dispute, 1983-85MSS 85-13, Box 44
file#699: Acker--protests withdrawal of various grievances with management over his taking community college classes, having his pay cut, allegedly having to work in an unsafe environment, and being disciplined for wasting time and having someone else punch hMSS 85-13, Box 44
file#700: Ryan--appeals for reimbursement of wages lost when he was wrongfully removed from union office, 1983-85MSS 85-13, Box 45
file#701: Snider--election dispute, 1984-85MSS 85-13, Box 45
file#702: West--protests withdrawal of her grievance; she was laid off and claimed she should have been later recalled when others were, 1977-85MSS 85-13, Box 45
file#703: Stone--claims his grievance was settled irrationally; he was fired for fighting and then reinstated without back pay, 1980-85MSS 85-13, Box 45
file#704: Rizok--election dispute, 1980-85MSS 85-13, Box 45
file#705: Ford--various ethical practices charges against Owen Bieber and other international officials, 1983-85MSS 85-13, Box 45
file#706: Borrusch--appeals decision not to pursue his grievance; he was fired for using abusive language while already on probationary status for habitual tardiness, 1981-85MSS 85-13, Box 45
fileCase #707: Bromm--appeals whether irregularities affected the outcome of the grievance commiteeperson election, 1984-85MSS 85-13, Box 46
fileCase #708: Goold--whether he made a timely appeal of International Representative Al Bucci's decision to withdraw his grievance in protest of his layoff and whether the President's ruling on the timeliness of his appeal was an interpretation of the InternMSS 85-13, Box 46
fileCase #711: Mc Guffin--whether the Local 44, presidential election should be rerun because the retired members were prohibited from voting for the office of president, 1984-85MSS 85-13, Box 46
subseriesUndocketed Appeals:
fileToth: undocketed ethical practices complaint, 1974-80MSS 85-13, Box 46
fileKucyk: undocketed assignment of incorrect seniority date grievance, 1975-79MSS 85-13, Box 46
fileConrad: whether he has filed a timely claim against his Union in protest of its disposition of grievance filed following his discharge by Jeep Corporation, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 46
fileSojka: undocketed appeal for the limited purpose of determining whether appelant has presented a claim cognizable by the Constitution of the Union, 1979-80MSS 85-13, Box 46
fileMattas: undocketed appeal whether a Local Union member may appeal to the Public Review Board a decision of the UAW Credentials Committee denying his protest to a Local election for delegates to the Constitutional Convention, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 46
fileToth: whether he may appeal his Local Union's enactment of a bylaw increasing the quorum requirements for Local membership, 1980-81MSS 85-13, Box 46
fileLaney undocketed appeal: whether the Public Review Board may intervene to delay the processing of a collective bargaining grievance, 1982MSS 85-13, Box 46
fileNassar and Sykes v. Watkins: undocketed ethical practices complaint, 1983MSS 85-13, Box 46
fileUnited States of America before the National Labor Relations Board, 1978-81MSS 85-13, Box 46
subseriesSub-series II: Collective Bargaining for Virginia Education Association
fileSpeech and miscellaneous material V.E.A. conference, 1975MSS 85-13, Box 47
fileConference at U. Va, 1975MSS 85-13, Box 47
fileOutlines for speeches delivered at Williamsburg and Blacksburg, 1971-73MSS 85-13, Box 47
subgrpPublic Employees Rights Commission
fileMeeting notes and other materials, 1972-74MSS 85-13, Box 47
fileDraft and final report of the commission, 1972-74MSS 85-13, Box 47
fileGrievance Procedure Subcommittee notes and documents, 1974-75MSS 85-13, Box 48
fileCorrespondence and drafts of legislation, 1972-75MSS 85-13, Box 49
fileMiscellaneous correspondence, notes, etc, 1972-86; n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 49
file"Government Manpower in Virginia", 1970MSS 85-13, Box 49
file"Collective Bargaining", 1972MSS 85-13, Box 49
fileVirginia state laws and miscellaneous information, 1971-77MSS 85-13, Box 50
fileStatistical information re the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, 1971MSS 85-13, Box 50
fileGeneral material re state labor laws, 1970-71MSS 85-13, Box 50
fileLabor relations in Illinois, Michigan, New York City, and Pennsylvania, 1970-73MSS 85-13, Box 51
fileMiscellaneous papers, n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 51
fileCollective bargaining experience and organization, 1971-72MSS 85-13, Box 53
filePublic employees and collective bargaining, 1972-78MSS 85-13, Box 53
fileMiscellaneous articles and bulletins, 1972-75MSS 85-13, Box 53
fileClippings , n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 53
subseriesSub-series III: Migrant Legal Action Program
fileMinutes of organization meeting, 1971MSS 85-13, Box 54
fileOperation and composition of M.L.A.P, n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 54
fileAgenda for Board meeting, 1976MSS 85-13, Box 54
fileBoard meetings, 1976-85MSS 85-13, Box 54
fileProgram account budgets, 1971-72MSS 85-13, Box 56
fileUnaudited financial statements, 1975MSS 85-13, Box 56
fileMaterial re refunding of M.L.A.P, 1976MSS 85-13, Box 56
fileFinancial statements and C.P.A. reports, 1975-78MSS 85-13, Box 56
fileFinancial statements, C.P.A. reports and cash flow analysis, 1980-84MSS 85-13, Box 56
fileLitigation and legislation reports, 1971-80MSS 85-13, Box 56
fileCorrespondence, 1971-84MSS 85-13, Box 56
fileMemoranda and minutes of meetings, 1971-84MSS 85-13, Box 57
filePetition re Farm Labor Service, 1971MSS 85-13, Box 57
fileProposed resolutions, 1972MSS 85-13, Box 57
filePress releases, 1973MSS 85-13, Box 57
fileReport of the suport center of M.L.A.P, 1975MSS 85-13, Box 57
fileM.L.A.P. workplan, 1979MSS 85-13, Box 57
fileM.L.A.P. by-laws and board nominations, 1980MSS 85-13, Box 57
fileClark v. Department of Labor, 1983MSS 85-13, Box 57
fileCase summaries, n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 57
fileResolutions, n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 57
fileOrientation material for community workers, 1974MSS 85-13, Box 57
fileFarmworker legal projects, 1977MSS 85-13, Box 57
fileInformation booklet re status of illegal aliens, n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 57
file"Earthbond", 1975-77MSS 85-13, Box 57
file"Capital Developments"; "Monthly Reports", 1973-74MSS 85-13, Box 59
file"Field Memos" [numbered] and indexes, 1979-85MSS 85-13, Box 59
fileDraft analysis of Agricultural Labor Relations, 1971MSS 85-13, Box 60
fileLegal Assistance for Migrant Farm Workers in Michigan, 1971MSS 85-13, Box 60
fileAgricultural Labor Relations Bill in New York, 1971MSS 85-13, Box 60
file"Peonage: The American System of Migratory Farm Labor" by Gary S. Goodpastor, 1970MSS 85-13, Box 60
fileAgricultural Labor Relations in Oregon, 1971MSS 85-13, Box 60
file"Public Regulation of Working Conditions in Agriculture" by Gary S. Goodpastor, 1971MSS 85-13, Box 60
file"An Advocacy Center for Farm Labor Programs and Related Rural Interests", n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 60
file"Proposal for Accomack County Agri-business Study" by Susan De Marco, 1971MSS 85-13, Box 60
file"Legal Strategies and tactics of Representing Migrant Workers" by L.J. Sherman, 1972MSS 85-13, Box 60
file"The Paraprofessional" by A. B. Delgado, 1972MSS 85-13, Box 60
fileMaterial re agricultural relations in Colorado 611972, "Practice Manual for Representing Migrant Farm Workers" by T. R. Ewald, 1972MSS 85-13, Box 60
fileA.F.L.-C.I.O. material, 1975MSS 85-13, Box 60
fileAmerican Farmworker Housing Program, 1978-79MSS 85-13, Box 60
file"Foreign Workers in U.S. Agriculture" by H. M. Semler, 1982MSS 85-13, Box 60
filePaper re migrant and seasonal farmworkers, n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 60
file"Mexican-Americans in Transition" --Michigan State University, 1969MSS 85-13, Box 60
fileEducation of migrant workers' children, 1972MSS 85-13, Box 60
fileFarmworker Justice Fund , 1981MSS 85-13, Box 61
fileSocial welfare and law, n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 61
fileMiscellaneous papers and published material, 1971-84MSS 85-13, Box 61
fileComparison of O.S.H.A.'s temporary labor camp standard and the existing one, n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 61
fileNotes, n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 61
fileClippings, n.d.MSS 85-13, Box 61
subseriesSub-series IV: Legal Services Corporation
fileOperations, 1974-79MSS 85-13, Box 62
fileMemoranda, 1978-84MSS 85-13, Box 62
filePaper re the purpose of legal services, 1976MSS 85-13, Box 62
fileProposed contact with support centers, 1976MSS 85-13, Box 62
fileReport re operations, 1983-84MSS 85-13, Box 62
fileAnnual reports, 1979-81MSS 85-13, Box 62
fileNewsletters, 1978-80MSS 85-13a, Box 63
fileLegislation summaries, 1983MSS 85-13a, Box 63
fileResource Center for Consumers of Legal Services, 1975MSS 85-13a, Box 63
filePaper re support needs of L.S.C, n.d.MSS 85-13a, Box 63
fileWashington-based representation on behalf of eligible legal services corporations, 1978MSS 85-13a, Box 63
fileMiscellaneous printed material, 1972-80MSS 85-13a, Box 63
seriesAddendum to the Papers of Frank W. McCulloch [a]
fileCase #709: Scott--claims that local presidential election should be rerun by reason of "allegedly false" propaganda, 1985MSS 85-13a, Box 63
fileCase #712: Weston--whether charges against the Local 1070 bargaining committee satisfy the requirements of Article 31, 3 of the International Constitution, 1985MSS 85-13a, Box 63
fileCase #713: Scarlett--whether his appeals were effectively withdrawn as a result of his failure to appear at hearings schedule by the Appeals Committee of the International Executive Board, 1985MSS 85-13a, Box 63
fileCase #714: Benton--appeals the handling and ultimate disposition by Local Union of her grievances, 1985-86MSS 85-13a, Box 63
fileCase #715: Reynolds--whether an agreement made by an International representative in settlement of grievances filed by crib attendants at General Dynamics had a rational basis, 1985MSS 85-13a, Box 63
fileCase #716: Lawson--whether the settlement of his grievances was devoid of any rational basis, 1985MSS 85-13a, Box 63
fileCase #717: Obenauf et al--whether they were improperly removed from their positions, 1985-86MSS 85-13a, Box 63
fileCase #718 and 719: Sands and Quinn--whether the Local 652 shop committeeperson's decision to withdraw various line of demarcation grievances was without rational basis, 1985-86MSS 85-13a, Box 64
fileCase #720: McKellery--whether the decision to withdraw his grievances was without rational basis, 1985-86MSS 85-13a, Box 64
fileCase #722: Henderson--claims that improprieties affected the outcome of the election of the G.M.W.D.D. Unit of Local 659, 1985-86MSS 85-13a, Box 64
fileCase #723: Newton--whether the settlement of his his grievance protesting a disciplinary layoff was devoid of any rational basis, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 64
fileCase #725 and 726: Dennis and Price [3 folders]--concern whether Dennis was improperly assigned to District #1 following the negotiation of a redistricting agreement; whether a committeeperson-at-large should have been designated for the first shift; and MSS 85-13a, Box 64
fileCase #728: Roger T. Smith--appeals Local Union's decision to withdraw his grievance, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 64
fileCase #731: Acker--appeals the withdrawals of his grievances, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 64
fileCase #734: Brove--whether his appeal from a decision of the IEB ruling that charges against him were proper and should proceed to trial has been rendered moot of his acquittal, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 64
fileCase #735: Local Union 677 v. UAW Mack Truck Dept.--claims that Article 19, 2 of the Constitution requires that a committee from Local 677 should have been permitted to participate in settlement of negotiations of grievances; and that article 19,3 of the MSS 85-13a, Box 65
fileCase #736: Schriber--whether improprieties affected the outcome of the Local election for shop committee person, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 65
fileCase #737: Appeal of Clapp in matter of Tomczak--whether charges filed by Clapp against Tomczak satisfied the requirements of Article 31, 3 of the International Constitution, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 65
fileCase #738: Meisinger--appeals settlement of overtime distribution grievance, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 65
fileCase #739: Welch--appeals to have been improperly deprived of overtime opportunity, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 65
fileCase #740: Foster--appeals disposition of his grievance, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 65
fileCase #741: Taylor et al--claim they were improperly displaced by skilled tradesmen, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 66
fileCase #742: Englund--whether the requirements of Local Union 699 bylaws were satisfied by the nomination procedure followed prior to the 1985 general elections, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 66
fileCase #743: Woodward--appeals the disposition of her grievance and challenges the disposition of certain other grievances filed on her behalf, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 66
fileCase #744: Dennis--whether he was improperly assigned following the negotiation of a redistricting agreement; whether the redistricting agreement violated Article 10 of the Local Union bylaws by its failure to provide for a committeeperson-at-large positiMSS 85-13a, Box 66
fileCase #745: Snider--claims his grievance protesting his layoff was withdrawn without any rational basis, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 67
fileCase #746: Hein--appeals the settlement of his grievance, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 67
fileCase #747: Green--appeals a decision to withdraw his grievance challenging his termination, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 67
fileCase #748: Patterson--appeals decision to withdraw his termination grievance, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 67
fileCase #749: Bradley et al--whether charges filed sufficiently satisfy requirements of Article 31, 3 of the International Constitution so as to require their submission to a Local Trial committee, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 67
fileCase #751: Tarrence--appeals the settlement of his grievance challenging the failure of his employer to assign him work, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 67
fileCase #752: Collins--appeals the withdrawal of her grievance submitted in protest of her termination, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 67
fileCase #753: Garza--appeals the withdrawal of his grievance over his discharge, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 67
fileCase #754: Sawitski--whether charges filed against Joseph LeMay were proper, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 68
fileCase #755 Keliipo--whether charges filed against the Local shop committee Chairman satisfy the requirements of Article 31, 3 of the International Constitution, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 68
fileCase #756: George--challenges the disposition of her grievance, filed in protest of her discharge, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 68
fileCase #757: Eutsey--challenges the withdrawal of his grievance submitted in protest of his accepting a voluntary quit in connection with a theft investigation, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 68
fileCase #758: Paladino--appeals the withdrawal of his grievance over General Motors' refusal to place him in its Employee-in Training program, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 68
fileCase #759: Gettings and Fazio--appeal the decision to withdraw their grievances protesting and adjustment of the seniority date of fellow employee, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 68
fileCase #760: Layton--appeals the withdrawal of her grievance in protest of her termination, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 68
fileCase #762 and 793: Tucker--appeals the decisions of the IEB to dismiss his appeals on the basis of their having been considered withdrawn by reason of his failure to appear at hearings, 1987MSS 85-13a, Box 68
fileCase #763: Dwyer and Erro--claim they are entitled to have a "red circled" rate restored to them, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 69
fileCase #764: Ulmer--appeals the withdrawal of his grievance submitted in protest of his discharge, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 69
fileCase #765: Vermett--appeals the decision to withdraw his grievance, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 69
fileCase #767: Steltenpohl--appeals the decision to withdraw his grievance, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 69
fileCase #768: Gomez--appeals the decision to withdraw his grievance, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 69
fileCase #769: Copeland--appeals the settlement of his grievance submitted in protest of his termination, pursuant to which he was reinstated, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 69
fileCase #770: King--seeks to challenge a ruling of International President Owen Bieber that Local funds could be spent to send distinguished guests to the 28th UAW Convention, 1986MSS 85-13a, Box 69
fileCase #771: Toth--appeals whether charges filed against Les Burnett were improper, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 69
fileCase #772: Fiolek--appeals the decision to withdraw his grievance in protest of his discharge, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 70
fileCase #773: Chakonis--argues that he was improperly removed from office, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 70
fileCase #774: Zajaczkowski--whether Local Union violated its Local Union bylaws and the International Constitution in the conduct of special elections, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 70
fileCase #775: Humphrey--appeals withdrawal of grievance submitted in protest of her termination, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 70
fileCase #776: Torres--challenges the settlement of her disciplinary penalty, 1986-87MSS 85-13a, Box 70
fileCase #777: Buscher--appeals decision to withdraw his grievance, 1987MSS 85-13a, Box 70
fileCase #779: Bailey--appeals decision to withdraw his grievance protesting his termination, 1987MSS 85-13a, Box 70
seriesAddendum to the Papers of Frank W. McCulloch [b]
subseriesPublic Review Board of the United Auto Workers
file#721: Tulgetske--contesting grievance settlement, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 7
file#766: Clark-- complaint against decision to withdraw grievance, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 7
file#778: Sneath--whether local president improperly revoked S's seniority status with employing company, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 7
file#780: Kimberly--appeals decision to withdraw grievance in protest of dismissal, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 7
file#781: Eckerle--protests decision to withdraw grievance re lack of overtime opportunities, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 7
file#782: Podunavac--appeals settlement of grievance protesting another employee's job performance, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 7
file#783: McCabe--whether charges filed by McC against local officers satisfy requirements of constitution, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 7
file#784: Wood--election complaint, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 72
file#785: Espinosa--election complaint, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 72
file#788: Bertoluzzi--protests disposition of grievance re pay rate, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 72
file#789: Narang--protests dismissal of grievance re job classification, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 72
file#790: Trimm--appeals decision not to file grievance, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 72
file#791: Kurtz--complaint concerns refusal to file grievance protesting transfer of less senior employee, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 72
file#792: Ford--seeks to have membership privileges restored, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 72
file#794: Whaley--appeals decision to withdraw grievance protesting reduction in classification, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 72
file#795: Morgan--election complaint, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 72
file#797: Crane--protests withdrawal of grievance, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 72
file#798: Brown--appeals withdrawal of grievance re the filling of a job she had previously refused, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 73
file#799: Thrower--whether current appeal is untimely and whether decision to withdraw grievance was without rational basis, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 73
file#800: Helm--election complaint, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 73
file#801: Bugos--election complaint, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 73
file#802: Belue and Case--challenges the International Executive Board's [IEB] imposing administration over the local; includes federal district and circuit court briefs, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 73
file#803: Scarlett--appeals withdrawal of grievance protesting management's failure to charge fellow employee with overtime, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 74
file#804: Grigsby--whether charges filed by G against local president satisfied constitution requirements, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 74
file#805: Huntley--protests withdrawal of grievance re discharge, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 74
file#806: Woods--appeals withdrawal of grievance protesting discharge, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 74
file#807: Archer--election complaint, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 74
file#808: Warren--challenges withdrawal of grievance protesting dismissal because of alleged sale of cocaine, 1987-88MSS 85-13b, Box 74
file#809: Robinson--appeals withdrawal of grievance protesting termination for alleged sale of marijuana, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 74
file#812: McGlamory--appeals settlement of grievance re reinstatement with 50% back pay, 1987-88MSS 85-13b, Box 74
file#813: Mejia--questions legality of local president's relieving M of his duty as service representative and limiting his duties as financial secretary, 1987-88MSS 85-13b, Box 75
file#814: Stoumbos--protests the settlement of grievance re timeliness of hiring, 1987MSS 85-13b, Box 75
file#815: Jodlowsky appeals to decision to withdraw his grievance, 1985-1988MSS 85-13b, Box 75
file#816: Braman--claims that local president failed to maintain his membership in good standing, 1987-88MSS 85-13b, Box 75
file#817: Doyen and Longworth--election protest, 1987-88MSS 85-13b, Box 75
file#818: Horton, et. al.--election complaint, 1987-88MSS 85-13b, Box 76
file#819: Kelly--whether K's appeal of the union's decision to withdraw his grievance was untimely, and whether K lost his status as member in good standing, 1987-88MSS 85-13b, Box 76
file#820: Balester and Smith--election complaint , 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 76
file#821: Dombeck--whether charges filed in connection with campaign literature satisfied constitution requirements, 1987-88MSS 85-13b, Box 76
file#822: Reyes appeals decision to order Local 2250 to rerun its runoff election, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 76
file#823: Kelley--election complaint, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 76
file#824: Wehr--appeals decision not file grievance, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 76
file#825: Potts--election complaint, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 76
file#826: Jackson claims irregularities in the conduct of an election for trustee, affected his outcome, 1987-1988MSS 85-13b, Box 77
file#827: Slawienski--election complaint, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 77
file#828: Toth--whether charges filed by T satisfied constitution requirements, and whether T's appeal of his election protest determination should be considered with the former, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 77
file#830: Scarlett appeals the disposition of his grievance protesting a disciplinary action, 1985-1988MSS 85-13b, Box 77
file#832: Armstrong--whether IEB should have limited its review of A's appeal from dismissal of charges against local president to issue of timeliness, and whether A's charges satisfy constitution requirements, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 77
file#833: Goricki appeals the Handling of her grievances, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 77
file#834: Boyer et al appeal to consider improprieties of the general election, 1987-1988MSS 85-13b, Box 77
file#836: Pellegrino appeals that charges were incorrectly disqualified, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 77
file#838: Kyles appeals settlement grievance for verbal harassment, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 77
file#839: Sabin whether language used on strike vote ballot violated his rights, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 78
file#840: Van Kleeck et al appeal handling or disposition of an appeal that affected their seniority, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 78
file#841: Benchich et al in the matter of Richard C. Abernathy et al appeal whether their charges against members of the Shop Committee were properly disqualified., 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 78
file#842: Novack--protests settlement of grievance protesting conditions re return to work from medical leave, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 78
file#844: Luksch three appeals: 1] to membership denial of further appeal on her part from decision to remove her; 2] to authority of shop chairman to remove her; 3] to her removal as QWL coordinator, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 78
file#845: Lukas appeals decision to withdraw grievance for protest of penalty, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 78
file#846: Parker appeals committee person election, 1987-1988MSS 85-13b, Box 78
file#847: McClain appeals to charges improperly disqualified as untimely, 1987-1988MSS 85-13b, Box 78
file#848: Seeback appeals decision to withdraw grievance in protest of his termination, 1988MSS 85-13b, Box 79
file#852: McAuley appeals grievance procedure to challenge his termination, 1987-1988MSS 85-13b, Box 79
filePublic Review Board Annual Reports, 1970, 1976-86MSS 85-13b, Box 79
seriesAddendum to the Papers of Frank W. McCulloch [c]
subseriesPublic Employee Rights Commission
filePublic Employees Rights Commission [PERC]: Related documents and correspondence, 1971-1975MSS 85-13c, Box 80
filePERC: miscellaneous printed material [annotated], 1975-1976MSS 85-13c, Box 80
fileUVA Master's Thesis, "Collective Bargaining by Public Employees in Virginia: An Intergovernmental Perspective," by Gwen Williams who interviewed FWM and used some of his papers for her research; correspondence re the thesis, 1986MSS 85-13c, Box 80
fileP.E.R.C.: Relevant newsclippings, 1971-86MSS 85-13c, Box 80
seriesAddendum to the Papers of Frank W. McCulloch [d]
fileInternational Labor Office [ILO], Articles on the ILO, 1975-1990MSS 85-13d, Box 81
fileILO-Committee on the Application of Convention and Recommendations [CACR], Committee of Experts Reports in Achieving Observance of the Provisions of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, 1975-1985MSS 85-13d, Box 81
fileILO-CACR, Reports, 1975-1977MSS 85-13d, Box 81
fileILO-CACR, Reports, 1978MSS 85-13d, Box 81
fileILO-CACR, Reports, 1979-1980MSS 85-13d, Box 82
fileILO-CACR, Reports, press releases and newspaper clippings, 1981-1982MSS 85-13d, Box 82
fileILO-CACR, Information and reports, U.S. Delegation report, 1983-1984MSS 85-13d, Box 82
fileILO-CACR, Reports, 1986MSS 85-13d, Box 82
fileILO-CACR, Reports, U.S. Delegation Report, 1987MSS 85-13d, Box 82
fileILO-CACR Reports, 1988-1989MSS 85-13d, Box 82
fileILO-CACR Reports, 1990-1992MSS 85-13d, Box 83
fileILO, Commission of Inquiry, Germany, South Africa, Recommendations, 1987MSS 85-13d, Box 83
fileILO, Commission of Inquiry, Poland, 1984MSS 85-13d, Box 83
fileILO, Committee of Experts controversy, 1991MSS 85-13d, Box 83
fileILO, Conference, newspaper clippings, 1983MSS 85-13d, Box 83
fileILO- Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe [CSCE], Helsinki: 1975, Madrid: 1983, Reports, statements, newspaper clippings, 1975-1985MSS 85-13d, Box 83
fileILO-CSCE, USSR Forced Labor, Poland situation, newspaper clippings, 1983MSS 85-13d, Box 83
fileILO Conventions, 1967-1980MSS 85-13d, Box 83
fileILO Correspondence, 1976MSS 85-13d, Box 83
fileILO Correspondence and conference evaluations, 1979MSS 85-13d, Box 84
fileILO Correspondence, U.S Return, Poland erupts, 1980MSS 85-13d, Box 84
fileILO Correspondence, 1981MSS 85-13d, Box 84
fileILO Correspondence, 1983MSS 85-13d, Box 84
fileILO-Council of Europe, Legal questions, 1975-1981MSS 85-13d, Box 84
fileILO, Eastern Block Attack to ILO Supervision , 1983-1986MSS 85-13d, Box 84
fileILO, Freedom of Association Committee. Report on complaint v. U.S. on Patco strike, 1981MSS 85-13d, Box 84
fileFreedom of Association Committee, 1983-1984MSS 85-13d, Box 84
fileILO, Freedom of Association Committee Documents. Complaint v. U.S. by Capitol Organizing Group [CEOG] and by Norsk Hydro-Aluminium, 1984MSS 85-13d, Box 84
fileILO, Governing Body Documents, Freedom of Association Committee, 1979-1983MSS 85-13d, Box 85
fileILO, Governing Body, Non-Observance of the Discrimination (employment and occupation) by Czechoslovakia, 1978MSS 85-13d, Box 85
fileILO-Greece "emergency", 1981MSS 85-13d, Box 85
fileILO, Human Rights-Poland, Reports and newspaper clippings, 1988MSS 85-13d, Box 85
fileILO, International Labor Rights Education and Research Fund, 1987-1993MSS 85-13d, Box 85
fileILO, Mc Culloch Appointment, 1974MSS 85-13d, Box 85
fileILO, Mc Culloch's notes on Committee of Experts, 1984MSS 85-13d, Box 85
fileILO, Mc Culloch resignation, 1985MSS 85-13d, Box 86
fileILO Miscellaneous documents, 1979-1984MSS 85-13d, Box 86
fileILO Miscellaneous Reports: Arab Territories, Transport Workers, Czechoslovakia, USA & ILO, etc, 1979MSS 85-13d, Box 86
fileILO-Poland, Freedom of Association documents, Solidarity Memorandum, Landy Data, 1982MSS 85-13d, Box 86
fileILO-Poland, Freedom of Association Reports and newspaper clippings, 1984MSS 85-13d, Box 86
fileILO-Poland, Correspondence and newspaper articles, 1986MSS 85-13d, Box 86
fileILO-Poland, Correspondence, reports and newspaper clippings, 1982MSS 85-13d, Box 87
fileILO-Poland, Documents and newspaper clippings, 1980-1989MSS 85-13d, Box 87
fileILO-Poland, newspaper clippings, 1980-1981, 1989MSS 85-13d, Box 87
fileILO-Poland, Reports and newspaper clippings, 1987MSS 85-13d, Box 87
fileILO-Poland, Repression of Polish. Reports and newspaper clippings, 1985MSS 85-13d, Box 87
fileILO-Poland Reports. Correspondence with Msgr, George G, Higgings, newspaper clippings, 1983MSS 85-13d, Box 88
fileILO-Poland, Report of the Governing Body to examine the complaints against Poland of the freedom of association and protection. Polish response, 1984MSS 85-13d, Box 88
fileILO-Poland-U.S., Reports and correspondence, 1984MSS 85-13d, Box 88
fileILO, Pre-Conference Workshop, 1983MSS 85-13d, Box 88
fileILO-Tripartite Advisory Panel on International Labor Standards [TAPILS]. Restricted, 1981MSS 85-13d, Box 88
fileILO-USDL [United States Department of Labor], Preparatory Conference, Leesburg, Va, 1981-1982MSS 85-13d, Box 88
fileILO-U.S. Ratification, 1976-1991MSS 85-13d, Box 89
fileILO, U.S. Intent to Withdraw, 1976MSS 85-13d, Box 89
fileILO, U.S. Intent to Withdraw, working files, 1977MSS 85-13d, Box 89
fileILO-U.S. Relationship. Official Reports, 1969-1985MSS 85-13d, Box 89
fileILO-U.S. Withdrawal. Letters against, 1977MSS 85-13d, Box 89
fileILO-U.S. Withdrawal, newspaper clippings, 1977MSS 85-13d, Box 89
fileILO-U.S. Withdrawal, correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1978MSS 85-13d, Box 89
fileILO-U.S., Post-withdrawal correspondence, 1977MSS 85-13d, Box 90
fileILO-Belgium, Report to Examine the Implementation of International Labor Conditions, 1984MSS 85-13d, Box 90
fileILO-Puerto Rico, Report of the Fact- Finding and Conciliation Commission on Freedom of Association, 1981MSS 85-13d, Box 90
fileILO Washington Focus, 1988-1993MSS 85-13d, Box 90
filePoland, New Polish Labor Laws Reports, newspaper clippings, 1982MSS 85-13d, Box 90
fileSachs, Jeffrey D.: "Social Conflict and Populist Policies in Latin America", NBER, 1989MSS 85-13d, Box 90
fileWorking Paper 2897. "Making the Brady Plan Works", May 1989, 1989MSS 85-13d, Box 90
fileStudents Articles. Lewis, Geoffrey D.: "The International Labor Organization and the Polish Independent Labor Movement". Midraelson (sic) Robert N.: "The Polish Labor Crisis of 1980: An Assessment of the Role of the International Labor Organization", 1981MSS 85-13d, Box 90
fileUnited Nations Economic and Social Council. Commission on Human Rights, Report on Poland, 1983MSS 85-13d, Box 90
fileUSDL [U.S. Department of Labor]-IMEC Working Party on Standards, USDL-ILO Standards, 1983MSS 85-13d, Box 90
fileUSDL, Bureau of International Labor Affairs. Reports, notes, articles. Freedom of Association working papers, 1982MSS 85-13d, Box 91
fileUSDL-ILO, Forced Labor, Human Rights Assaults, 1982-1984MSS 85-13d, Box 91
fileUSDL-ILO-TAPILS Meeting1980, USDL-ILO, Tripartite Consultation Convention , 1987, 1989MSS 85-13d, Box 91
fileUSDL Working papers, 1979MSS 85-13d, Box 91
fileUSDL Projects, 1984MSS 85-13d, Box 91
fileUSDL-State Department, USSR Forced Labor, 1982-1983MSS 85-13d, Box 91
fileUSDL-Tripartite Advisory Panel (re: ratification). U.S.-ILO actions. Restricted, 1980-1981MSS 85-13d, Box 91
fileWorker Rights Articles, 1987-1988MSS 85-13d, Box 91
fileWorkers Rights, Trade Laws, newspaper clippings, 1986-1988MSS 85-13d, Box 91
fileInternational Labor Office Official Bulletin, Vol. LXVI, Series B, 1983MSS 85-13d, Box 92
fileILO, Freedom of Association, Digest of decisions of the Freedom of Association Committee of the Governing Body of the ILO, 1976MSS 85-13d, Box 92
fileKruglak, Gregory T.: The Politics of United States Decision-Making in United Nations Specialized Agencies: The Case of the International Labor Organization, 1980MSS 85-13d, Box 92
fileKaratnycky, Adrian et. al.: Workers Rights, East and West, 1980MSS 85-13d, Box 92
fileWorkers under Communism a journal of information and analysis, Nos.1-5, 1982-1984MSS 85-13d, Box 92
fileBernstein, Harry and Joan: Industrial Democracy in 12 Nations, 1979MSS 85-13d, Box 92
filePuddington, Arch: Are Things Getting Better in Eastern Europe?, 1983MSS 85-13d, Box 92
fileBulletin, Solidarnosc, Jointly Publish by the Polish Workers Task Force, League for Industrial Democracy and Poland Watch Center, Issues 1-4, 1981-1983MSS 85-13d, Box 92
fileOffice of International Organizations and Technological Assistance, Bureau of International Labor Affairs, U.S. Department of Labor: Cabinet Level Committee on the ILO, Task Force on International Labor Standards, 1979MSS 85-13d, Box 92
fileLawyers Committee for International Human Rights: Poland: Three Years After. A Report on Human Rights, 1984MSS 85-13d, Box 92
seriesAddendum to the Papers of Frank W. McCulloch [e]
fileAnglo-American Judicial Exchange Visit. Ditchley Conference, Airlie Return. [See photos], 1969MSS 85-13e, Box 93
fileNational Labor Relations Board [NLRB] Appointment. Newspaper clippings, 1961MSS 85-13e, Box 93
fileNLRB Clippings [More extensive collection of papers is deposited at NY State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University], 1961-1965MSS 85-13e, Box 93
fileNLRB Congratulatory Letters for Appointment as Chairman, 1961MSS 85-13e, Box 93
fileNLRB Election - Research Study, 1966-1967MSS 85-13e, Box 94
fileNLRB Guide Books, Pamphlets, Announcements, etc, n.d.MSS 85-13e, Box 94
fileNLRB Handbook on Racketeering Abuses Under the National Labor Relations Act. Copy No. 93, 1959; 1962MSS 85-13e, Box 94
fileNLRB Miscellaneous Issues, Afterthoughts, 1982-1986MSS 85-13e, Box 94
fileNLRB Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings, 1961-1970MSS 85-13e, Box 94
fileNLRB Lunch - Farewell, 1970MSS 85-13e, Box 95
fileNLRB. McCulloch Speeches, Reading Copies, Articles, 1962-1970MSS 85-13e, Box 95
fileNLRB. Post 1965 Reappointment Clippings, 1965-1970MSS 85-13e, Box 96
fileNLRB Reappointment. Special Letters, Hearings: Senate and Labor Committee, Swearing Ceremony, Clippings, 1965MSS 85-13e, Box 96
fileNLRB Remedies, 1967-1968MSS 85-13e, Box 96
fileRe: Retail Clerks International Association, Local 1625 et al, v. Schermerhorn, et al, 1963MSS 85-13e, Box 96
fileNLRB Retirement Greetings, 1970MSS 85-13e, Box 96
fileSupreme Court Decisions [Annotated], 1962-1970MSS 85-13e, Box 97
fileBrandt, Tucker and AUD Cases and related papers, 1987-1991MSS 85-13e, Box 97
fileCases. ABA Section of Labor Relations [Bartosic, 1975; Aaron, 1976; Lesnick, 1985], 1975-1976, 1985MSS 85-13e, Box 97
fileCornell University Master's Thesis, "Management Opposition to the NLRB During the 1960s" by Shelley Ann Coppock who interviewed Prof. McCulloch for her research and used his papers, 1987MSS 85-13e, Box 97
file[Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service] Arbitrations, 1970-1985MSS 85-13e, Box 97
fileGeneral Correspondence, 1967-1977MSS 85-13e, Box 98
fileGould, William B. Statement: "Has Federal Labor Law Failed?" and Address to the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law: "The Supreme Court's Labor and Employment Docket in the October 1980 Term: Justice Brennan's Term", 1981, 1984MSS 85-13e, Box 98
fileLabor Law "Organizing Program" Proposition: A Program for Improved Federal Vindication of the Right to Collective Bargaining", 1978MSS 85-13e, Box 98
fileMcCulloch's Decisions in Georgia disputes over credentials of delegates to Democratic Convention [C.B. King, Julian Bond, Suzanna O'Donnell], 1972MSS 85-13e, Box 98
fileMcCulloch's Speech: "The Case of Collective Bargaining", 1975MSS 85-13e, Box 98
fileThe National Labor Relations Board. Reviews of McCulloch's Book, 1974MSS 85-13e, Box 98
fileOntario Labor Relations Board, 1980MSS 85-13e, Box 98
fileProblems in Labor Law Seminar. Notes, 1975MSS 85-13e, Box 98
filePublic Employee Rights Miscellaneous Papers, 1974-1979MSS 85-13e, Box 98
file[Truesdale, John. NLRB Nomination. Statements, depositions, confirmation, hearings, clippings , 1980MSS 85-13e, Box 98
fileUAW, Public Review Board International Union Decisions, 1995-1996MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileRe: "Wither the Nixon Board?", J. Ralph Beaird Speech, 1973MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileWirtz, Willard [Labor Secretary] Speeches, 1962-1963, 1968MSS 85-13e, Box 99
file2 Tapes: McCulloch Luncheon, 1970MSS 85-13e, Box 99
file2 Videotape, Labor Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony [54 and 10 minutes duration tapes], 1990MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileFrank W. McCulloch, "New Problems in the Administration of the Labor-Management Relations Act: The Taft-Hartley Injunction", Sw. L.J, [1962]MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileFrank. W. McCulloch, "The Development of Administrative Remedies", Lab. L.J, 1963MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileFrank W. McCulloch, "The Consequences of the NLRB Action on Good Faith Bargaining", NYU Seventeenth Annual Conference on Labor, 1964MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileFrank W. McCulloch, "The Arbitration Issue in NLRB Decisions", Arbitration Journal, 1964MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileFrank W. McCulloch, "The NLRB and the National Labor Policy", Forensic Quarterly, [1965]MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileFrank W. McCulloch, "NLRB Trends", Conf. Series II, University of Iowa, Oct. 1967MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileFrank W. McCulloch, "Changing Labor Policies and their Impact: the Scope of the Bargaining Obligation", Atlanta Economic Review, 1967MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileFrank W. McCulloch, "Past, Present and Future Remedies Under Section 8[a][5] of the NRA", Lab. L.J, 1968MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileFrank W. McCulloch, "New Remedies Under the National Labor Relations Act", NYU Twenty-First Annual Conference on Labor, 1969MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileFrank. W. McCulloch and Tim Bornstein, "The National Labor Relations Act and the Transportation Industry", Transp. L.J, 1969MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileFrank W. McCulloch, "Development and Contribution of National Labor Relations Act", The Alabama Lawyer, 1969MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileMcCulloch and Bornstein, The National Labor Relations Board, New York Praeger Publishers, 1974MSS 85-13e, Box 99
fileILO, 1993 June Convention, 1993MSS 85-13e, Box 100
fileMiscellaneous Printed Material, 1996MSS 85-13e, Box 100
filePotter, Edward: Freedom of Association, the Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining. McCulloch's Notes and Commentaries, 1985-1991MSS 85-13e, Box 100
fileVienna Convention, 1992-1993MSS 85-13e, Box 100
fileMiscellaneous Printed Materials Annotated by Prof. McCullochMSS 85-13e, Box 101 (Carton)
subseriesOversized Materials
fileNewspaper Clippings, 1961MSS 85-13e, Box 101 (Carton)
fileDiplomas and Certificates, 1959-1969MSS 85-13e, Box 101 (Carton)
fileNLRB, Certificate of Service, Jan. 1959MSS 85-13e, Box 101 (Carton)
fileCopy of Certificate of McCulloch's Nomination to NLRB by President Johnson, Aug. 20, 1965MSS 85-13e, Box 101 (Carton)
fileState of Tennessee Honorary Citizenship Certificate, May 3, 1966MSS 85-13e, Box 101 (Carton)
fileState of Oklahoma Honorary Okie, June 3, 1969MSS 85-13e, Box 101 (Carton)
fileNLRB, Certificate of Service, Oct. 1969MSS 85-13e, Box 101 (Carton)
fileFrank W. McCulloch Portrait, 1961MSS 85-13e, Box 101 (Carton)
fileAnglo American Judicial Exchange Visit, June 22-July 7, 1969MSS 85-13e, Box 101 (Carton)
seriesAddendum to the Papers of Frank W. McCulloch [f]
fileAFL-CIO and the Press, 1977MSS 85-13f, Box 102
fileAFL-CIO Promotional (Educational) Materials for Teachers, 1980sMSS 85-13f, Box 102
fileCERD [Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination], 1993MSS 85-13f, Box 102
fileOECD [Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development], 1965MSS 85-13f, Box 102
fileILO Brochures, n.d.MSS 85-13f, Box 102
fileILO - Reports of the Director General, 1977-1980, 1984-1985MSS 85-13f, Box 102
fileMigrant Legal Action Program "Field Memos", 1990-1993MSS 85-13f, Box 103
fileMiscellaneous Papers, 1965-1989MSS 85-13f, Box 103
fileNCCLS [National Resource Center for Consumers of Legal Services] Annual Report, 1976-1986MSS 85-13f, Box 103
fileNCCLS - Prepaid Legal Services, 1973-1975MSS 85-13f, Box 104
fileNCCLS - Prepaid Legal Services, 1976-1986MSS 85-13f, Box 104
fileNLRB [National Labor Relations Board], 1966MSS 85-13f, Box 105
file#640 Public Review Board - UAW. Report of the Public Review Board to the Officers and Membership of the International Union , UAW. Results of the Investigation into Alleged Ethical Practices Code Violations, Region 4, UAW, 1983-1989MSS 85-13f, Box 105
file#796 Cox, Franklin D. v. International Union UAW. Appeal, 1987MSS 85-13f, Box 105
file#829. Mois, George E. and Anna Houghton in the matter of Jim Baker, et al. Inland-Livonia Unit (Detroit, MI). Appeal, 1988MSS 85-13f, Box 105
file#835 Wouster v. Local Union 977 (Marion, In.) Appeal1988; #837 Mois, George and Anna Houghton in the matter of Linda Howell vs. Local Union 174, UAW. Appeal, 1988MSS 85-13f, Box 105
fileUAW Constitutions, 1972. 1977, 1980, 1983, 1986MSS 85-13f, Box 105
fileAli, Amir, Work a Photo Portrait, Geneva, International Labor Office, 1989MSS 85-13f, Box 105