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MSS 85-12

The Papers of J. Wilson Newman


Records that include correspondence, memoranda, reports, reviews, legislation, speeches, public hearings, created by J. Wilson Newman when he served on the Commission on the Bankruptcy Laws of the United States (1970-1973), the Price Commission (1971-1973) and the President’s Task Force on Improving the Prospects of Small Businesses.

1955-1978 [Inclusive]
10.4 Linear Feet (24 boxes)

Scope & Contents

J. Wilson Newman, who moved to Charlottesville with his wife in 1981, was president of Dun and Bradstreet, Inc., from 1952 to 1960. In the late 1960's and early 1970's, the Nixon administration appointed him to serve on the Bankruptcy Commission, the Price Commission, and the President's Task Force on Improving the Prospects of Small Business. Newman donated his personal records of this work to the Law Library in the summer of 1985. The files were in good order, and the folder headings reflect the labels on original folders or notebooks. There are 24 boxes (10.4 linear ft.) arranged by commission.

This collection was given to the Law School by J. Wilson Newman on June 24, 1985.

Collection Description

    Biographical / Historical

    J. Wilson Newman graduated from Clemson College in Clemson, South Carolina, in 1931, and received a law degree from New York University in 1937.

    He joined the R. G. Dun Company as a credit reporter in 1931. Dun merged with its major competitor, the John M. Bradstreet Company, in 1933, and the combined company began operating under the new name in 1939.

    Mr. Newman was named a vice president in 1946, president in 1952, and chairman and chief executive in 1960. He joined Dun's finance committee when he retired in 1968, and remained a member for 12 years.

    During Mr. Newman's tenure, Dun acquired several companies, including R. H. Donnelley, a publisher of the Yellow Pages and trade magazines, and Moody's Investors Service. Dun has since spun off both companies. Mr. Newman also oversaw the computerization of Dun's business databases in the early 1960's. In 1963, each company in the database was assigned an identifying number in Dun's Data Universal Numbering System. The nine-digit D.U.N.S. numbers are still used today.

    Mr. Newman was a member of the United States Price Commission, which addressed price gouging, in 1971 and 1972, and of the Commission on Bankruptcy Laws from 1970 to 1973.

    He died on July 8, 2003.

    "J. Wilson Newman, Ex-Chief of Dun & Bradstreet Company, Dies at 93," New York Times, (accessed December 8, 2015)

seriesPrice Commission Records
fileMeeting records arranged by date with a list of topics addressed, 1971-72MSS 85-12, Box 1
filePermanent record of meetings and actions, 1971-72MSS 85-12, Box 9
filePublic hearings re utilities, rent and food prices, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 9
fileCorrespondence, 1971-72MSS 85-12, Box 10
fileFact sheets and staff reports re policy and goal of commission, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 10
fileIssue papers by the Price Commission and outside economists, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 10
fileMemoranda for the record re the agenda, 1973MSS 85-12, Box 10
fileMiscellaneous reports, correspondence, etc, 1971-72MSS 85-12, Box 11
fileMiscellaneous printed matter, 1971-72MSS 85-12, Box 11
fileOperating problems, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 12
filePolicy matrix, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 12
fileReview of commission operations, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 12
fileSpeeches, luncheons, etc, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 12
fileStatements for commissioners re government employment, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 12
seriesPrice Commission Related Documents
fileAgricultural Economic Report No. 223: Price control programs, 1917-1971, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 12
fileAmerican Textile Manufacturers Institute, Inc.: Proposals and recommendations for the Price Commission, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 12
fileAutomobile industry, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 12
fileBrookings Institute conference: Wage-price policyMSS 85-12, Box 13
fileCoal industry, 1971-72MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileConsumer credit, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileConsumer price index: Estimated annualized price rate of increase in the consumer price index for the fourth quarter of 1973 [preliminary], 1972MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileCost of Living Council: "The Wage-Price Freeze: Questions and Answers", 1971MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileCost of Living Council: Transcript of press conference re food prices, 1973MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileEconomic indicators, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileEconomic stabilization program, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileGrayson, C. Jackson, Chairman of the Price Commission: Statement before the Joint Economic Committee re Side Effects of Price Control, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileGrayson, C. Jackson: Statement before the Senate Committee on Banking, 1973MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileGrayson, C. Jackson: CBS Morning News Editorial, 1976MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileHealth care, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileIndependent Natural Gas Association, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileInflation, consumer price index and wholesale price index, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileInflation: Miscellaneous memoranda and statistics, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileIRS: Retail-wholesale price monitoring program [proposed], n.d.MSS 85-12, Box 13
fileManufacturing companies with sales of 100 million or over, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 14
fileMiscellaneous forms and White House press releases, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 14
fileNader v. Grayson, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 14
fileNational Retail Merchants Association Program Concerning the Implementation of Phase II Price Guidelines, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 14
fileNewman: Memos and correspondence re effects of price controls on various industries and individuals, 1972-73MSS 85-12, Box 14
fileNew York Stock Exchange: Reports on status of member firms, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 14
filePay Board news releases, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 14
file"The Pay Board After One Year of Operation", 1972MSS 85-12, Box 14
filePhase I and II: Summary statements, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 14
filePhase II, 1971-72MSS 85-12, Box 15
filePhase III, 1973MSS 85-12, Box 15
filePiggly Wiggly Southern, Inc. v. Price Commission, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 15
filePott Industries v. Price Commission, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 15
filePrice control, 1971-72MSS 85-12, Box 15
filePrice control: Price Control, Present and Future, prepared by the Office of Price Policy, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 15
file"A Price Control Strategy," vols. 1-3, submitted by Robert N. Anthony, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 15
file"A Price Control Strategy," vol. 4, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 16
file"The Productivity Factor in Phase II" by John W. Kendrick, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 16
fileProductivity, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 16
fileResumes for the assistant to the chief executive officer, 1972-73MSS 85-12, Box 16
fileSecular inflation, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 16
fileVorando, Inc.: Request for exception from executive guidelines , 1971-72MSS 85-12, Box 16
fileWages: Background information for the Price Commission, 1971-72MSS 85-12, Box 16
fileWholesale price index, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 16
fileYear-end statement on the economy by the President's Council of Economic Advisors, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 16
seriesPresident's Task Force on Improving the Prospects of Small Business
fileFinal report, 1968-69MSS 85-12, Box 17
fileFinal report and correspondence, 1968-70MSS 85-12, Box 17
fileTask force bulletins and internal correspondence, 1969MSS 85-12, Box 17
fileCorrespondence, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 17
fileCorrespondence: White House, government agencies, trade groups, business associations, etc, 1969-71MSS 85-12, Box 17
fileHandbook for Small Business: A Survey of Small Business Programs of the Federal Government, 1969MSS 85-12, Box 18
fileLegislation defining and affecting small business , 1968, n.d.MSS 85-12, Box 18
fileRecommendations for legislation, 1968-69MSS 85-12, Box 18
fileMaterial re Newman's appearance before the Select Committee on Small Business of the U.S. Senate, 1971, 1975MSS 85-12, Box 18
fileSource material, correspondence and news releases, 1970MSS 85-12, Box 18
fileSpeeches and miscellaneous papers re economic prospects facing businessmen, 1955-70MSS 85-12, Box 19
seriesBankruptcy Commission
fileMaterial pertaining to the commission's composition, establishment and purpose , 1970-72MSS 85-12, Box 20
fileMemoranda, background and issue papers re meetings and hearings, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 20
filePublic hearings, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 21
fileMeeting records, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 21
fileMinutes of meetings, 1971-73MSS 85-12, Box 22
fileMiscellaneous reports, correspondence, etc, 1970-74MSS 85-12, Box 23
fileConference on the Economics of Bankruptcy, Brookings Institution, 1971 AugustMSS 85-12, Box 23
fileExpenses incurred by Newman while a member of the commission, 1972-73MSS 85-12, Box 23
fileNewman's appearance before the Subcommittee on Citizens' and Shareholders' Rights and Remedies of the Senate Judiciary Committee, 1977MSS 85-12, Box 23
fileReport by the Rand Corporation and commission memorandum re U.S. bankruptcy laws, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 24
fileReports submitted to the commission on the U.S. bankruptcy laws, n.d.MSS 85-12, Box 24
fileCorrespondence concerning the Price Commission, Bankruptcy Commission and the Small Business Task Force, 1975-77MSS 85-12, Box 24
fileSweet Briar Institute v. Button, 1966MSS 85-12, Box 24
fileCorrespondence re National Industrial Conference Board, 1966-78MSS 85-12, Box 24
fileSecurities and Exchange Commission v. National Student Marketing Corp, 1972MSS 85-12, Box 24
fileMaterial concerning Newman's appearance before the SEC, 1977MSS 85-12, Box 24
fileHistorical Working Papers on the Economic Stabilization Program, 1971MSS 85-12, Box 24