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MSS 2016-05

The Paul von Bergen Collection re Prosecution of Japanese War Criminals (Yokohama Trials)


Small collection of statements of Japanese individuals.war criminals.

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1.7 Cubic Feet (2 archival boxes, and one archival carton.)

Scope & Contents

This collection contains approximately 2,000 pages of typed notes and preparatory materials that Paul K. von Bergen compiled as chief prosecutor for several cases at the Yokohama War Crimes Trials (1946-1949). Concurrent to the larger International Military Tribunal for the Far East in Tokyo, the Yokohama Trials operated under U.S., rather than international, authority and focused on lower-level military personnel and civilians accused of Class "B" and "C" war crimes (conventional war crimes and crimes against humanity).

The documents in this collection represent von Bergen’s research as chief prosecutor for U.S. v. Kajuro Aihara et al., U.S. v. Kiyoharu Tomomori et al., and a few other cases related to the mistreatment of American Prisoners of War in the Japanese city of Fukuoka. The cases revolved around the extra-judicial execution of POWs at Japan's Western Army Headquarters and medical experiments conducted at the nearby Kyushu Imperial University. Owing to the size of these cases (Aihara et al. had 30 defendants, Tomomori et al. 25), and the nature of the crimes, they received considerable attention from the U.S. press at the time.

Collection Description

    Immediate Source of Acquisition

    This collection was donated to the Law Library Mark and Paul von Bergen Jr. in November of 2016.


    The papers were transferred from eight original binders (labelled A-G, I, J-Ko, Ku-Miz, Mo-Nu, O-Sa, Se-Tan, U-Z) to 22 folders preserving the original alphabetical organization. The documents consist of von Bergen's research and notes, including: full and excerpted segments of accused and witness statements, short biographies of the accused, petitions to the SCAP Legal Section for the apprehension of suspected war criminals, diagrams, sketches, and captioned photographs of the locations of the incidents, and other notes. Pages are typewritten with occasional handwritten marginalia and corrections.

    Biographical / Historical

    Paul K. von Bergen was born in Niles, Ohio in 1915. After receiving his A.B. at the University of Michigan in 1937 he went on to earn an LL.B. at the University of Virginia in 1940. Upon graduation he moved to Michigan, where he entered general practice and served in state and federal courts before joining the army in 1943. After initially working on court-martial cases he began prosecuting Japanese war criminals as a U.S. military lawyer from October 1945 until his discharge in July 1946. He continued working for the military as a civilian lawyer, serving aschief prosecutor for the above-mentioned cases at the Yokohama War Crimes Trials. He remained in the government's employ until July 1949, when he returned to the U.S. and resumed general practice in Michigan. He passed away in 1990.

fileBinder A -G, Folder.1, Statements of: Abiru, CPL; Aiga, Yuichi (Kiu); Aihara, Kajuro; Aijima, Toru; An Air Corps Major; Akaiwa; Akamine, Teruo; Akita, Hiroshi, Col.; Amakazu, Masahiko; Anan; Ano, Tadaki; Arakawa, Bunricku or Bunroku; C/S Central Army HeadBox 1
fileBinder A-G, Folder 2, Statements of: Fredericks, William R.; Fuji, Kiichi; Fujii, Mareo; Fujisaki, Shigetsugu; Fukuda, Tokushi; Fukue; Fukushima (Probationary Officer); Fukushima, Kyusaku; Gata, Zenzo; Goiyama, Shiniu; Goshino, Shiro; Goshima, Shiro; GotoBox 1
fileLoose photographs found in Binder A - GBox 1
itemPhoto of Rear End behind the Anatomy Section, Kyashu Imperial University, 14 July 1947
itemPhoto of a "year" entrance into the Anatomy Section, Kyushu Imperial University, 14 July 1947
itemPhoto of rear entrance into the Anatomy Section, Kyusha Imperial University. 14 July 1947
itemPhoto of interior crypt where ashes were deposited after after bodies were cremated at Kyushu Imperial University, 14 July 1947
itemPhoto of the exterior view of the crypt where ashes were deposited at Kyushu Imperial University, 14 July 1947
itemPhoto of the exterior view of the crematory at Kyushu Imperial University, 14 July 1947
itemPhoto of dissecting tables at the second series of operations performed in the autopsy room, Kyushu Imperial University, 14 July 1947.
itemPhoto of the rear view of the autopsy room showing the doorway into the adjoining room at the Anatomy Section, Kyushu Imperial University, 14 July 1947
itemPhoto of area behind Western Army Headquarters where prisoners-of-war were reported to have been executed, 15 July 1947
itemPhoto of the Japanese Western Headquarters, Fukuoka, Kyushu, 15 July 1947
itemPhoto of the former site of the prisoner-of-war detention barracks at the Japanese Western Army Headquarters, 15 July 1947
itemPhoto of [Kitano, Hyozo] and Captain David Sweet, Yokohama War Crimes Trials, undated
fileBinder I, Folder 1, Statements of: Ibe, Saburo; Ibuka; I”C”Hiyama See: Ishiyama; Ichiyoshi, Chikao; Idezuki, Saburo; Idezono (Itezono); Igarashi, Mikie; Ijima, Yoshio; Ikeda, Kenyoshi; Ikeda, Michio; Ikeda, Kami; Ikeda, Kaneyoshi; Imai; Imamura, Hajime; IBox 1
fileBinder I, Folder 2, Statements of: Ishisawa, Masao; Ishiyama, Fukijiro; Itezono, Tatsuo, Major (some documents say Itezama); Ito, Soshin; Ito (Doctor); Ito, Akira; Iwasaki; Iwasaki (Probationary Officer); Iwasaki (tei); IwataBox 1
fileBinder J – Ko, Folder 1, Statements of: Jikuya, Tetsuo (See Zusiya, Tatsuo); Jin, Iichiro; Jin, Inosuke; Jinnaka, Seichi (Soichi); Jogo; Junaka, S.; Kagoshima; Kaji; Kakitani; Kako; Kaku; Kaku, Takanobu; Kamada, Masafusa; Kambayashi, Hiroshi; Kameyama (FNBox 1
fileBinder J - Ko, Folder 2, Statements of: Kobayakawa, Kunio; Kobayashi; Kodama; Koga; Koga, Tsune or Tsuno; Koguwa [?], Nobuyeshi; Koide, Saharo [?]; Koiso; Kombayashi, Hiroshi (See: Kambayashi or Kanbayashi); Komeya; Komia; Komori, Taku; Kondo, Tokuta; KoyBox 1
fileBinder Ku – Miz, Folder 1, Statements of: Kubo, Toshikuni; Kubo; Kubo, Tsuneki; Kubo, Tsuneyuki; Kubo, Toshiyuki; Kubota, Ichiro; Kuboyama, Hideto; Kugiyama; Kumagai, Taizo; Kuraughi; Kuroda; Kuroki, Osamu; Kusumoto, Ryunosuke, Major (Sugano) 1946-08-30; Box 1
fileBinder Ku - Miz, Folder 2, Statements of: Mameda; Manabe, Sumako (Kiu); Managi, Sgt.; Manako, Hyota; Masao (1), Tando (Kiu); Masuzaki, (PO); Masazaki, Nobyshige; Matake, Shichiro (Kiu); Mataki, Matsuda (kiu); Matsuki, Suekatsu; Matsumoto (Kiu); Matsunaga Box 1
fileBinder Mo - Nu, Folder 1, Statements of: Momoda, Hirsohi (Kiu); Momota; Mori, Yoshio (Kiu); Morimoto, Kenji; Morinaga (Capt); Morita (Kiu); Morita, Toshimaro; Morotani (Kiu); Morotoni, Takefumi (Kiu); Motomura, Yasuo; Mukai (Kiu); Mukaigaki, Yoshiro; MuneBox 2
fileBinder Mo - Nu, Folder 2, Statements of: Nakae, Chizuko (Kiu); Nakajima, Fujio; Nakajima, Probationary Officer; Nakajima (See: Nakashina) (Kiu); Nakajima, Ryotei (Yoshida ?); Nakamura, Aiko (Kiu) [also Nakamura Woman Dentist]; Nakamura, Minoru (2d Lt); NaBox 2
fileBinder O - Sa, Folder 1, Statements of: Oba, Kyoko; Oda, Tayuru (Kiu); Odashima, Todashi; Ogata (Kiu); Ogawa, Fujiko (Shiokawa) (Kiu) Sugano 2 Sep 1947; Ogawa, Yasu (Kiu); Oguma (Kiu); Oguri, Nobuo; Ohashi, Yoshio (Major); Ohnishi (See Onishi) (Sugamo); OBox 2
fileBinder O - Sa, Folder 2, Statements of: Sada, Masato (Kiu); Sada; Saito, Heigo; Sakae; Sakai, Yosuo (Kiu); Sakamoto; Sakaro, Koide (kiu); Sakaro, Ichiro (Capt); Sano; Sanui, Sgt. Maj.; Sasaki, Yukio (Kiu); Satano, Osano; Satano, Probationary Officer; SataBox 2
fileBinder Se - Tan, Folder 1, Statements of: Senba, Yoshitaka (Kiu); Senba, Yoshitery (Cousin to The Senba); Sha; “Shibata” (Kiu): Shibayama; Shibayama, Kaneshiro; Shigematsu (20 Nov 47); Shigetomi, Shigeki; Shimada, Shizuko (See: Suyama, Shizuko); ShimasakaBox 2
fileBinder Se - Tan, Folder 2, Statements of: Suzuki, Kiichiro; Suzuki; Suzuki, Shigeyoshi; Takada; Takada (Col); Takagi, Mozo (Kiu); Takahashi, Manzo; Takahashi, Mamoru (Kiu); Takahashi (FNU); Takata; Takata (See; Takada); Takata, Haruge; Takata, Shunzo (KiuBox 2
fileBinder U - Z, Folder 1, Statements of: Uchino, Sergeant; Ueda, Masatoshi; Uemura, Shogo, Sergeant Major; Umayahara, Shigeru (kiu); Uno (Kiu); Urago (kiu); Uriyu, Denkichi (kiu); Ushijima, Nagaki; Utsunomita, 1st Lt.; Wakamatsu, Tadakazu, Lt. Gen.; WakamatBox 2
fileBinder U - Z, Folder 2, Statements of: Yamashita; Yamauye, Hitoshi; Yanagawa (kiu); Yanagi, Probationary Officer; Yano (Kiu); Yoshida, Kanji; Yoshida, Masashi; Yoshizumi, Masao; Yasanuga, Mrs. (kiu); Yata, Zenzo (Kiu); Yayama (Kiu); Yayama, Fumiko; YayamiBox 2
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