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Records of the Law School Foundation


1980 [Single]
32 Linear Feet (plus many folders in the photograph collection)

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Alumni Event, Alumni Dinner at the Princeton Club in New York City, January 21, 1981
Alumni Event, Atlanta Reception, January 8, 1993
Barringer, Paul B.
Benet, Christie
Bergin, Thomas (professor)
Bowen, Perre
Boyd, T. Munford
Broun, E. Fontaine
Brown, Walter L.
Campbell, Stuart B.
Carlyle, Irving E., 1953-1954 President Alumni Association
Chamberlain, Bernard
Class of 1922--Reunion in [1962?] [Alumni]
Class of 1926-Reunion in 1976 [Alumni]
Coxe, Whitwell W.
Crockett, Richard N.
Dietz, Park Elliott
Ehrenreich, Nancy
Fessler, Daniel W. (Professor of Contracts and Corporations), 1976
Folk, Ernest L, III
Fox, Charles D. III
Gay, Thomas B.
Glenn, Garrard W.
Hartfield, David. Jr., 1947-1949, President, Alum. Assoc.
Jones, T. Catesby, 1939-1941, Pres. Alum. Assoc
Law Day 1976 [Alumni]
Law School Faculty and Staff Christmas Party, 1988
Lile Wm. Minor 1911 Pres. Alumni Assoc. [Alumni}
McFarland, Carl (1)
McFarland, Carl [Faculty]
McGovern, Sen. George
McGowan, Carl E.
Moss, Ambler
Parker, Alexander W.
Paulsen, Monrad G. [Faculty]
Peller, Gary, 1980s
Potter, William S.
Reception for Annual Giving Volunteers, 1987
Ritchie, John [Faculty]
Frank W. Rogers
Rosenberger, William
Saltzburg, Stephen
Shands, Richard E., 1968-1969 Pres. Alum. Assoc.
Spies Emerson Wenger Larry Lexis 1976 [Faculty]
Taylor, Rob J. (1966?)
Wagenheim, Michael B., 1963-1964 President of Alumni Association
John L. Walker
White, William H. Jr., 1934-1937 President of the Alumni Association
Wyatt, Walter
Kellogg, Marion (1)
Law School Clay Hall
Merrill, Richard [Faculty]
Alumni Committee for Regional Organization of the Annual Giving Program
Alumni Event, Norfolk, Virginia, October 1980
Alumni- National Committee for Annual Giving Program, 1965
Dillard, Dean Hardy and John B. Thompson (winner of Richmond-Ribble Prize), 1965
Knight Robert and Kenneth Redden n.d. [Alumni]
Law Alumni Association - Members and Minutes Book (1921-1942)
Alumni Dinner
Alumni Event, New York City, ca.1980-1988
Alumni Events, Unidentified
Alumni Gathering -- San Francisco, 1981
Alumni N.Y. Phonathon, 1980-1981
Alumni: Committee for Regional Organization of the Annual Giving Program (10/1970)
Austrian Constitutional Court- Visit to Law School, 1985
Baker, Tyler
Ballenger, Martha (1)
Boyd, T. Munford
Cass, Ronald A.
Center for Oceans Law and Policy
Chinese Delegation -- Visit to the Law School (Foundation)
Jane Clarke
Crane, Daniel
Dickie, Mary (1)
Eskridge, William (3 shots)
Gellhorn, Ernest
Gutman, Harry L.
Kneedler, H. Lane (2 shots)
Law Library.
Law Library Circ Desk in Clark Hall, 1960
Law School Acquisition of Anne Slaughter's Paintings Reception, November 1987
Love, Margaret with recruiting lawyers n.d.
McKee, William
Merkel, Phil
Miller, Jimmy, UVA Basketball Player
Perlman, Harvey
Sharpe Calvin (3 shots) [Faculty]
Sockwell, Susan
Graham Strong
Tax Symposium, 198?
Toby Award, Alumni Weekend 1983
Weicker, Lowell
Weinberg, Harold
Wilkinson, Judge J. Harvie III
Zheutlin, Peter
[Herbert Skin?] at Tax Symposium
Harris, John W., Class of 1880
Jackson Thomas 1988 [Faculty]
Jackson Thomas 1988-1991
Jackson, Thomas ca. 1989-1993
Jackson, Thomas with Justice Lewis Powell 1988-1991
Thomas Jackson, 1988
Jackson, Thomas, Unveiling of his Portrait, November 1992
The Cavalaires
Thomas Jackson, 1988 (2)
Thomas Jackson, 1988-1991
J.B. Moore Society of International Law
Law Alumni Weekend 1984
Law Alumni Weekend 1986
Jeffersonian Legacies Conference, "Jeffersonian Legacies: Jefferson and Rights."
Bell, Griffin B.
Brunner, Edouard (Swiss Ambassador to the US, SLF Speaker)
Law Alumni Weekend 1983; Lynda Bird Robb, Governor Jay Rockefeller, Thomas B. Gay, Class of 1906
Law Alumni Weekend 1994
Law Alumni Weekend 1987; Class of 1937 50th Anniversary Reunion
Bell, Robert
Law Alumni Weekend 1988
Barristers' Ball, 3/31/1984
Law Republicans
Billings, Nicholas
Bennett, Jason
Bell, Griffin (Attorney General for the U.S.)
Babe, Patty (Librarian)
Battle, John S. Jr. (Class of 1943)
Bradley, Kathleen
Events: Graduation 2000
Broaddus, William G. (Class of 1968)
Cannon, Jonathan
Merhige, Judge Robert. (SUSDJED of VA. and John A. Ewald Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law 1987-88), during Student Legal Forum event.
Bradley, Curtis, Faculty
Brown v. Board of Education, Photo of Signed Law
Burroway, Beth (Assistant to the Director of Alumni Affairs, Law School Foundation, 1994)
Biller, Patricia
Carlos Brown Headshot
Caldwell, Angela
Virginia Journal of International Law
Cho, Mark
Law School Rugby Club
Bayh, Evan, 2005 Graduation Speaker
Bell, Robert
Law School Harrison Law Grounds Dedication, Spies Family, 1998, April
Law Alumni Weekend 1982
Law Alumni Council Meeting
Campaign Kickoff, 1986
Moss, Suzelle
Caddell, Michael and Wife Cynthia Chapman with Mortimer Caplin and Ruth Caplin
Graduation 1985 1987
Law Alumni Weekend 1996
Law Alumni Weekend 1981
Bentsen, Derek
Abbott, Hirschel Jr.
Abraham, Kenneth
Abraham, Kenneth S
Adler, Barry
Admitted Students Weekend 1999
Ahmed, Naila
Albemarle County Countryside
Albemarle County Courthouse, Charlottesville, VA
Alexander, Laura C.
Alford, Neill
Alumni Annual Giving Program. Buist, Moore, Smythe and McGee of Charleston,SC
Alumni Association Board of Directors, 1966
Alumni Event
Alumni Event (unknown date and location) - Stephen Cardi ('66), Robert Lovegreen ('63), Gordon Carpenter ('66)
Alumni Event, 1988. Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr. with Foster D. Arnett '48
Alumni Event, 1996
Alumni Event, ABA Convention Cruise, Toront
Alumni Event, Alumni Reception at the Student Faculty Center, n.d.
Alumni Event, Atlanta 2004
Alumni Event, Bayly Museum of Art Reception for Campaign Workers, 1987
Alumni Event, Board and Council Dinner, 1989
Alumni Event, Board of Trustees and Alumni Council, November 1988
Alumni Event, Boston, 1996
Alumni Event, Boston, 2005
Alumni Event, Boston, May 12, 1999
Alumni Event, Campaign Kickoff Dinner, 1995
Alumni Event, Campaign Kickoff, 1995
Alumni Event, Campaign Workers Dinner, 1985
Alumni Event, Campaign Workers Weekend at Michie Tavern
Alumni Event, Campaign Workers Weekend, ca.1988
Alumni Event, Capitol Hill Reception, Washington, D.C., October 13, 2004
Alumni Event, Dudley Dinner, May 2001
Alumni Event, Fourth European Reunion, Vouliagmeni, Greece, August, 1993
Alumni Event, Kenneth and June White, Lynchburg, Virginia, January 1997
Alumni Event, LLMs Reunion, Vienna, Austria, June 10-11, 1993
Alumni Event, New York Area Campaign Kicjoff, September 11, 1984
Alumni Event, New York City Luncheon, February 18, 2004
Alumni Event, New York Lunch, January 22, 1993
Alumni Event, New York Young Alumni Event, October 2003
Alumni Event, New York, January 28, 1988
Alumni Event, Northern Virginia, 2005
Alumni Event, Northern Virginia, October 28,1999
Alumni Event, October 2003
Alumni Event, Oxford, England, ca. 1980s
Alumni Event, Philadelphia, November 17, 2005
Alumni Event, Providence, June 4, 2002
Alumni Event, Providence, October 2005
Alumni Event, Reception at the Caplin Pavilion
Alumni Event, Reception at the Faculty Lounge, ca.1981- 82
Alumni Event, Regional Chairmen and Class Managers Dinner at Rotunda, 1977
Alumni Event, Richmond Area Alumni Reception, June 2005
Alumni Event, Richmond Luncheon, November 14, 1986
Alumni Event, Richmond Reception, 1988
Alumni Event, Richmond Reception, February 21, 2002
Alumni Event, Richmond Reception, November 10, 1993
Alumni Event, Richmond Reception, October 3, 1990
Alumni Event, Rotunda Dinner, September 30, 1977
Alumni Event, San Francisco Cruise, August 11, 1987
Alumni Event, Spotswood Dudley Reception, Washington, DC, May 1991
Alumni Event, Volunteer's Weekend, September 7-8, 1990
Alumni Event, Volunteers Dinner, 1989
Alumni Event, Volunteers Weekend, October 1, 1993
Alumni Event, Volunteers Weekend, September 18-19, 1992
Alumni Event, Washington Reception for Young Alumni, October 12, 1989
Alumni Event, Washington, D.C. Lunch, October 1989
Alumni Event, Washington, D.C. Reception, June 2005
Alumni Event, Washington, D.C. Reception, November 28, 1990
Alumni Event, Washington, D.C.Luncheon, October 1986
Alumni Event, Worldwide Graduate Alumni Reunion, Charlottesville, August 1991
Alumni Event, Writ Marks and Bob Huges Celebrate Their 35th Reunion, Charlottesville, 1992
Alumni Event. Norfolk, Va. Oct. 1980
Alumni Event. Northern Virginia
Alumni Event. Richmond 2005
Alumni Event. Washington, D.C. Bar Review, June 8, 1989
Alumni Luncheon in Dallas, January, 2005
Alumni Volunteer Weekend 1990
Alumni Volunteer Weekend 1992
Amartya Sen
Amy Wax
Anglo-American Exchange Program
Anne M. Coughlin
Armacost, Barbara
Armour Scholars
Armour Scholars John Rego, Ann Peldo, Anthony Dios
Athletic Events
Atkins, Aldon
Awesu, Kunle
Aycock, Margaret
Ayres, Ian
Ayres, Ian - Visiting Olin Fellow
Bacchus, James
Baer, Donald
Bailey, Lynn
Ballenger, Martha
Balnave, Richard
Barbie Selby
Bates, John III (L)
Bayh, Evan and Jennie Ferretti, 1981
Bayh, Evan- Speaker for Student Legal Forum, October 31, 1989
Bell, Derrick
Benjamin, James Jr.
BeVier, Lillian
Birdwood Pavilion
Birmingham Alumni Event
Blackmun, Harry
BLSA Progressive Speakers' Series
Boase, Kathryn S. 1996
Bonnie Jackson, A.C. Epps, Jean Arnett, Ralph Feil, Lurton Massee,Tom Jackson, Henry Dudley and Spottswood Dudley at Alumni Hall, 1992
Bork, Robert Judge
Broadbent, Peter Jr.
Broome, O. Whitfield
Broughton, Althea
Brown v. Board of Education 50th Anniversary Symposium
Brown, Bill
Brown, Kevin
Brumbaugh, Forrest and Chris Akin
Buck, Ruth
Buechus, James
Burger, Warren E., Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Burton, Preston
Business Advisory Council 1995
Caddell, Michael
Campaign Kickoff Dinner 1995
Campaign Workers Reception 1988
Caplin Auditorium
Caplin Public Service Award 2001
Caplin, Mortimer
Caplin, Mortimer, with Richard Merrill
Carol Browner
Carter, Jimmy inaugurates Dillard Scholars' Lecture, 1991
Case, Mary Anne C.
Casteen, John III
Catherine, Olivier Christopher
Center for Law and Oceans Policy (1976)
Charlottesville Alumni Event May 2005
Charlottesville Alumni Reception
Charlottesville Downtown Mall
Children's Health Care Course, 1992
Christopher, Warren
Christopher, Warren Recipient of the 6th Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Award in Law
Civil Liberties Seminar, 1992
Civil Rights Marches
Clark Hall Exterior
Clark Hall Interior
Clarkson, John and Downing, Conway
Class of 1927
Class of 1929
Class of 1931
Class of 1941
Class of 1947
Class of 1949
Class of 1951
Class of 1952
Class of 1956 in 2006
Class of 1959
Class of 1960
Class of 1961
Class of 1963 Professorship Dinner
Class of 1965
Class of 1966
Class of 1967
Class of 1968
Class of 1969
Class of 1970
Class of 1971
Class of 1972
Class of 1973
Class of 1974
Class of 1975
Class of 1976
Class of 1978
Class of 1979
Class of 1980
Class of 1981
Class of 1981 in 2006
Class of 1982
Class of 1983
Class of 1984
Class of 1985
Class of 1986
Class of 1986 in 2006
Class of 1986 in D.C.
Class of 1987
Class of 1988
Class of 1989
Class of 1990
Class of 1990 in May 2005
Class of 1991
Class of 1991 in 2006
Class of 1992
Class of 1993
Class of 1994
Class of 1995
Class of 1996
Class of 1997
Class of 1998
Class of 1999
Class of 2002
Class of 2003
Clay, Buckner '42
Cohen, Edwin S.
Cohen, George
Commencement 2004
Coughlin, Anne M.
Cowen, Zelman Sir (First Menzies Scholar)
Criminal Practice Workshop, 1988
Crispell, Kenneth
Cushman, Barry
Dahmen, Gene, with Martha Ballenger
Dandelion Parade
Daniel Richman
Darden School
David Ibekken
Davison, Charles
Dean's Council, October 1-2, 1992
Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity
Dennis, Edward S.G.
Derrick Bell
Diamond, Cora
Dickie, Mary
DiGenova, Joseph
Dillard Hardy C. as Judge at World Court
Dillard Scholars Dinner, 1995
Dillard, Hardy C.
Dining Hall Photos
Dooley, Michael
Doyle, Billie, with Joe Kett, n.d.
Drinan, Robert F., S. J.
Drysdale, Doug, with Al Turnbull, ca. 1996
Dudley, Earl
Duffy, Dennis P. '82 and Prof. Verkerke 1999
E Summit 1999
Eagleburger, Lawrence
East German Law Students 1993
Edelman, Marian Wright, Recipient of the TJ Award, 1992
Edelman, Peter
Edmund Kitch
Elizabeth Lowe
Elizabeth Scott
Elkins, Steven
Ely, John Hart
Emery, Kimberly Carpenter
Emily Couric
Ewald Professorships [?] Justice Powell and Prof. David Martin, Undated
Eytan, Walter, Israeli Ambassador and J.B. Moore Society Speaker, 1989
Falwell, Jerry
Federalist Society Members, 1984-85
Federalist Society Symposium with Antonin Scalia, 1988
Fehr, Donald
Ferretti, David P. '81 with Felton and Mahoney, ca. 1989
First Year Oral Arguments 1990
First Year Picnic 1987
First Year Picnic 1988
First Year Picnic 1990
First Year Picnic 1991
First Year Picnic 1992
Fitzpatrick, James
Ford, President Gerald
Forde-Mazrui, Kim
Foster, Margaret
Founder's Day, 1993
Founders' Day, 1981
Frank McCulloch
Freund, Paul A. Thomas Jefferson Award 1979
Friendly, Judge Henry J.
Friendly, Judge Henry J. with Philip Johnson, 1978
Frohmayer, John, Student Legal Forum Speaker, 1994
Galán, Gloria - Committee of Mothers and Relatives of Political Prisoners, Disappeared, and Murdered of El Salvador (CoMadres)
Garrett, Elizabeth
Gartner, Michael
George Cohen
George Yin
Gerachis, George, with Thomas Melo and Dennis Duffy, Undated
Gillette, Abby
Gillette, Clayton
Gobin, Kip
Goetz, Charles John
Goforth, H. Buz, with Mortimer Caplin, Undated
Goldberg, Whoopi, 1987
Goldsmith, Jack L.
Goldwater, Barry
Gomez, Carlos
Goodwyn, Bernard
Goodwyn, Sharon
Goolsby, Allen C. III with the Drysdales
Gordon, Judge Thomas C.
Gorey, Hays, with Peter Kostmayer, 1993
Graduate Program for Appellate Judges, 1982
Graduate Program for Judges, 1985
Graduation 2001
Graduation 2002
Graduation 2005
Graduation 2005_2
Graduation 2005_3
Graduation Procession 2005
Graduation Reception 2004
Graduation, Graduate Program for Judges
Griswold, Erwin N. - Thomas Jefferson Memorial Award in Law
Gross, Adam
Hadden, Elaine
Haigh, Virginia
Hamburger, Philip
Hamilton, Alexander
Harmon, Beverly
Harold Krent
Harriet Tregoning
Harrill, Roy with Ron Tweel, Alumni Reception at the Student Faculty Center, n.d.
Harrison, John C.
Harry Blackmun
Hart, Jim
Hausmaninger, Herbert
Hayden, Tom
Henderson, Stan
Henderson, Stanley
Hetherington, John A. C.
Hines, Marjorie, SLF Speaker 1994
Historic Preservation, 1987
Hoffman Lectures 1992
Hoffmann, Joseph (Indiana Univ. Prof. of Law), n.d.
Hofstadler, Amy Knight
Hoge, Stephen Kenneth
Hood, Roger
Hopson, W. Stevenson IV
Howard, A. E. Dick
Howell, Nathaniel
Hufstedler, Shirley M., Fall 1984
Hunton and Williams Professorship Dinner, 1985
Ibbeken, David
Interior Photos
Ireland, Patricia
Isenberg, Joseph
J. Harvie Wilkinson
J.B. Moore Society of International Law Brown Bag Lunch
Jackson, Thomas H.
James, Donald M. '77, Business Advisory Council, September 2000
Jay Rockefeller
Jefferson, Thomas
Jeffersonian Legacies Conference - "Jeffersonian Legacies: Jefferson and Rights"
Jeffrey O'Connell
Jeffries, John
Jerry Stokes
John D. Corse '57
John Hetherington
John Paul
John Stennis
Johnson, Alex
Jonathan Cannon
Joseph Wynne
Joseph, George Jay, with Foster Arnett '48, 1987
June Campbell
Kaminer, Wendy
Karlan, Pamela S.
Kennedy, Edward M. (Ted) Senator
Kevin Brown
Klepper, Michael (Librarian)
Klepper, Micheal
Kneedler, Harry Lane
Kordana, Kevin A.
Korean War Conference, 1990
Kraus, Jody
Larry Wenger
Laurens Rhinelander
Lauro Fred Cavazos, Jr. 1990
Law Alumni Event for Thomas Jackson, 1994
Law Alumni Weekend 1983
Law Alumni Weekend 1985
Law Alumni Weekend 1987
Law Alumni Weekend 1989
Law Alumni Weekend 1990
Law Alumni Weekend 1991
Law Alumni Weekend 1993
Law Alumni Weekend 1997
Law Alumni Weekend 2000
Law Alumni Weekend 2000_3
Law Alumni Weekend 2001
Law Alumni Weekend 2001_2
Law Alumni Weekend 2001_3
Law Alumni Weekend 2002--Class of 1952 50th Anniversary
Law Alumni Weekend 2004
Law Alumni Weekend 2004_4
Law Alumni Weekend 2005
Law Alumni Weekend 2005_2
Law Alumni Weekend 2005_settings
Law Alumni Weekend c2001
Law Alumni Weekend c2004
Law and Medicine Cover Photos
Law and Politics Symposium 1991
Law Faculty During Graduation, 1981
Law Faculty Graduation, ca. 1980s
Law Faculty, 1940s
Law Library Staff
Law Library: Minor Hall
Law School - North Grounds
Law School Aerial Photos
Law School Business Advisory Council Panel
Law School Caplin Pavillion
Law School Construction
Law School Exterior
Law School Faculty 1980-1981 [Faculty]
Law School Graduation
Law School Graduation 1978
Law School Grounds
Law School Interior
Law School Renovation Project
Law School Secretarial Staff
Law School Today Conference 1992
Law Students for Public Service, 1984-85
Legal Assistance Society 1989
Legal Assistance Society Members, 1984-85
Legal Assistance Society Migrant Farm Workers Project 1985
Leslie, Douglas L.
Levinson, Daryl, 1997
Levitz, Kathleen B.
Levmore, Saul (Faculty)
Libel Show - April 1989
Libel Show 1980
Libel Show 1984
Libel Show, ca. 1980s
Library Media Services--Interviews
Lichtman, Jackie
Lile Moot Court 1994
Lile Moot Court, 1984
Lilly, Graham
Liman, Arthur
Linda Malone
Lindgren, James
LLM Program
Lorch, Ernie H.
Love, Margaret L.
Low, Peter
Lowe, Elizabeth
LSF Judges Panel 1988
LSF Picnic - August 1997
Lyell Clay with Family and Friends, Undated
Macey, Jonathan
Mahoney, Paul
Malmquist, Katherine, Circ Services Supervisor
Manson, Peter
Marchant, Byron, with Mikael Salovaara, Undated
Marsha Trimble
Marshall, John
Martin, David
Martin, Judith (Miss Manners)
Mary Gilliam Cooper
Massaro, Thomas
Massee-Merrill Dinner, Fall 1993
Matthew, Dana Bowen
McCoid, John
McCoid, John C. II
McCorkle Lectures
McCurdy, Charles
McEachern, Thomas A. 1964
McGovern, Francis E.
McGowan, Carl E. at TJ Awards, 1982
Meador, Daniel J.
Menefee, Samuel Pyeatt
Merchant, John F.
Merhige, Judge Robert, Jr.
Merrill, Richard A.
Metcalfe, Walter, Jr.
Michael Klarman
Michelman, Frank I.
Middleditch, Leigh B. Jr.
Mnookin, Jennifer
Monahan, John
Moore, John Norton
Moore, Thurston R. with Joseph C. Carter, ca. 1996
Moot Court - 1975
Moot Court 1985
Moot Court 50th Anniversary 1978
Moot Court Photos, Miscellaneous
Moot Court Winners 1989
Moot Court Winners 1990-92
Moot Court, 1978
Moot Court, 1983
Moot Court, 1992
Moot Court, 1993
Moot Court, ca. 1976-79
Mortimer Caplin
Mortimer Caplin with Family and Others, May 1997
Moss, Diane
Murphy, Barbara
Muskie, Edmund S.
Mustain, Anne
Myers, Ann
Napolitano, Janet
National Institute of Health Photos
National Women Law Students' Association (NWLSA)
Nelson, Caleb
Norfolk Alumni Reception 1980
Nunley, Wallace [Medical School Graduate]
Nunn, Sam
NY Alumni Reception 1988
O'Connell, Jeffrey
O'Connor, Sandra Day - Thomas Jefferson Award
O'Connor, Sandra Day Apr. 1987
O'Neil, Robert
Olin Lectures in Law and Economics
Olson, Kent
Orientation 1994
Ortiz, Daniel R.
Otto Stolz
Page, John Marshall III
Parents Weekend 1995
Parisi, Francesco
Partnership Panel, ca. 1989
Patricia Biller
Paul Mahoney
Paul Stephan
Paulsen, Monrad
Peter Arnett
Peter Kostmayer
Peter Swire
Petersen, J.C. "Chap"
Phi Alpha Delta, 1984-85
Phi Delta Phi Annual Race Judicata, October 24, 1989
Phi Delta Phi, 1984-85
Philadelphia Alumni Event 2005
Phillips, Blaine, with Charles Gamble, 1997
Phonathon, 1989
Phonathon, 1991
Phonathon, 1993
Phonathon, n.d.
Posner, Richard A.
Post Conviction Assistance Project
Post Conviction Assistance Project, 1984-85
Powell, Lewis F. Jr.
Prettyman, E. Barrett
Priest, A.J. Gustin
Principles and Practice 1995
Principles and Practice Program, 1994
Public Service Awards 2000
Public Service Center Conference - Death Penalty Panel 2000
Public Service Center Conference, 2000
Race Ipsa Loquitor, 1979
Rainey, Gordon F. Jr. with Dean Robert Scott, ca. 1996
Randolph, Edmund
Redden, Kenneth
Redden, Kenneth R.
Rehnquist, Justice William H., Apr. 1993
Rehnquist, William H. Chief Justice - 175th Anniversary of Law School Conference
Reno, Janet, U.S. Attorney General, at 40th Anniversary of VJIL
Revercomb Family, ca. 1996
Reynolds, Kent '85
Richard J. Bonnie
Richard J. Bonnie [Faculty]
Richard Lillich
Richmond Alumni Event 1988
Richmond Alumni Reception 1990
Richmond Alumni Reception 2002
Riley, Margaret Foster and Students During Class, ca. 1995
Ring, Renee and Melissa Young, with Albert Lilley, at 2004 Event
Ritchie, Albert
Robb, Charles "Chuck"
Robb, Chuck, with Merrill, Spies, Howard, and Two Students, Undated
Robinson, Glen O.
Robinson, Marietta
Robinson, Mildred
Rogers, Margot M.
Roin, Julie
Rosa Brooks
Rosenbloom, Daniel
Rosenbloom, Daniel, with Scott Raynes, 1996
Rosenbloom, Daniel, with the Rosenbloom Award's First Recipient Stephen F. Smith, 1992
Ross, Riley ('99) at Law Alumni Weekend
Rotunda and Lawn-University of Virginia
Rotunda Drawings
Rubenstein, Michael
Rutherglen, George
Ryan, Jim
Saltzburg, Stephen A.
Saltzburg, Stephen A., Criminal Procedure Class with Muhammad Ali to Discuss U.S. v. Clay, Jan. 26, 1988
Sargent, James C.
Scarman, Sir Leslie George
Schauer, Frederick
Schematic Drawings
Schifter, Richard
Scott Commons Ceremony
Scott, Robert
Scott, Robert E.
Scott, Robert E., 1993
Seitz, Collins J.
Serreze, Peter H., with Kimberly Emery (1998-1999 Pro Bono Award), 1999
Sexual Orientation Symposium 1993
Shackelford, Travis
Shorr, Daniel
Sinclair, Kent
Slaughter Hall
Slaughter Hall Dedication 1996
Slaughter, James C.
Slaughter, William
SLF Auction 1991
SLF Auction 1992
Snyder, Helen
Softball, Student-Faculty
Speakers, Unidentified
Spies, Emerson
Spies, Emerson, Dean
Sports and Entertainment Law Forum: 1993. "Hiring a Sports Agent."
Stampley, David
Starr, Kenneth W.
Stein, Peter G.
Stephen Carter, Yale Professor, 1992
Stephen Morse
Stephenson Gartner Debates 1991
Stern, Judge Herbert
Stokes, Jerry, Assistant Dean for Admissions
Stone, Oliver
Student Bar Association
Student Legal Forum, 1984-85
Student Sports, 1984-85
Students Reunited to Promote Racial Awareness (SUPRA) National Conference
Students, Identified
Students, Job Search, 1980s
Students, Law Sections I and II, 1984-85
Students, Unidentified
Students, Unidentified In Class
Stuntz, William J.
Super Saturday Activities
SUPRA (Students United to Promote Racial Awareness) National Conference on Race Relations
Susan Tulis
Sutphin, Lisa Spilman
Tax Law Study Group
Tenpas, Ronald Jay
Terrien, George
The Corner, Elliewood St. and University Ave.
Thomas Blumenthal
Thomas, Clarence Supreme Court Justice, John A. Ewald Visiting Professor at the Law School
Thomas, Clarence, Portrait -r
Thomas, Evan
Thomas, Justice John Charles
Thurgood Marshall Research Professorship in Law
Thurmond, J. Strom Senator
Thurmond, Strom
Todd, Amy
Todd, Rene
Tom Bergin
Tompkins, Elizabeth N. Portrait
Torrell, Gary
Torres, Cesar and Unidentified Student
Tregoning, Harriet
Trial Advocacy Institute 1983
Trial Advocacy Institute, 1985
Trial Advocacy Institute, 1987
Trial Advocacy Institute, 1988
Triantis, George
Trimble, Marsha
Tucci, Elizabeth
Turnbull, Al
Tushnet, Mark (50 Years of Brown v. Board of Education)
Tushnet, Mark - Brown v. Board of Education 50th Anniversary Symposium
Tutelaries, 1984-85
University Grounds
University of Virginia Law Alumni Honor Thomas Jackson, Rochester, New York, Fall 1994
Unveiling of D. Lurton Massee's Portrait, 1994
Vaghi, Peter, '74
Valaas, Karin E.
Vaughn, Daniel
Verkerke, J. Hoult (Rip)
Vicars Family Dinner at Birdwood, 1987
Virginia Journal of International Law
Virginia Journal of Law and Politics
Virginia Journal of National Resources Law
Virginia Journal of Natural Resources
Virginia Law Partners, 1984-85
Virginia Law Review 1975
Virginia Law Review, 1984-85
Virginia Law School Report Cover: China
Virginia Law Weekly Photos, Various
Virginia Law Women
Virginia Law Women Association Meeting 1991
Virginia Law Women [1994?]
Virginia State Bar International Law Section; Hardy Cross Dillard Memorial Award to Gov. Charles S. Robb
Virginia Tax Review
Virginia Tax Study Group
Vogel, Laurence
Wadlington, Walter J.
Walker, W. Laurens
Walt, Stephen D.
Walton, Reggie
Warden, John L.
Warner, John Senator
Webster, William H.
Weicker, Lowell P.
Weinberg, Perry Scott
Wells, Amy Stuart
Wells, William
Wharton, Elizabeth
Wharton, Elizabeth K.
White, G. Edward
White, Margot
White, Thomas R. III
Whiteman, Peter George
Wilkie, Meredith Jayne
Wilkinson, J. Harvie III Judge, Recipient of the Thomas Jefferson Medal in Law
Williams, Richard L.
Withers Hall Dedication. Mrs. Laurence Armour and UVA President Frank Hereford.
Witt, Samuel B. III
Woltz, Charles K.
Women in Law Symposium 1996
Woodard, Calvin
Woozley, Anthony
Wright, Bob
Wyman, Stacey W.
Wynne, Joseph
Yard, Molly
Yee, Donald
Zeitler, William A. (Wilhelm)
[Abortion Rally] "Webster and Incomplete Judicial Review" by Lynn A. Baker
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