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RG 32/210 -

Records of the Student Bar Association at the University of Virginia


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2 Cubic Feet (5 archival boxes)

Scope & Contents

Collection Description

seriesRG 32/210-2018 Records of the Student Bar Association (SBA), 1997 - 2014, 2017
fileABA Mental Health Initiative Tool Kit for Student Bar Associations and Administrators , 2008Box 1
fileApplications for SBA Treasurer , 2013Box 1
fileApplications for Student Council Representatives/SBA Committee Chairs, 2009 - 2010Box 1
fileCandidate Intent Forms for SBA President, Vice President, & Secretary, 2013Box 1
fileCandidate Intent Forms for SBA President, Vice President, and Secretary, 2013 - 2014Box 1
fileCharge to the Class Nominations , 2011Box 1
fileFirst Year Class Photo Directory, 2004 - 2005Box 1
fileFOIA request and court documents regarding parking spaces for Public Interest Law Association, 2013Box 1
fileLists of Past SBA Members and Speeches , 2004 - 2013Box 1
fileThe National Jurist Vol. 22 No. 2 , 2012Box 1
fileThe National Jurist Vol. 22 No. 3, 2012Box 1
fileThe National Jurist Vol. 22 No. 4, 2013Box 1
fileNew Student Organizations Petitions/By-laws, 2013Box 1
filePeer Advisor Recommendation Letters, 2008Box 1
fileResolution of the University of Virginia School of Law Student Bar Association Requesting Reinstatement of the Grade Distribution Book, 2014Box 1
fileSBA Barrister’s Ball Committee; Correspondence, Event Guidelines, Budget Requests, 2005 - 2006Box 1
fileSBA Career Services Committee; Correspondence, Guidelines, Event Organization, 2005 - 2006Box 1
fileSBA Exit Interviews and Applications for Committee Chairs , 2003 - 2004Box 1
fileSBA Handbook , 2004Box 2
fileSBA Meeting Agendas, 2006 - 2007Box 2
fileSBA Meeting Minutes, Attendance, Agendas, Sign-Ups, Miscellaneous, 2010 - 2011Box 2
fileSBA President’s Archives: Event Requests, New Student Organization Forms, By-laws, Constitutions, Correspondence, etc. (2 folders), 2001 - 2012Box 2
fileSBA President Graduation Speech, 2014Box 2
fileSBA President’s Files; Academic Concern’s, Barrister’s Ball, Career Services, Diversity, Graduate School Interaction, Graduation, Pro-Bono, Programming, Student-Alumni Relations, Website, Yearbook, Correspondence (2 folders), 2002 - 2003Box 2
fileSBA President’s Manual Vol. 1, 2003 - 2004Box 2
fileSBA President’s Manual Vol. 2 (3 folders), 2003 - 2004Box 3
fileSBA President’s Transition Notebook; Presidential Guidelines, By-Laws, Constitution, 2013Box 3
fileSBA Public Service Committee; Guidelines, Correspondence, Submission for Public Interest School of the Year Award, 2004 - 2005Box 3
fileSpace Allocation Request Forms for Student Organizations (2 folders), 2010 - 2011Box 3
fileSpecial Status Agreements for Student Organizations, 2013Box 4
fileStudent Organization Space Allocation Committee: Request Forms and Organizational Documents, 2009 - 2011Box 4
fileStudent Organization Space Allocation Committee Request Forms (2 folders), 2011Box 4
fileStudent Survey Results, 2006Box 4
fileWaivers for Race Judicata , 2008Box 4
fileGuidelines for Treasurers of Student Organizations; Appropriations Process, Student Activities Requests for Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law, Environmental Law Forum, Karate & Self Defense; Pro-Bono Criminal Assistant Project; Expenditures; UBox 5
fileSBA Miscellaneous Administrative Files: memoranda re admitted students weekend; Election-By-Laws; SBA students representation in faculty committees; some correspondence with Law School dean John Jeffries and the Law School Foundation, 2002 - 2003Box 5
fileSBA samples of voucher forms for student activities: Diversity, Thursday Social, Take a Professor Out for Lunch, Foxfield Races, Conference on Public Service and the Law, 2003 - 2004Box 5
fileSBA Directory and By-Laws, some correspondence, 2004 - 2005Box 5
fileSamples of budget and financial material. Included is the Barrister’s Ball Boars Head Inn contracts, 2011 - 2012Box 5
otherlevelUVA Law Diversity Week 2017 Poster. “United in Diversity.”, 2017
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