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MSS 2017-4

Roger A. Briney AT&T Papers


Small collection of documents mainly related to the antitrust case of U.S. v. AT&T, (1981-1996).

1943-2002 [Bulk]
1.3 Linear Feet (4 boxes)

Scope & Contents

This small collection consists of documents, news releases, advertisements, articles, and memoranda. It was donated to the Law School Library by Roger A. Briney in October of 2017. Mr. Briney was “in house” counsel for AT&T, where he served on the trial team in <em>U.S. v. AT&T</em>, “the antitrust case that led to the 1984 Bell System divestiture.”

There is one file with excerpts related to the Clinton-Lewinsky Inquiry.

Collection Description

    Immediate Source of Acquisition

    Donated to the Law Library in October of 2017.

fileU.S. v. AT&T et al, No. 74-1698, 1981MSS 2017-04, Box 1 [35007008621033]
fileU.S. v. AT&T, et al - Documents re: Chronology , 1983MSS 2017-04, Box 1 [35007008621033]
fileUnited States of America v. American Telephone and Telegraph Company; Western Electric Company, Inc.; and Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., No. 74-1698, Defendants’ Third Statement of Contentions and Proof, 3 v.MSS 2017-04, Box 1 [35007008621033]
fileU.S. v. AT&T Final Judgment, News Releases, 1982-1983MSS 2017-04, Box 2
fileBell Telephone Ads from National Geographic , 1943-1964MSS 2017-04, Box 2
fileSpeeches by Chairmen of AT&T and Western Electric, 1972-1983MSS 2017-04, Box 2
fileAT&T Employee Resources , 1977-1984MSS 2017-04, Box 2
fileAT&T Advertisements, 1983-1984MSS 2017-04, Box 2
fileAT&T Shareowners’ Newsletters, Management Reports, Special Reports , 1982-1984MSS 2017-04, Box 2
fileAT&T Magazine, Quest Magazine, 1983-1986MSS 2017-04, Box 2
fileBrief on behalf of AT&T of Maryland Before the Public Service Commission of Maryland, 1988-05-31MSS 2017-04, Box 2
fileState Telecommunications Regulatory Conclave: Decisive Planning to Meet the State Agendas; Speaker Biographies and Supporting Papers , 1988MSS 2017-04, Box 2
fileAT&T Internal Communications , 1982-1995MSS 2017-04, Box 3
fileAT&T Customer Phone Guides, 1978-1996MSS 2017-04, Box 3
fileFederal Register: Federal Communications Commission , 1996MSS 2017-04, Box 3
fileConference Report for the Telecommunications Act of 1996MSS 2017-04, Box 3
fileNews clippings related to AT&T , 1980-1998MSS 2017-04, Box 3
fileAT&T Management Reports, Shareowners’ Newsletters, AT&T Technology Magazine , 1976-1999MSS 2017-04, Box 3
fileCartoons about AT&T. n.d.MSS 2017-04, Box 3
itemAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Company [AT&T] Annual Report, New York, NY, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002MSS 2017-04, Box 4
itemAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Company. Docket Management Department: Telecommunications Glossary 1983, [New York, N.Y.]: AT & T; Indianapolis, Ind.: Available from Western Electric Co., Indiana Publication Center, 1983.MSS 2017-04, Box 4
itemAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Company: Public Policy and the Bell System, [New York]: [AT & T], 1974MSS 2017-04, Box 4
itemIn the Interest of All: Bell System Testimony on the Communications Act of 1978, [New York]: AT & T, [1978]MSS 2017-04, Box 4
itemThe Telecommunications Act of 1934 with Amendments and Index thereto. Recapped to January 1969. Washington, Federal Communications Commission, 1974MSS 2017-04, Box 4
itemAtlanta Journal Constitution – Report & Response. Excerpts from the report sent to Congress by Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr [re Clinton-Lewinsky Inquiry]MSS 2017-04, Box 4