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RG 32/405
RG 32/212

Collection of contact sheets and negative photos

RG 32/312

Committee files

RG 32/108 108
RG 32/110 110
MSS 77-1

Academic and professional papers (1920-1965) that primarily document Ribble's tenure as professor and dean of the University of Virginia School of Law. Also valuable documents on civil rights and related subjects. Extensive files on the Prince Edward Free School Association in Prince Edward County, VA, materials on literacy tests, law enforcement and civil unrest, the role of lawyers, freedom of speech and association, school integration, the Fred Wallace case and the Gray Commission.

MSS 78-1

Small collection of professional correspondence, UVA Law School memorabilia and personal diaries.

MSS 78-2

Professional and judicial papers (1902-1965) that include court material files for Davis v. County School Board of Prince Edward County. Also correspondence, speeches, drafts of briefs, dockets, notebooks.

MSS 78-3

Frank S. Tavenner's personal working files (26 boxes) of the IMTFE consist of memoranda, reports, files of Japanese defendants, printed materials. The collection contains also as well as his set of the official records (195 boxes) of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (IMTFE), 1945- 1948.

MSS 78-4

The G. Carrington Williams Papers document his work on the International Defense Section of the International Military Tribunal of the Far East from 1945 to 1948.

MSS 78-5

Thirty four agenda notebooks (1930-1963).

MSS 78-6

Important small collection of legal documents signed by George Wythe, John Marshall, Charles Lee, Samuel Chase, Edmund Randolph, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Henry St. George Tucker and John B. Minor.

MSS 78-7

Small collection of correspondence related to the University of Virginia (1933-1936).

MSS 78-8

Three letters, responses from Socrates Maupin and John B. Minor to questions asked by the Morisons.

MSS 78-9

Small collection of correspondence, newspaper clippings and memorabilia.

MSS 78-10

Commission presented to Sir Anthony Babington in the Spring of 1944.

MSS 78-11

Collection of miscellaneous professional papers, mainly of correspondence concerning legal education and the publication of his texts on Decedents’ States and Trusts and the history of the University of Virginia School of Law: The One Hundred Years. Also, there are files related to his deanships at Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Wisconsin, Northwestern University, and some memorabilia.

MSS 78-12

Correspondence, memoranda, minutes and research papers from the Legislative and Judicial subcommittee of the Commission on Constitutional Revision (1967-1968) that Peter Low and student assistants Nancy Buc, Judith Ann Arlt, Richard Hogan, and Gail Marshall compiled.

MSS 79-1

Ten documents are receipts in the settlement of Ewers vs. Ewers. Also two deeds and a drawing of a plot of land of Jos. M. Dillard to Taliaferro & Loving Co.

MSS 79-2

Correspondence (1967-1976) between Davison and Virginia Supreme Judges related to pre-publication of the Virginia Report.

MSS 79-5

Professional papers mainly related to public utilities and the American Bar Association; academic files related to his teaching at the University of Virginia School of Law and some personal files.

MSS 79-6

Large collection of law practice records that document a small-town law office. There is correspondence, case files, legal, insurance and financial records, ledgers, 1854-1956.

MSS 79-8

Small collection of historical importance to the history of the University of Virginia School of Law. Contains teaching materials, legal documents, correspondence and some memorabilia.

MSS 79-9

Small collection (1937-1966) of legal correspondence between Prof. Gregory and Justice Frankfurter. Also memorabilia related to Robert and Edward Kennedy while students at the university.

MSS 79-11

Two petitions from Puerto Rican citizens to American officials.

MSS 79-12

17th and 18th century English and American miscellaneous legal documents.

MSS 80-1

Three undated lecture notes.

MSS 80-3

Professional legal files (1935-1974) regarding the claims of Thomas Smidt and Richard H. Strongman with property in Germany at the time of their deaths in 1940. Also files of H. P. James, John J. Slater and Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney.

MSS 80-4

Personal files related to the University of Virginia law alumni and memorabilia.

MSS 81-1

The Papers of H. Lane Kneedler (1977-1981) provide a legislative history of Virginia's first criminal sexual assault legislation and include correspondence, drafts of bills, research material, and audiotapes of planning sessions.

MSS 81-3

Pphotocopies of correspondence, memos, and drafts of bills related to the CSA legislation sponsored by Senator Gartlan in 1979.

MSS 81-4

A. E. Dick Howard's personal papers as Executive Director of the Virginia Commission on Constitutional Revision (1968- 1971) that revised Virginia's constitution. There is memoranda, correspondence, minutes of meetings, calendars, research materials, drafts and complete texts of all public views submitted to the Commission.

MSS 81-5

This collection of working files of COSAR members Betty Ardus and Ann Washauer contains minutes, correspondence, drafts of legislation, mass mailing materials, news-clippings and printed materials.

MSS 81-7

This collection contains the Judicial and working files papers (1930-1964) of Judge John Paul (U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia). Included are several desegregation cases: Allen v. School Board of City of Charlottesville, Goins v. County School Board of Grayson County, Walker v. Floyd County School Board and Swanson v. Rector of U.Va., and extensive correspondence related to these cases. The collection also contains administrative files, general civil and criminal cases, bankruptcy cases, land condemnation cases, professional correspondence, speeches and articles.

MSS 81-8

This collection of cases handled by Allen from 1939 to 1969, includes cases involving torts, civil rights, product liability, obscenity and labor. Two civil rights cases are of particular interest: Aline Owen v. Afro-American Co. of Baltimore and Fred Wallace v. Commonplace of Virginia.

MSS 81-9

This collection of professional, legal and research papers (1981 – 2018) captures Professor Bonnie’s public service. Drug related issues, decriminalization of marijuana and insanity defense; extra teaching activities at the University of Virginia; case files on death row inmates; professional files related to issues of mental competency; visit to the Soviet Union as member of US delegation invited to investigated the political abuse of psychiatry; files from the State [Virginia] Human Rights Commission, American Bar Association, University of Virginia Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy; Virginia Department of Health and Mental Retardation, State Human Rights Committee, Virginia Bar Association; Institute of Medicine related to the Nicotine Study for prevention of tobacco use by children and youth; Geneva Initiative on Psychiatry; Commission on Mental Health Reform in Virginia; China Mental Health Reform; Scottish Law Commission and files regarding mental health law in the Czech Republic, Georgia and Serbia; College Mental Health Study files are some of the topics researcher can find in these papers.

MSS 82-2

Collection of statements, speeches and press releases from officials of the United States Department of Justice, 1942 - 1951.

MSS 82-3

Professional, academic and personal papers related to his role as University of Virginia Law professor, Dean of the University of Alabama Law School, his role at the Justice Department and the Appellate Courts, the UVA Program for Judges, UVA Lectureship in Law and Religion, teaching materials and fictional works. There is correspondence, committee files, legislative files, drafts of fictional works, academic writings, photographs.

MSS 82-4

Small collection of correspondence between Herbert Johnson, Law ’27 and the University of Virginia School of Law and the Law School Alumni Association.

MSS 82-6

Large collection of official United Nations documents and personal papers related to the United Nations Conferences on the Law of the Sea at the University of Virginia (1967-1995).

MSS 83-1

Collection of briefs, memoranda, pamphlets, manuscript and published materials, pamphlets that document McClellan's tenure as minority counsel to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Separation of Powers, 1977 - 1978.

MSS 84-2

This collection contains research materials, working drafts and final reports mostly dealing with non-profit corporations.

MSS 84-3

This collection includes research materials and clippings, professional and personal correspondence, publishing and editing material for many books, and information on O'Connell's method for public speaking. In the latter category are numerous letters to and from presidential candidates and their staffs, including Jimmy Carter, Edmund Muskie, Michael Dukakis, and Gary Hart.

MSS 84-5

Personal files related to the University of Virginia Senate Executive Council and other related UVA committee files.

MSS 84-8

Professional and personal papers that reflect Dillard’s career as law professor and dean of the University of Virginia School of Law, as a scholar, and as judge to the International Court of Justice. There are university related files especially concerning the honor system; case materials for McClanahan v. California Spray-Chemical Corporation, case he argued before the Virginia Supreme Court; his work in the International Court of Justice and other local organizations and some personal notes related to school segregation. The collection has many photographs and memorabilia.

MSS 84-9

Bound volume with handwritten outgoing correspondence of English solicitors James and G. T. Lambert.

MSS 84-10

Commonplace book manuscript in two or more hands containing abstracts from Fearne on Contigent Remedies, 6th edition and Saunders on Uses, 3rd edition.

MSS 84-11

Historical 18th century collection of documents of a colonial lawyer's practice in New York City. It contains a ledger, a "Supreme Court Register," notes and queries.

MSS 85-1

Personal, genealogical and professional papers (1917- 1967). The small collection of professional documents include correspondence, opinions, memoranda, and notes from his years in the Justice Department, and the Supreme Court. There is printed material and miscellaneous notes regarding theThe "Gold Clause Cases."

MSS 85-2

This collection of 254 archival boxes, contains administrative and topical files that relate to civil liberties issues as academic freedom, due process, the rights of children, members of the military, and students; racial and sexual discrimination; the draft; religion in public schools; and state reapportionment. There is case material for the ACLU of Virginia; project files for long-term concerns such as the rights of women, the mentally handicapped; prisoners and migrant farmworkers.

MSS 85-3

Professional legal papers that document McFarland's work in administrative law at the Department of Justice, the Hoover Commission, the Virginia Administrative Procedure Act and as President of the University of Montana. There is correspondence, research materials, student notebooks and miscellaneous materials.

MSS 85-4

This collection (1940-1976) contains professional correspondence related to the Juvenile Court Project (1973) and juvenile courts; law and poverty; personal correspondence; some student papers and lecture notes.

MSS 85-6

Law office papers from a small-town civil practice in southwest Virginia, 1924-1952. Clients, in addition to private individuals, included the Norfolk and Western Railway, the Virginia State Highway Department, Virginia Auto Mutual, Appalachian Electric Power Insurance, local businesses and, banks, and several insurances companies.

MSS 85-7

This collection of administrative files that pertain to the Department of Justice Alien Property Division (1934-1959) contain claims and litigation files including correspondence, memoranda and other materials; numbered opinions of the Division’s General Counsel; claims decisions and related correspondence; and numerous drafts proposals and correspondence regarding the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917. Of special interest are the gold cases.

MSS 85-10

Handwritten business records from an administrator in New York, 1841-1845.

MSS 85-11

Small collection of correspondence (1958-1980) between Barton and University of Virginia President Edgar F. Shannon Jr., other UVA officials and the Law Alumni Association.

MSS 85-12

Records that include correspondence, memoranda, reports, reviews, legislation, speeches, public hearings, created by J. Wilson Newman when he served on the Commission on the Bankruptcy Laws of the United States (1970-1973), the Price Commission (1971-1973) and the President’s Task Force on Improving the Prospects of Small Businesses.

MSS 85-13

Professional papers pertaining to labor law. This collection contains case files and annual reports from Public Review Board of the United Auto Workers (1971-1987); public employee rights; documents on the ILO and the United States S withdrawal from the organization; correspondence, miscellaneous files and published materials.

MSS 85-14

Topical files (1916-1956) related to Judge Ricks service as first judge of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court of Richmond, Virginia, and his involvement in civic affairs and social movements primarily focused on disadvantage children.

MSS 85-15

Small collection (1854-1900) of correspondence of five nineteenth century legal figures.

MSS 85-16

Files related to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law.

MSS 85-17

This collection of professional and personal notes, correspondence and working papers documents the work of John Norton Moore as a professor and director of the Oceans Law and Policy Center and the Center for National Security Law at the University of Virginia. It also documents Moore's public service as legal adviser, witness and counselor to many national and international organizations.

MSS 86-1

Official and personal files related to the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography (Meese Commission) that studied the effects of pornography in the United States (1985-1986).

MSS 86-2

The papers of Clarence B. Pearce consist of correspondence, photographs and memorabilia of his years as a University of Virginia law student (1917-1921).

MSS 86-3

18th century student notes of Millar's lectures in Glasgow.

MSS 86-5

This small and very important collection consists of correspondence and working papers from McReynolds’ clerkship for Justices Robert H. Jackson, Felix Frankfurter and John M. Harlan, 1953-1955. Of significance are the files on Brown v. Board of Education and the notes between the justices; also drafts opinions, memoranda, correspondence and notes of other cases.

MSS 86-6

Draft of letter with annotations.

MSS 86-7

Circular letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Governor of Rhode Island, 11 January 1793.

MSS 86-8

Collection of fifty black-and-white photographs capturing scenes of Paris and New York.

MSS 87-1

Personal correspondence, photographs, memorabilia and a shotgun that belonged to Chief Justice Warren, 1951-1974.

MSS 87-2

Professional files (1973-1988); : records and briefs related to Bourjaily v. U.S., argued before the Court of Military Appeals at the University of Virginia School of Law; legal cases, client files, and Committee on Criminal Rules and Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Judicial Conference of the United States files

MSS 87-3

This collection of legal documents concerns Roger B. Taney’s law practice in Frederick, Maryland between 1805 and 1818. Of special note are the cases concerning slaves.

MSS 87-4

Edwin S. Cohen papers (1946-1989) document relate to his work as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy and as Under Secretary of the Treasury for the Nixon administration. In addition, there is considerable documentation of his private law practice in New York and Washington, D.C., and of his teaching at the University of Virginia School of Law.

RG 32/311 88

Committee files

MSS 88-1

Legal papers (1832-1914) from the probate and property law practice of English solicitors John Merritt Shugar and Arthur William Vaisey, 1850-1914. Includes conveyances, enfranchisements, indentures, title abstracts, wills and related correspondence. The papers concern client transactions in the village of Tring and the towns of Berkhamstead and Hemel Hempstead in western Hertfordshire.

MSS 88-2

Professional legal papers, primarily concerning railroads cases (1881-1956). Includes memoranda, correspondence, records and briefs, court transcripts, stock certificates, mortgages, and indentures. Also some personal files.

MSS 88-3

Legal, civil case files (1913-1967), primarily trusts and estates, real estate, insurance, torts, and divorce that document the work of a small local law firm.

MSS 88-4

Photocopies relating to the case of Westmoreland v. CBS and memorabilia.

MSS 88-5

Embossed seals in a piece of paper.

MSS 88-6

Small collection related to the University of Virginia Law School Alumni Association and the Law Class of 1922.

MSS 89-1

Personal journals written between 1882-1932. The diaries are especially valuable for their impressions of life at the University of Virginia.

MSS 89-3

Commonplace books with copies of promisory notes, receipts, indentures, affidavits, correspodence related to Frankland affairs.

MSS 90-1

Manuscript. Docket book of cases possibly heard in Steuben County, New York, 1829-1830 and some loose documents.

MSS 90-2

Professional consulting files related to corporation law and teaching files (1963-1989).

MSS 90-3

This collection of professional papers reflects Professor Alford's private legal practice and professorship at the UVA School of Law. There is correspondence, records and briefs, speeches and articles, and teaching materials on international law, legal history, trusts and estates, contracts, administrative law, economic warfare, insurance.

MSS 90-4

Lists of the crew aboard the ship.

MSS 90-5

Working draft of manuscript.

MSS 91-1

Commonplace book containing British legal precedents and some citations of New Jersey law.

MSS 91-2

Handwritten letterbook with information relative to the British Board of Trade.

MSS 91-3

Attorney's legal document referencing cases in Pennsylvania

MSS 91-4

Docket of legal cases heard in Vermont in the early nineteenth century.

MSS 91-5

Attorney's notes on Blackstone's Commentaries and the treatment of inherintance law.

MSS 91-6

Professional, administrative and personal papers (1936-1992) of Emerson G. Spies. The collection includes institutional records from his tenure as Law School dean, dean of admissions and his involment with the Law School Foundation and the Alumni Council. There is also personal correspondence.

MSS 91-7

Records of a fire and marine insurance company in Maine.

MSS 92-1

Italian manuscript with list of executions in Venice, 727-1804.

MSS 92-2

Handwritten precedent book with subjects in alphabetical order.

MSS 93-1

This collection (1930-1992) contains professional papers primarily related to Law Library and personal files. There is correspondence, speeches, memorabilia and photographs.

MSS 93-2

These papers (1952-1993) document Shah's work in forensic psychology and the law, criminal justice and mental health, mental health law, insanity defense, human rights, sexual harassment, abuse of psychiatry. There is extensive correspondence and working files. collection contains correspondence and working files with the American Academy of Forensic Psychology, American Academy of Psychiatry and Law, the Department of Public Health, National Institute of Mental Health, World Health Organization and many other institutions

MSS 93-3

The papers of Judge George H. Revercomb consist principally of the chambers files from his U.S. district judgeship, 1985-1993.

MSS 93-4

Professional and personal papers that document Roy L. Morgan's service as Chief Interrogator for the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. There are orders, minutes, trial briefs, statements related to the IMTFE. Also lists of foreign legations, internal security and investigative reports on German and Japanese detainees, related to The Greenbrier Hotel Mission where he worked as Special Agent of the FBI.

MSS 93-5

Manuscript concerning property law.

MSS 93-6

Collection of University of Virginia Law School memorabilia.

MSS 93-7

Legal volumes containing estate records and court actions.

MSS 94-1

Unpublished book manuscript and correspondence regarding the gift.

MSS 94-2

University of Virginia documents realtive to the admission of women, teaching materials and student notebooks.

MSS 94-5

Clay family memorabilia collection. Contains diplomas, photographs, engravings, portraits, and other material belongings.

MSS 95-1

This collection contains correspondence, minutes of meetings and directories of the ACLU in Charlottesville, Virginia, 1969-1972.

MSS 95-2

Small collection of pamphlets, newsletters, newspaper clippings and some correspondence related to the World Peace Movement in the 1940s.Small

MSS 95-3

Small collection of personal memorabilia and few professional items.

MSS 95-4

Papers (1977-1987) that relate to the APA Committee on International Abuse of Psychiatry. There are case files. Russian manuscripts, photographs

MSS 95-5

Collection of memorabilia related to the National Support Law and some Law School notes, 1954-1968.

MSS 95-7

Heavily annotated documentation of a late 19th century Texas case concerning a pre-statehood land grant. The case was heard by the U.S. Fifth Circuit in 1879 and by the Supreme Court in 1882.

MSS 96-1

Scottish manuscript with definitions of legal terms, written in two hands.

MSS 96-2

Manuscript of an attorney legal practice. Contains information about estates, money transactions, pensions, insurance.

MSS 96-3

Three ledgers listing Parker's income from cases and legal work, 1873-1912.

MSS 97-1

Professional and private practice files (1957-1996) related to international issues: claims, human rights, nationalizations, refugees, Iran -U.S. Claims Tribunal, organ transplantation. Also Law School and case files.

MSS 97-2

Collection of correspondence, programs, photographs and newspaper clippings of the Uruguayan Seminar (1960) and the Bolivian Seminar (1961) taught at the University of Virginia School of Law.

MSS 97-3

Collection of some correspondence, diplomas, certificates, medal, photographs and other memorabilia that belonged to Arthur J. Morris, Class of 1901.

MSS 97-4

Collection of letters, diplomas, certificates, and awards (1921-1971) of Elizabeth Tompkins, first woman to graduate from UVA Law School in 1921.

MSS 97-5

One certificate of appointment.

MSS 97-7

General Court of Virginia license to practice law.

MSS 97-9

Attorney record book with list of names, and case entries.

MSS 98-1

This collection of professional and academic papers relate to Martin's expertise as an international law and immigration lawyer, professor of International Law at the University of Virginia School of Law, as an author, researcher and public servant.

MSS 98-2

Judicial papers (1972-1997), legal and administrative, that document Lively's service on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

MSS 98-3

Collection of more than hundred letters related to the Alabama claims cases written to William W. Crapo, a lawyer in New Bedford, Massachusetts from 1870 - 1876. The correspondence provides a detailed view of the lawyers’ legal and political efforts to secure restitution for their clients.

MSS 98-4

This collection document her career as a solo practitioner in Charlottesville. The files consist of case files and law practice ledgers (1935-1990) and some miscellaneous personal papers.

MSS 98-6

Nineteenth century legal records from an attorney from Ohio.

MSS 98-07

Photocopies of documents (1978-1986) relating to the U.N. Committee on Disarmament.

MSS 99-1

Judicial and Professional papers that pertain to Mr. Duvall's tenure as Administrative Law Judge and as attorney specializing in Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 (1936-1996).

MSS 00-1

Judge John D. Butzner, Jr. papers (1986-1998) document his service on the Special Division of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit for the Purpose of Appointing Independent Counsel. These files primarily reflect the panel's supervision of counsels' work, and contain correspondence regarding selection of counsel and costs of investigations.

MSS 00-2

Oversized photographs of University of Virginia students, 1920-1926.

MSS 00-3

Family photographs and memorabilia collection, 1895-1960.

MSS 2000-4

The Dalkon Shield Claimants Trust Collection, 1968-2000 (bulk 1970-1998), traces the history of the Dalkon Shield, the intrauterine contraceptive device manufactured and sold by the A.H. Robins Company, from purchase of the device in 1970 through tort litigation and bankruptcy settlement in 1988. The collection also documents the establishment and ten-year history of the Dalkon Shield Claimants Trust, which paid out almost $3 billion to over 218,000 claimants. Closing in 2000, this trust achieved the most successful resolution of a mass tort case during the twentieth century.

MSS 00-5

Book of entries and expenses of an Ohio lawyer.

MSS 01-1

One undated letter sent to Mr. Gilmer by Mr. Glasgow, both from the Law Class of 1878.

MSS 01-2

Collection of photographs and programs related to the Libel Show.

MSS 01-3

Professional papers (1964-1997) that document Smith’s service on the U.S. Court of Claims, his appointment to the court, court administration, articles and speeches, and the federal court re-organization of the late 1970s that concluded with the Federal Courts Improvement Act of 1979, and the creation of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

MSS 01-4

Small collection (1977-1979) containing a report, a deposition and printouts related to the Dalkon Shield Claimants Trust.

MSS 04-1

This collection (1965-1991) contains correspondence, memoranda, notebooks, lectures on legal writing, memorabilia and eleven paintings.

MSS 04-2

Professional papers related to international disputes and legal issues, the formation of the International Criminal Court (ICC), and ABA Task Force on War Crimes in the Former Yougoslavia. Many of the documents delve with the constitutionality, sovereignty and jurisdiction of international organizations to arbitrate disputes between multiple foreign entities. There is also extensive personal correspondence, Law School teaching materials and his student notebooks.

MSS 04-3

Small collection of University of Virginia memorabilia: students notes, notebooks, examinations, programs related to Law School (1905-1919). Also some ABA and VBA files (1948-1953).

MSS 04-4

The papers of Robert C. Fitzgerald (19873-1988) consist primarily of professional papers regarding issues of annexation in the State of Virginia.

MSS 04-5

Collection of profesional papers and personal memorabilia (1933-2014). Includes speeches, reports, photographs, certificates, scrapbooks.

MSS 05-1

Collection of Judge Bissell's unpublished opinions between 1983-2005 duringocument his service on the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

MSS 05-2

Handwritten breach of contract,

MSS 2005-03

This collection (1936-1977) consists of correspondence, memorabilia and letters of condolence acknowledging Gilmer's life.

RG 32/106 106
MSS 07-1

University of Virginia Washington Society Orator Medal.

MSS 07-2

Bureau of Chemistry copies of photographs from 1910 and one memorandum.

MSS 07-3

One page handwritten document related to a collection of a debt.

MSS 08-3

Professional files that relate to labor management relations, and personal memorabilia.

MSS 09-1

Prints of Native American portraits.

RG 32/201 201
MSS 2011-01

Judicial papers (1979-2011) from Williams' chamber files. Chamber manuals, jury instructions, case files, correspondence, memoranda, digital files, opinions, calendars, scrapbooks.

MSS 2011-03

17th century wills.

MSS 2012-01

Personal ephemeral scrapbooks of C.W.K. Phelps during Tokyo War Crimes Trial.

MSS 2012-02

Three photographs of Frank S. Tavenner at HUAC.

MSS 2012-03

Digital collection of photographs and an interview related to the International Military Tribunal of the Far East [IMTFE]

MSS 2012-04

This collection of documents (1988-1995) reflects one of the earlier corporate and government efforts to prevent and reduce pollution. It contains data collection and analysis, projects, budgets, maps, correspondence, interviews, drafts, reports and photographs.

MSS 2013-01

Extensive collection of professional, academic and legal papers mainly about Constitutional Law, International Law and Environmental Law.

MSS 2013-02

University of Virginia law student diploma.

MSS 2013-03

This collection (1993-2003) contains photographs of Law School graduation ceremonies.

MSS 2014-01

Collection (1967-2014) of correspondence between Mr. Sokol, Hardy C. Dillard and Daniel J. Meador and of Mr. Sokol's student notes.

MSS 2014-02

Six items of Law School memorabilia, 1933-1941.

MSS 2014-03

Collection of photographs and negatives (1969-1972) of UVA School of Law events including the UVA May Day protests of 1970.

MSS 2014-04

Small collection of professional extra-curricular consulting papers (1967-2012).

MSS 2014-05

Small collection of professional and personal documents (1983- 1995) related to the Menzies Lectureship at the Law School and
the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant on Law and Medicine.

MSS 2014-06

Historical photograph of IMTFE.

MSS 2014-07

Photographic collection related to the Carrington Williams IMTFE collection, 1946-1947.

MSS 2014-8

Collection of 6224 sketches, mainly courtroom sketches of criminal and civil trials around New York City, drawn by Ida Libby Dengrove. Of importance is her work on the David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz trial, that earned her two Emmy Awards; ABSCAM, FBI Sting Operatiion Targeting Political Corruption, U.S. v. Williams, 705 F.2d 603 (2d Cir. 1983); Black Liberation Army Member, Assata Shakur, Tried on Murder and Assault Charges, New Jersey v. Chesimard, 555 F. 2d 63 (3d Cir. 1977); Chicago Seven Member Abbie Hoffman on Trial for Conspiracy and Inciting to Riot, U.S. v. Dillinger, 657 F. 2d 140 (7th Cir 1981); John Hinckley on Trial for the Attemped Assassination of President Ronald Reagan, U.S. v. Hinckley, 525 F. Supp. 1342 (D.D.C. 1981) and many others.

MSS 2015-01

The University of Virginia Law Library's collection of Scottish Court of Session Papers consists of printed and formerly bound case materials presented before the Court of Session, the highest civil court in Scotland, from 1759 to 1834. As a court of appeal and of first instance, the Court of Session in this period held jurisdiction over contract and commercial cases, matters of succession and land ownership, divorce proceedings, intellectual property and copyright disputes, and contested political elections. The UVA collection includes approximately 2500 printed petitions, answers, replies, and case summaries, many of which have contemporary annotations. Supplemental case materials appended to these documents include maps, building plans, and printed copies of correspondence, wills, financial accounts, and census reports.

MSS 2015-02

Small memorabilia collection with photographs of the 1936 graduation and of The Lawn.

MSS 2015-03

Professional papers (1968-2011) related to no- fault auto insurance legislation, products liability and . Also files re vaccine compensation legislation that led to the National Childhood Vaccine Act of 1986.

MSS 2015-04

Collection of Mr. Martinez personal working files (1978-2015) as director of the Virginia Department of Behavioral and Developmental Services of Virginia (DBHDS). The files pertain to mental health issues in the State of Virginia, and the state's response to support behavioral health services.

MSS 2015-05

Small collection of University of Virginia memorabilia.

MSS 2016-2

Collection of digital photographs of the Law Class of 1986

MSS 2016-04

Collection of ten volumes of printed briefs of Appellate Court cases in Virginia, 1895-1915.

MSS 2016-05

Small collection of statements of Japanese individuals.war criminals.

MSS 2016-06

Printed materials related to the University of Virginia.

MSS 2017-01

Trial transcripts for Virginia death penalty cases. DNA exonoree trials, and various state criminal trials.

MSS 2017-02

Interesting historical chronology related to the IMTFE. Includes many Japanese documents and photographs.

MSS 2017-03

Collection of photographs of North Grounds taken before the 1995 renovation.

MSS 2017-4

Small collection of documents mainly related to the antitrust case of U.S. v. AT&T, (1981-1996).

MSS 2018-1

Student and alumni memorabilia related to the University of Virginia School of Law.

MSS 2018-02

1870 and 1874 lithoprinted copies Prof. John B. Minor lectures. Also a top hat.

MSS 2018-04

Small collection of memorabilia (1966-2010) with some correspondence and photographs.

MSS 2018-05

Collection of IMTFE memorabilia contains photographs, diagram of court room, facebook of Japanese defendants, newspaper clippings, insignias, lapel badges pins, WWII mounted ribbon bars and a cap.

MSS 2019-03

Collection of newspaper clippings related related to homicide, capital cases, and death row from local Virginia newspapers (1980-1990)

MSS 2019-05

Collection of personal memorabilia (1861-1993) that contains correspondence, photographs, news clippings, certificates.

MSS 2019-07

This collection relates to ALI (American Law Institute) Reporters' Study on federal income tax (1993-1998); Subchapter C Study: proposed revision to Subchapter C of the Internal Revenue Code considered by the US Senate Finance Committee (taxation of corporations and corporate transactions, 1983-1989); and the history of Crane v. Commissioner of the Revenue (2001), 331 U.S. 1 (1947).

MSS 2019-11

WWII incomplete of daily newspapers published in Tokyo, during the American occupation: 1946 -1951.

MSS 2021-01

Professional files relating the abuse of psychiatry in the world.

MSS 2021-02

Memoranda, legislative materials, official documents, printed materials and personal documents from a counsel to the Virginia Commission on Constitutional Revision Local Government Subcommittee.

MSS 2021-03

Small collection of personal memorabilia. Contains programs, catalogue, certificates, family tree.

RG 32/209 209
RG 32/301 301

Committe files: notes, correspondence, plans, blueprints.

RG 32/314 314
RG 32/402 402
RG 32/403 403