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Legal Knowledge

Legal Knowledge Podcast

About the Show

The Legal Knowledge podcast is based on the UVA Law Library’s forthcoming book with UVA Press, which brings together thirteen contributors to examine UVA Law’s impact on legal education from the institution’s founding to the present. The book is the second in the Law Library’s three-volume series (the first chronicles the architectural history; the third will cover student life). Meggan Cashwell, Randi Flaherty, and Loren Moulds are the volume editors.

Like the book, the podcast balances changing conceptions of the law and pedagogical methods with the social, cultural, and political developments that influenced legal education at UVA. In telling this longer history, the book and podcast center the people who impacted curricular change over time. In each episode we focus on individual stories, and not just those of faculty and students. Listeners will hear about the enslaved individuals who built the University; the wives and daughters of UVA Law professors; and a myriad of other people who shaped the Law School’s history. The framework of “legal knowledge” allows us to tell a more holistic and transparent history by expanding the scope and context of legal education.

The podcast also helps to fulfill our mission in UVA Law Special Collections, which is to preserve, interpret, and share the history of UVA Law and make accessible our collection of legal history materials. The book and podcast both utilize our archive and the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library extensively. This is a timely moment for an institutional history podcast, as UVA continues to grapple with its legacy. Curricular history has provided a lens to explore changes in and outside the classroom over time. The podcast is as much about legal teachings as it is the national landscape of the law and major social and cultural developments in the US. Ultimately, it serves as a way to tell this larger story to more people.

Host and Executive Producer

Meggan Cashwell

Meggan Cashwell is the host and executive producer of the Legal Knowledge podcast. As lead editor of the UVA Law Library’s forthcoming contributor volume on the history of legal education at the University of Virginia (UVA Press), Meggan created the podcast to share the history of UVA Law with a larger audience. She brings years of institutional knowledge, public history skills, and special collections experience to the podcast. Meggan is currently serving as the Horatio and Florence Farmer Postdoctoral Fellow in Legal History at UVA Law.


Addie Patrick

Addie Patrick serves as co-producer for the Legal Knowledge podcast. As a member of the UVA Law Special Collections department, Addie has assisted in archival research and content creation for the Law School’s curricular history volume since the earliest stages of its production. She has provided her knowledge of UVA's institutional history, storytelling strategies, and design best practices to each episode in season one. She also created the podcast’s logo. Addie works as Library Coordinator at the UVA Law Library. 

Sound Engineer and Co-Producer

Rebecca Barry

Rebecca Barry is the sound engineer and co-producer of the Legal Knowledge podcast. Rebecca first joined the team in summer 2022 as an intern with the Institute for Public History at UVA. She will graduate from UVA in May 2023 with a thesis on studies of empathy and care in the context of Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Talents.

Transcription Lead

Jane McBrian

Jane McBrian provides transcription assistance for the Legal Knowledge podcast. As a member of the UVA Law Library Special Collections department, Jane provides digitization and transcription services for library projects. In addition, Jane conducts research in support of the podcast and curricular history volume. Jane is the Digitization Specialist for Special Collections at the UVA Law Library.

We want to thank Loren Moulds for designing our website, Randi Flaherty for providing her historical and institutional knowledge, WTJU 91.1 FM at UVA for allowing us to record in their studio, and Mary Garner McGehee at WTJU and Jim Ambuske at R2 Studios for lending their podcasting expertise throughout this process.

Photos courtesy Mary Wood, Law Communications