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Legal Knowledge Podcast Bonus Content - S1E5

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Legal Knowledge

5. The Legal Knowledge of Women in the 19th Century

Bonus Content


Martha, Susan, and Anne

There are few photographs of the women who inhabited Pavilion X in the nineteenth century. Most of these photographs are portraits, like the image displayed here of John B. Minor’s daughters.

Daughters of John Barbee Minor from left to right: Martha “Mattie” Sams (left), Susan Colston Wilson (seated), Anne “Nannie” Jacquelin Minor (right). Courtesy Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library.



The Pavilion X Balcony

While conducting research on the Minor Family, Meggan Cashwell stumbled upon this unidentified photograph of three women on the balcony of Pavilion X. The Law Special Collections staff have not been able to locate the original image; the one shown here is from microfilm. Based on our knowledge of Pavilion X and the individuals who inhabited this space, we believe this photo was taken in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.

In this mini-interview, Dr. Laura Edwards describes the photograph from her perspective of nineteenth-century textiles as well as the lived experience of women on Grounds at UVA during this time.


Three unidentified women on the balcony of Pavilion X. Image located in microfilm collection, “Southern Women and Their Families in the 19th Century,” Series G.

We also spoke with James Zehmer, historic preservation project manager at UVA. James and his team have restored portions of Pavilion X. You can read more about their ongoing work here.

After our interview with Dr. Laura Edwards, James invited the podcast team to visit the second-floor balcony of Pavilion X on a hot July day (cue cicadas). James showed us the exact spot where the photo was taken. There, he shared his perspective of the photo based on his extensive knowledge of Pavilion X and how this space was used by faculty, their families, and domestic workers.